The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"There is now in the world a satanic grouping of one-world planners. They will eliminate slowly, in their plan, the Church of Jesus. This will be accomplished in great haste, should the Seat of Peter be abandoned at this time."

March 18, 1973

Eve of St. Joseph

Our Lady--"My child, I wish to speak with you alone for the first few moments of your gathering here.


"You will not fully understand the ways of the Father in accomplishing the salvation of many souls of His children. I have stressed many times in the past that all will be trialed and tested. Prepare to do full battle with satan. The strength necessary for your mission will be given to you.

"You have experienced a major attack from satan to stop the good work. But as We knew, this you would overcome.

"You will omit all unnecessary associates from your immediate work. You do not have the time left for idle talk and entertaining. The message must go in great haste throughout the world.

"We expected, My child, for you to fall into many pitfalls. Our warnings are given, but many go unheeded. However, all evil is never triumphant. The Father shall turn all evil to good.

"Man is carried away by his intellect and emotions. He would find more strength in trial in prayer.

"The greatest attacks from satan are upon the young. All parents will be held responsible for the fall of their children's souls.

"The closer you come to your salvation, the harder satan will fight and send his agents to destroy.

"I dispense among you many graces to strengthen you in the battle ahead. The days for the great trial of chastisement grow near. We are now gathering the sheep.


"The sacred grounds founded here by the Father shall be a sanctuary of peace and solace to many in the future. Upon these grounds will come forth curative waters. Upon these grounds will be found the evidence of the hand of the Father.

"We will use many voice-boxes and promote manifestations in many lives to strengthen Our armies throughout your world.

"Our great sorrow lies in the abominations being committed in the House of God.

"Do not be led astray by the fallacy that--the duly consecrated and lawful priest ordained by sacred hands shall always have the authority from His God to bring the true Body, supernatural and physical, to Our children on earth. We sorrow for the manner in which man is doing this. We find abominations and diversions within the House of God. However, you must know as fact that in the place of the high priests of God there are two outstanding forces from the Holy Spirit when they bring the Son of God to you--evident and truthfully brought in body and spirit!

"My Son placed upon earth representatives. They will counsel in truth or answer to the Father for their fallacies, for their abominations, for their half-truths, and for their falling into the false modes of modernism and humanism which We find prevalent among many.


"We ask all to remain steadfast and do not leave their home parishes. The heart of the House of God is the coming of My Son through the Consecration of His Host. Though We sorrow of the antics of many of Our high priests and clergy, you cannot deny the validity of the Consecration.


"When a man has given himself, and chosen from out of the world as a priest of his God, he will be a priest for life.

"I do not choose to be repetitious in My words of the past. I only emphasize that you prepare and make ready for the cleansing which is soon at hand.

"I have traveled throughout your world shedding tears in many places, tears of sorrow as I watch your world going farther into the darkness. It took much less for the Father to cleanse your world when He chose Noe to start anew.

"All who remain in well spirit shall approach the coming days with great hope. The rescue will be with the coming of My Son.

"There will be visited upon your country and the world a great plague. Many children will die in this cleansing--young souls rescued from the contamination of a world that has given itself to satan!

"The prayers of many upon earth, My child, have opened the doors of purgatory. Joyously, We have gathered to Us many released by the goodness of heart of those upon your earth.

"You have the graces and knowledge of truth among you that will guide you in the rescuing of your brothers from satan. Your example must be one that is constructive.

"Sin in your country and in the world has become a way of life. The young recognize nothing but sin. They have been moderated and become accustomed to vileness in their world of entertainment, godlessness in their government, godlessness in their schools. Now the main burden of the salvation of their souls will rest with the parents.


"Many of Our clergy have become blinded through their love of worldly pleasure and riches. Many have accepted a soul once high as a priest. Teilhard is in hell! He burns forever for the contamination he spread throughout the world! A man of God has his choice as a human instrument to enter into the kingdom of satan.

"Man will not defy the laws of God without going unpunished. You are a perverse generation, and you call the hand of punishment down fast upon you.

"There will come over the earth a great darkness, the air stagnant, lacking oxygen. There will be no light; the candles will be few. Then the heat will become intense.

"You will be warned by the approach of the Chastisement some time before. Penance will come too late for many. Already the Father has started the Ball on its way to you now. O My children, why did you turn your back upon--on Me now?

