The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"You will follow the Vicar of Christ. . . . You will not remove him from the Seat of Peter and place one who has been planned from hell. Watch and pray."

August 14, 1973

Eve of Our Lady's Assumption & In honor of St. Joachim

Veronica--The lights are starting to form around the trees--the blue lights, the beautiful blue lights.

Now I see over to the left side of the flagpole a large cloud. The trees now--all about the trees is a beautiful blue, hazy light. Oh, Our Lady now is coming forward. Beautiful! Oh, She looks so--oh, queenly.

Now Our Lady is turning over to Her left side. And now--oh, She's holding in Her arms a small Child. It's a little Boy. He's very pretty. He has golden hair; it looks like a light brown. And He's sitting now in Her arm. He also has a beautiful crown on His head. It's made of red velvet with golden trim. And He's dressed like a little King. He has on a red velvet little cape, and His gown is quite long. But He is barefooted, because I can see His feet; they're underneath the gown.


"Oh, Our Lady . . . yes."

"Oh! Oh, He's weightless! He's very light. He's very pretty. Oh, He's very beautiful, but He has no weight. Oh! Oh, yes! Oh! Our Lady . . . He's--little Jesus, He was weightless. A little Boy. Oh, He's not two years old."

Our Lady says:

Our Lady--"Yes, you're right, My child. He is not two years old. He is a year and one-half."

Veronica--Oh! Now it's growing dark. The blue lights are all about the trees. Oh, the blue lights are all about the trees, but it's growing dark. And Our Lady now is going behind the trees. I can barely see Her.

She has now the Baby still in Her arm. He's very beautiful. I'm still looking into His face. And He doesn't have the face of a usual child. His face . . . His face has the . . . only one word--the "wisdom of the ages" in His face.

Oh, now it's growing very dark. And there's an arrow pointing; there's an arrow pointing in the sky now over to the right side of the flagpole. And now by the arrow there is a large--it looks like a weight, but it has a stick down, and what looks like sort of a knife-like thing, and it's swinging back and forth, back and forth.

Our Lady now is coming over to the left side of the flagpole. She says:

Our Lady--"This, My child, is the pendulum."


Veronica--And now it's swinging back and forth. Now it's being lowered. I see four angels now coming down through the sky, and they're standing above the pendulum.

Now Our Lady says:

Our Lady--"You see, My child, the four instruments of Heaven, the agents from Heaven that will start the Chastisement upon man."

Veronica--Now I see . . . it's like looking at a large picture, and a moving picture, almost. There's a large map, and beside it a globe of the world. The globe now is turning and turning, and as the globe turns it's like a movie. The scene keeps changing fast on the left side of the globe.

I see . . . I see islands, and then I see very large waves. And then I don't see the islands. It's like sand bars being washed right out into the water.

But now on top of the water there are people floating, and there are pieces of wood, and there are people, bodies. Oh! Oh!

Now I see . . . it's very warm and very gray. And it seems like it's getting very dark. As it grows dark, the people are running in every direction. They don't seem to know where to run. I see closed doors and people knocking on the doors. The doors are closed.

But the doors now are painted with a large red cross on the door. The cross, though, the cross is like being made in blood. The cross on the door is like blood on the door. The blood of the cross! There are lights, candle lights through the windows of the doors with the cross. And I see the people lying out beyond the doors. They seem to be falling over. Somewhere in the air, there is something that is cutting off their breathing, because they're clutching at their throats. And they're falling forward on their faces.

I see some faces looking out of the windows, but now they're clutching their eyes; they're covering their eyes. Oh, they can't look. They can't look outside the windows.

The sky is very red and dusty. There's like a very big explosion. The explosion--it's like, almost like a bomb being dropped. But there's no wrenching apart of bodies, but there's tremendous heat. I'm watching this tremendous heat.

The globe now is appearing again. It's spinning. I think it's the globe. No, it's a ball. It's a fiery ball, and it's spinning and going about the globe. And it's trailing a long tail. It has gases. I know they're gases, because there is a terrible smell. The smell is so-- [Veronica coughs.]

