The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

Message at Sunday Holy Hour

April 15, 1973

Sunday Holy Hour


[Our Lady] told me to sit down and look on the ground. That's why I sat down. Look what was on the ground--a "Y." Do you remember, Our Lady--

Ted--Veronica, this is from the medal. This is from the plaque. We lost it.

Veronica--All right. Well, Our Lady said to look on the ground. But you see the "Y." I really know what She means by that. Well, you see, the "XYZ" period. "Z" is the end, like the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Our Lady has said we are in the "Y" plus period. Now the prayers of atonement and man's turning from his ways are what depends how long the pluses will add until we are into "Z," which means the omega. And I was most startled. I didn't know why Our Lady said I should sit down. And you can see it; it's a "Y." It was right here, right on the holy grounds. I'll photograph it but--well, I know why Our Lady told me to sit down. See, She always gives me physical signs that will be given also to holy Church for the records. All this will go into the many, many, many books we have of manifestations and the physical evidence Our Lady's giving us. You can see it; there's a "Y." "XYZ" period, as I explained to you before. It was right here, right here. [The Rosary continues.]


I'm very much surprised that Our Lady is instructing me so much during the Holy Hours to repeat various messages. Our Lady said, "Two will be in the bed. One will be taken and one will remain. Two will be in the field. One will be taken and one will remain. Our Lady says before the Chastisement, the fire, many will be removed from the earth.

We don't know the full plan of the Father. This I don't fully understand, but I can only tell you what Our Lady said: "Two will be in the bed. One will be removed and one remain. Two will be in the field. One will be removed, one will remain." [The Rosary continues.]

. . . that you will not go through the Chastisement, Roger, and Our Lady wants you to keep that because that will tell you that we're in the "Y" period, the beginning of the latter days. We're a little further ahead. And of course, the conclusion will be with the Second Coming of Jesus and the great War and, of course, the Chastisement. It all follows in a pattern, one after the other. Of course, the War and the Chastisement will be going on almost together. [The Rosary continues.]

Brother Frost, that's exactly how you're going, Our Lady said, only nobody's going to be in the bed with you.

Oh, Our Lady said no, you won't go through the Chastisement either. But as Our Lady said, two will be in the bed, one be taken, one will be--remain. The only trouble is, if there's nobody else there you will be alone, but you will be taken. [The Rosary continues.]

Oh, dear. Oh, dear. We have that in photographs home. You, too: one will be in the bed, one will be taken. That's planned so you might sleep. . . . [words not clear] the pictures Evelyn has. This is something very strange, but we have three advance tapes of certain things, and also photographs. It explains it very well. [The Rosary continues.]

Our Lady said don't worry, Evelyn, you can't go so soon. You have to stay and take the pictures. That's right.

Evelyn--Who's going to look at them?

Ted--We are.

Veronica--There will be plenty of work for you to do. There will be plenty of work for you to do. Very much. [The Rosary continues.]

On Sundays Her work continues. Countless souls await your prayers. And Our Lady says that very few are coming. That's why ours must rise to Heaven. Man has become pleasure loving and self seeking and self gratifying. Therefore, others must make atonement and pray for them. There are not enough prayers coming up. It is the Lord's day and the Lord's day is being profaned. [The Rosary continues.]


I, I didn't expect this. No wonder Our Lady said it would be a glorious day today. Standing by the steeple--now he's balancing over to the right--is Saint Francis. And birds now have joined him in the trees. Oh, I don't know if Our Lady--I asked if She would allow someone to be able to photograph Saint Francis there. He's very thin. He has on a long brown robe and he's very thin. And I notice he's barefoot except--no, he has brown sandals on. And he's got his head kind of shaved off at the top. And he's got a beard. I know he's saying something but I can't hear.

Ted--You can hear the birds.


Ted--Boy, you can hear the birds.

Veronica--He says, he says, "I did not live in the world. I lived close to my God in nature. Therefore would man take himself from the world and live with only the bare essentials given by his God, he would save his soul. And man grows fat on his luxury. Fasting and penance have been lost in your world. Learn the value of sacrifice."

Oh, now he, he's standing there and oh, there are three birds like that, and he's holding the three birds safely, like they're like eating--oh, I see. He has, Saint Francis has put some crumbs--he has a very, very hard looking piece of bread in his hand. And the birds are eating right out of his hand. Oh, he looks so happy. And now he's reaching over and he's touching the bird with his hand. Oh!

Now he's coming down closer, Saint Francis. He's right now by the edge of the tree. He's standing on the roof of the, the church there. And now he's bowing his head down, and he says, "Continue with your prayers."

Oh, oh, oh, we found the picture. Oh! [The Rosary continues.]


Veronica--Saint Francis said, "The answer, my son, is 'yes'. We need many Franciscans."

I don't know. He's talking about somebody around here wants to order--enter an order? I don't know who could--well, anyway, that's what he said. Oh. [The Rosary continues.]

Oh, I thought maybe you would like to hear what Saint Francis just said. I was commenting to him inwardly how thin he is. I feel a little embarrassed that I'm so fat. He says, "They come in all sizes and shapes here in Heaven, my child." [Laughter] Oh, well. [Laughter; the Rosary continues.]


My goodness! [In a shocked voice] Standing right up on top of the roof is Pope John! Oh!

"Ho, ho, ho, he says, look at me." [Laughter]

Oh, that's what he meant. Oh, he's--oh, well--

Lady--Where is he?

Veronica--Up there, with Our Lady. Now Our Lady now is standing over to the left. Now right there, right next to Saint Francis there, they're standing right, on the right side of the thing there.

Lady--Only you can see them. Just tell me where.

Veronica--. . . [words not clear]. Can't you see him? Look, he's right--[Laughter] Look, he's standing right on the top of the, top of the church. They're not really standing, they're kind of balanced. No, they float.

And Pope John is in red. He's all dressed in red, but he's got a very large red hat on. It looks like a sun hat--red, you know, big wide brim on. Well, he looks kind of heavy, too.

Oh! Well, all right. [The Rosary continues.]

Veronica--Up there, Pope John is going like this.

Evelyn--Wait a minute, honey, I've got him in the first picture--second picture.

Veronica--Oh, he's blessing us. He's going like this. [The Rosary continues.]

[Veronica cries out anxiously:] "Watch--going to fall over!" Oh, no. No. I thought he was going to walk down the roof. He's not going to walk down the roof. Oh, he says, "My child, we don't walk; we float." Oh!

[Veronica continues leading the Rosary, but her voice becomes increasingly somber and subdued.] It wasn't pleasant. I wish I could tell you, but I don't think I can right now. The Sorrowful Mysteries-- we're seeing the sorrows that Our Lady loves so much due to Her apparitions many years ago in Portugal. [The Rosary continues.]

[Examining a photograph:] Oh, the yellow--yes, that's the papacy. The yellow is the papacy in the colors given by Our Lady. Of course, pink and red are Jesus and blue is Our Lady and of course, yellow is the papacy. So there is your sign of your own of Pope John being up there.

Now she has the papacy and the red hat. Isn't that beautiful? She's got the yellow right there. Of course, Pope John was standing a little further over to the trees, so this is Heaven's way of letting you know. It's the proof with the picture.