"I have been forced now to bow to the will of the Father, accepting with great sorrow the knowledge that many will be claimed before they can be ransomed.

"All who have been given the graces necessary for their salvation will with knowledge go forth and rescue their brothers.

"I stand upon the head of the serpent. My heel will crush him, but not until man and the world have been cleansed. I come as a Mediatrix of all graces, Representative through My Son in the Father.

"There is a light, a great light upon earth. All shall bask in this light as they fight the great battle. Those who are in the light will find themselves scourged; those who are in the light will walk the road of My Son. They will be crucified by their own.

"Unless man can deny his mother, his father, his sister, his brother, his children, and walk on the path of righteousness as a disciple of Christ, he shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

"The greatest test of heart is how much you shall give, not how much you will receive. It is only in giving that you shall truly receive the light. Each man must armor himself with every means of obtaining graces to strengthen his immortal soul.


"My Son is lonely. He has been abandoned in His tabernacle and His home. The doors have been locked. He remains there, a prisoner of His own. My Son is very lonely in His House. Won't you come with compassion and ease His loneliness? You do not abandon those you love. Have you no love for your Creator? Have you no love for He Who gave His life upon earth for you? Have you no love for He Who still sheds His blood for you?

"I have, O woe to man, this saddest of stories: one of man against man, brother against brother, mother against daughter, father against son, in the battle of the spirits.

"Now, O poor aged and helpless, poor of earth, you will now be victims of your own.

"Doctors of the earth, what have you done to yourselves in your practices? You do not seek to preserve life, but to destroy.

"My poor children, hopeless of heart, know now that the future after the cleansing will be glorious, far more glorious than your human mind could ever conceive. Beauty of beauties! Emotion superb! The fulfillment of every desire that man could conceive on earth will be yours in the Kingdom. Is this, My children, what you will discard for the few short earthly years given to you, as you run about aimlessly seeking the pleasures of your world and the riches, willing to close your hearts and your ears to the truth? Many have chosen this path, for they find to shut out the truth will take the conscience, God-given to them, away. How mistaken they are! They cannot run from the Spirit.

"There will be in your world accidents that are not accidents, deaths not of natural causes, planned by the satanic sons."

Veronica--I can only at this time reveal part of the message given by Our Lady.


Our Lady--"There is now in the world a satanic grouping of one-world planners. They will eliminate slowly, in their plan, the Church of Jesus. This will be accomplished in great haste, should the Seat of Peter be abandoned at this time.

"We ask that all prayers continue in perpetuity. A constant vigilance of prayer will go throughout the world. Your world can no longer be saved by any means of man, for now man stands in judgment before his God.

"Should I give you at this time dates as you ask, My child, there will be no constructiveness in this measure. Be prepared now, and you will be ready for what lies ahead.

"Love of your God, honor to your God, and following the rules set forth by your God shall not be a temporary habit, but must be inborn and a renewal complete.

"All who parade as angels of light but carry black hearts do not go unseen by the Father. They shall be pulled as weeds from the garden.

"There is no force, be it in your Heaven or on your earth, that is above your Creator. Man in his arrogance shall meet the fate of the fallen angels.


"You will remove now from their sacred schools set up within the district and parishes of the houses of God the filth and abominations in print. You will restore truth in the schools controlled by the houses of God.

"All clergy who do not accept the truth and follow their vocation with pride and godliness as representatives of their God shall meet the fate of the fallen angels.

"Confusion and delusion are the work of satan. You have been given the truth, and you will be guided in the truth if you remain close to My Son.

"We are permitting at this time manifestations and evidence of miracles, more abundant than ever in the past history of your world. This is a means We shall use to fight the armies of satan. I promise, as the Mother of God and Queen of Heaven, to bestow upon all who come to My sacred grounds, power within their sacramentals for cure and conversion.


"I want it known at this time that I was upon earth in human form, but so placed by the Father in His plan from time and eternity. I came upon earth in virginity, and I left earth in virginity. My life upon earth was planned far in advance of My coming. I was but an instrument of the Father in His plan for the salvation and redemption of mankind.


"When My work was completed, I was taken through the power of God into the Kingdom to join My Son, just as you, Veronica, when your work is completed, will be taken in your soul and spirit to the Kingdom.

"I made this promise to you, and I do not speak in idleness. You, My child, were not chosen by accident. You were chosen for your strength in suffering.

"I wish this, My child, to be given in print, though I know that you would prefer it not be given to the world. But, My child, you are no longer an identity, but an instrument of God, a transmitter of the message to mankind. Therefore, all words I choose for you to speak out will be given to mankind.

"Once, My child, you have learned that it will be necessary to completely retire from your human attachments, you will find that all suffering will be useful for the salvation of other souls.

"We are not displeased, My child, at your reaction to Our tests. But We are pleased very much, My child, by the fact that you have come through triumphant, as We knew you would. Do you, My child, not know that you must be purified, too?"

Veronica--Over to the left side of the flagpole is Saint Theresa. And now she's motioning to the right side of the flagpole. And there--Theresa says:

St. Teresa of Avila--"My sister Theresa is on my side."

Veronica--Oh! Theresa of Lisieux. She says, "Lisieux." Theresa says:

St. Theresa of the Child Jesus--"I can speak in English. I do not have to use my native French. Veronica, I followed the rule given by Teresa of Avila, Avila.

"The rule must be continued. The changes brought into your world have been to corrupt the sisters of the convent. Those who choose to follow the fashions and fads have been misled, and many are on the road to hell. Their example has also placed many souls with them on this road. The habits of the sisters are abominations in the eyes of the Father!

"There will be no strength in the House of God for man unless he returns to his ways that have proven strength in the past. By your fruits will you be known, and many now lie rotten upon your earth. They have also fallen from the tree before they grew to bear fruit.


"It is the plan of satan to close the doors of the House of our God. His purpose shall not be accomplished, but in this battle many souls will be lost to Heaven."

Veronica--Now over the flagpole there is--oh, it's Michael. Michael is coming forward. It's very, very windy. Now Michael has over his--he has a short sort of a garment on, but over it he has a cape. It has a gold clasp that's holding it together, but the wind has caught it now. It looks like it's velvet. It's a velveteen cape, and it's blowing.

But Michael now is holding a spear. The tip of the spear is very golden. Now Michael is taking the spear, and he's pointing back towards the church. He said:

St. Michael--"Open the doors and allow me to enter. Bring me back to stand guard over the House of God. You open the doors to demons with your permissiveness."

Veronica--Now over on the right side of the flagpole is Raphael. Oh, and Saint Joseph--Saint Joseph is now standing there. And Saint Joseph is being joined--Our Lady is going over to him. And also--oh, behind now--oh, now to the right of Saint Joseph is--oh, it's Saint Anne. I know Saint Anne. Oh! Oh! Oh! The Holy Family. Written above them the words, "The Holy Family." It's written, it's written like in the same kind of writing on the picture of Jacinta. "The Holy"--it's all written together in script--"Family," in golden letters.

Now Joseph, he has on a long, brown, cape-like garment. And Joseph--oh, oh, he's smiling. And he said:

St. Joseph--"I am a man of few words, preferring to stand behind my Son. But I do feel great sorrow for the state of man on earth and his family life. The family that does not pray together cannot stay together, for prayer chases the demons from the household. Why has man no longer chosen to bless his home with sacramentals and the waters?


"I wish that all fathers of households stand forth and practice their role. They will use the rod and not permit their children to go astray. Firmness is needed in your world that is filled with laxity, permissiveness, and degradation.

"Your children have been misled by many who shall answer to the Father. As teachers they have failed in their role. Therefore, as parents you must succeed in yours.

"The greatest detrimental factor in the family and home is the desire for the material. Better that you live in the gardens and fields with the nourishment of manna from Heaven, than to be filled with the abominations of the world.

"Man has lost his way. Man has set himself from the road to the Kingdom. He has not much time to return to the road. He will gather his family about him and save those he loves, and in the charity of his heart seek to set an example for his neighbor."

Veronica--I see over on the left side of the flagpole a large cross, and it's setting over Saint Peter's. The cross seems to be darkening; it's becoming very black. I see a great darkness settling over Saint Peter's. Now there's appearing in the sky a book, and the book has a large cross upon it. It's a golden book, but the cross is black.

Now Our Lady is coming over. She's whispering; She's bending down. Oh.

"Oh! Oh! Oh, yes! Yes. I'll be ready. Yes. Oh! Oh! Oh, yes. But my, my family . . . . Yes. . . . I . . . yes."

Our Lady said that at this time this has to remain confidential, so I cannot put it into print or on, Our Lady said, the tape. But I've been given a message. It's quite astounding, but I'm very happy in one way. The only way I can explain it--I'm very, very happy. I'm very happy. Of course, it surprises me, but I'm very happy.

"Thank you, Blessed Mother! But . . . . Yes, I understand. Yes."

Now Our Lady says that:

Our Lady--"You will all continue your acts of sacrifice and penance for the clergy because they will be sorted as sheep and goats. The hierarchy will also be given the same test. All that is rotten will fall, until the Church and House of God will be restored to the original plan of the Father."

Veronica--Our Lady says She is very pleased at the reception and the extent in which Her words have gone throughout the world, for it is reaching those destined for the Kingdom. But now Her main concern is that they reach others.

Our Lady--"But this work of spreading the message must be taken up by all. It must be remembered that satan will fight every inch of the way, knowing the powers given him by the Father when he was esteemed as the highest in Heaven. He will use these powers to stop the work on earth. Therefore, remain in the light with the sacramentals and all go forth as disciples of Christ."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Our Lady says to continue with the prayers of atonement, and when She gives me the sign with Her Rosary, Jesus will bless all sacramentals with His arrival. Oh, Our Lady suggests that I sit down for ten moments. Oh. Oh.



I don't know exactly what it means, but Our Lady said that you will be numbered among the poorest of the poor but the richest of the rich. Now remember, because I might not be able to remember it. Our Lady said that you will be numbered among the poorest of the poor but the richest of the rich.

Our Lady said to tell you, Mr. Scallen, that you can't have both. [Laughter]

Our Lady is bending down to me. And Our Lady wishes you, Nick, that you use your creative ingenuity for the picture. Not me, but you will use your creative ingenuity so that you show Theresa standing and fishing for souls.


Oh, now Jesus is standing to the right side of the flagpole, and He's looking down now. He's smiling. He is saying we will just pause for a moment of settlement.

Now Jesus said you will extend all articles of sacramentals--Rosaries, objects of God. Now Jesus has His hand raised like this, and He's making now the sign of the cross, like this, upon everyone. Now He's looking over toward this direction by the flagpole, and He's raising His hand again and He's now making the sign of the cross, like this.

Now Our Lady is coming up behind Jesus and They're going--They're floating over to the left side of the flagpole. Now Jesus is looking down and He's smiling. And Our Lady is smiling too. And Her gown is blowing. It must be very windy there too. And Our Lady has on a beautiful white gown and the outside has a trim of gold. It's all golden braid. And the braid now, I notice, is caught under Her chin. Now Our Lady has around Her head a golden head-piece like a crown. It extends way out, but around it are stars. Now the stars, though--now they look blue. No, as She's turning they're white. They have like a blue-white cast. They're like diamonds, but I see they are glowing like stars.

Now Our Lady is turning in this direction, so I guess now--oh, She's extending Her Rosary, too. Now Jesus is looking over to Our Lady and--oh, Our Lady is going to bless those on this, the left side of our flagpole with the crucifix of Her Rosary. She has a very large white Rosary, and the cross upon it, the crucifix, is golden. It's a beautiful white Rosary, and the Our Father bead, I know, is golden. And She's smiling, and now She's lifting it high above Her head and She's making also the sign of the cross, like that.

Now Our Lady is looking over to Jesus. Now Jesus is raising His hand. Oh, He's now making the sign of the Trinity, like this, to the people over-- and now He's floating a little closer over to the trees on the left, and He's standing there. Now the light is very, very strong. It's very hot. I can--oh, He's gone around the trees now and He's raising His hand again and blessing those--He's looking down now and making the sign of the Trinity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.


Now Jesus is coming over. He just shifted His robe--He's got a very heavy robe on--to His left arm, and He's bringing out something from under His robe. Oh, it's a globe. And he's holding the globe now out. It's a very large globe. Oh, it looks almost golden in color. But now He's holding the globe. It--oh, it seems--I don't know if it's blood coming from His hand or from the globe, but there's blood dripping now, and it's falling down upon us over here, over towards the church area there, where Jesus is standing. And the blood is dripping. And now He's-- now Jesus now is shifting this ball into His other hand and He's pointing over here to the sky. He said: Final warning. It's written in the sky in letters, very large letters. They're written in red, though, red letters: FINAL WARNING. FINAL WARNING SOON. Oh, the word SOON now is underlined. Underlined.

And now Jesus, He's turning and now He's coming over to the left side of the flagpole. And I see now He's being joined by two men. Oh, the man is Saint Robert Bellarmine. I recognize him from his other visit here now. Also, there are a group of nuns coming over by Saint Robert. And over on the right side by the flagpole I see--oh! Oh, my goodness! I see--over here Jesus has heaped high in--it's like, almost like a pyramid up to the sky, but they all look like babies. They're very young babies. They're, they're--they just seem to be tossed in every direction on a large heap, and they are pyramided like. And Jesus now is standing at the side, and He says:

Jesus--"For this abomination mankind shall be cleansed! Your world will be visited with the plague!"

Veronica--Oh! Now Jesus--now I can't see. It seems to be growing very dark. I can't see these babies. Now it's completely covered, like a black cloud. Now Jesus is going over to the left side and He's looking down. And He says:

Jesus--"Hasten, harken, and listen. You have been given your final warning. My Mother, as Advocate for Heaven, will continue to be with you here upon the sacred grounds. Henceforth you will be guided by Her. Among you now I have chosen messengers for mankind. They will be given their directives by the Holy Spirit. What you accomplish now in the time left before the great devastation will be tallied in the Book of Life."

Veronica--Now Jesus is slowly--He's going over to the right side of the flagpole and He's looking down. He said:


Jesus--"Before the major cleansing and chastisement, you will be visited with a war. It will be color against color and nation against nation. All time on your earth is not counted in talliance with time of heaven. Therefore it would not be constructive to speculate with dates. Just prepare yourself and know that the hour is at hand.

"I bless you all, My children, and dispense among you the Holy Spirit. Before the final hour you will all have made your choice. The pages of the Book of love and life have slowly turned and now the wind of the impurities of man and the abominations to his God have come to the closing of the Book. 'XY+.'"

Veronica--And then there's written in the sky "X," a "Y," a "+," and then a question mark. "X, Y, +," and a question mark. I believe I know what Jesus means, though it might be a puzzle to many. We went through the "X" period, we went into the "Y" period. "Z" means omega, which is the end. Therefore, we are in the "Y+," which means now we've gone past the beginning of the "Y," which means that we're very slowly approaching the final days. So the "Y+" beyond--well, I don't know exactly how close that is because at this time Our Lady and then Jesus wouldn't want it known.

Now before this there will be given a warning. This warning will be given very soon. And those will line themselves up who will not recognize it as from their God, seeking to explain it as a scientific phenomenon. Therefore, man still will go blindly on his way and bring about the Chastisement.

Jesus--"Amen, amen I say to you: The Father has extended His mercy far too long to bring back an unrepentant generation. Prepare yourself now and save those you love, for the hour is at hand."

Veronica--Now Jesus is raising His hand again. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is coming over to the right side of the flagpole, and She's bending over. She says:

Our Lady--"The world that has set itself up as being intellectual graced, their knowledge has gone actually unconstructive, but destructive to their immortal souls. Intellectual pride has blinded many to the truth. When the realization of the end of their era comes, it will bring great shock to many, but they will have fallen of their own free will."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is slowly going back, back into the sky. And now I notice--oh, there's--Michael is with Her, and He's standing at the left side, which would be Our Lady's right side. Now there are many angels, many angels surrounding Our Lady. And the little ones, who look like little children, they are dressed in all colored gowns. They're very beautiful, and they're carrying flowers. And they are roses; I recognize the roses. They're very light pink and some dark red. And now I notice that--oh, they're throwing them forward. Oh! Now it's--the sky is clearing over just where Our Lady is going into the clouds. And Our Lady says:

Our Lady--"I am not leaving you. I remain on the eve of all feast days and the feast days, and I am with all who come and implore and trust and come to Me for solace on these sacred grounds. Bring Me your burdens and I will place them at the feet of My Son. Nothing is impossible to the Father."

Veronica--Now it's growing very bright, very bright. The light is becoming so bright now I can't--I just can make out the figure of Our Lady. Now She's just bending forward and says:

Our Lady--"You will continue now all prayers of atonement. And I ask that My children come here with their prayers of atonement and beseechment daily. This is not the usual visitation of the eve of the feast days and feast days, but We wish the propagation of this sacred ground for the salvation of souls."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.



. . . that She wants it known about the manifestations. We've been receiving many letters now from people from various states of cures through the intercession of Our Lady. I have one in particular [that] arrived yesterday. A woman was to be operated on. I don't know if it was on her ovaries or on the ovary, but it was the size of a lemon. Now I understand that the lady came to Our Lady's sacred grounds here and prayed that this operation wouldn't be severe and perhaps malignant or worse. Well, when the doctor operated, he was very much shocked to find that it had absolutely dissolved. There was nothing there. So he didn't know what to think of this, how it could just disappear after he had set the operation to remove . . . [words not clear]. So instead, through the intercession of Our Lady--this lady also had just a general D&C, which would be the usual, normal thing to prevent any sign of infection. So therefore, this doctor is still astounded--how the x-rays could show either a tumor or a cyst about the size of a lemon, yet when he opened her up it was gone. So that was one of the manifestations from Heaven.

Then I received another letter from a lady who was . . . [words not clear]. Her husband had been out of work for over a year. Now he sent letters and he received several job offers but they never materialized. So I suggested to Kate to come and take a little trip and visit Our Lady's Shrine with her problem. Well, she did, and the next day when she got home the telephone rings. And her husband had called about two job offers, and he winds up with two! So he said I think I should return with you and ask Our Lady which one should he take. So I thought that was quite funny. She called on the telephone long distance to know which one of those do you think would be the most successful. I said well, to tell you the truth, Our Lady says we are not in the fortune telling business.


So also we have another letter of testimony--in fact, they are coming in so fast I can't keep up with them, and with some problems I had this week, I haven't even catalogued many of these--of a child who had an illness that the doctor couldn't diagnose, but he said it was something in the child's bloodstream that would take at least maybe a year to cure. So she wasn't even of the Faith, but her neighbor said she heard of this place in Bayside where Our Lady is supposed to be appearing, therefore why not take a chance and come over. Well, the lady herself wouldn't come, not being of the Faith, but the other lady brought the child with her. And when she came home, about two days later back came the woman to her, wondering how it could have happened, how her child was already cured when the doctor couldn't do it. So this woman said, "I'll tell you what. I'll send you a couple of books to start reading about it, about Jesus and the Faith." This was a Jewish lady. So some very strange things are happening.

In fact, even we do have--like, especially since ecumenism is being promoted, we do have an intermingling of faiths, one woman passed the remark,"I don't like to meet up with you too much. It seems to me like you're going around converting everyone." Because a few of the neighbors who are also Jewish, not of our Faith--as yet--have been coming by out of curiosity. So this has been making Our Lady very happy.

And we have many other manifestations that others--like of people accepting--it makes me feel very good when they write and they say they know they receive graces because they get this tremendous feeling when they leave . . . [gap in tape] carried through the week.

And also we have a letter by a lady who has a nervous illness. She writes her illness made her like retire when she had to face a crowd or go out among people in crowds. Anyhow, she made her way here to the Shrine to one vigil and she wrote the most amazing thing. She didn't have this stress and anxiety the next day when she had to go to the supermarket to pick up her groceries. It became possible to make this trip. So actually, you see that miracles are happening very, very in abundance. . . . [words not clear.]

It seems that everyone is receiving miraculous pictures. So that--I'm very happy because that way we can stand back with Our Lady and bring about the building of Her Shrine. which will be in time. But we have the objections of those who haven't received, quite, the light. So when you find someone who just--you just pray for them. One Rosary for their intention, and they turn the other way and come right with you. It has never failed yet.

And our prayers go out to dear Sister Geralda down in Haiti. She's still having a very difficult time. Sister Geralda was the nun who came here and Jesus blessed the Rosary to take it back with her to Haiti to her convent, and there was a lady blind for 20 years. So she was so sorry for her and she touched her eyes with the Rosary blessed by Jesus here. . . .

[It was a very windy night and the remainder of the tape is blurred by the wind.]