Oh! Now I see a great, large--I know it's a power house. It's a large building, a stone building. And they're pulling on all these levers. But I see fear, great fear in the faces of all these men. They're running up and down steps. There are levers on the steps, and they're pulling at these levers. But nothing's happening. And they're--now they're running down the stairs, and they're running outside. And when they run outside it's like going into total blackness. There are no lights, and it's dark, pitch black.

I see the men trying to walk outside. They're talking; two men are talking to each other by the door. They want to reach their cars, but they cannot find the distance. One man is groping his way, and the other is just standing.

Now over on the left I see houses, beautiful houses up on a hill. But the water--I see water, water rising very, very high. The water is going twelve, thirteen, fourteen feet high. Now there--oh! It's very windy and it's very noisy, because the water is hitting the sides.

Now I see the houses starting to shake. And these houses are like on the edges of the water, and all the dirt now is starting to come from under them. And they're just sliding down the side, sliding down. And I hear screaming; people are screaming. Oh! Oh!

Now over to the right there are more houses. The water now has reached over into the living rooms. And I see a church; this church is made of all wood. It's--it looks like a very old church. The Church of SS. Peter and . . . I can't read the rest. And it's got a very tall steeple on it. But the water has only reached up to the--the water should be in, but yet the water hasn't gone beyond the first landing. There are two landings to this church.

Now standing up near the door is a priest. I recognize him; he has his cassock on. And he's standing there now, and these people are gathering. They're coming now in rowboats. They're coming up to the church in rowboats. And he's asking them to come inside to pray. The church is so filled that the boats now are just staying side-by-side against the sides of the building. The building hasn't fallen, but the houses have. There's a house almost within six feet next to it, but that's gone. It's tumbled down; it just fell in, like . . . the whole roof was down.

And over to the right of the church there was another house. It looks like a country store in the house. There's rooms over it, but that's also broken down now and fallen in. And--oh, in the store window I see some bodies that are--they're under some large blocks of wood that were a counter table that fell in. Oh!

Now above the--above the flagpole is appearing letters: "FLOODS": F-L-O-O-D-S, "GREAT HEAT AND THE PLAGUE." Then there's a large--now I see a hand, a large hand. The five fingers are like this, and it's waving it's hand across the sky, like this. I can't see whose hand it is, but the hand is very lighted. I fear it is--yes, it is Jesus. Oh, He's standing there now with His hand out, like this, and I can see the wounds in His hand. Now He's extending His other hand out, like this. Oh, and as I watch, there is blood coming from His hand, flowing down now upon the world.

Now there's a great--oh, my goodness! The sky now is becoming a large, circular globe, all around. All around, a large, circular globe.

Now the globe is starting to get darker and darker, and redder. It's receding, and it's coming back. No, it's not a globe of the world; it's like a ball. It looks like a giant piece of ice, sort of--giant piece of ice. And it's starting to spin very fast. And I see it traveling across the sky, and it's developing some kind of colors about it. It's becoming yellow and orange, and it's tremendous! It's like looking at a huge sun. It's tremendous! Oh!

Now over, though, to the right there's a large--it's the sun; I know it's the sun. It's a big sun! But this now is heading to the sun, and all of a sudden it cuts over, and the heat is terrible! Oh, it's so hot! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Now I see this huge ball has now circled about. There are three balls now in the sky. There's the huge red one, the sun; and in the center, the ball. It's larger than the other ball, the white ball on the left. But the one in the center is larger. And it's tremendous!

Now it's starting to travel at a great speed. And I see now another ball forming with outlines of mountains; it's a globe of the world. It's a very large globe of the world, and it's horrible. Oh, the ball, it's coming around about it. It's going around. It's going to make a complete revolution. It's going around. Now as it comes up to the top around the globe, it's zooming now out, and I can see it. It's very, very small in the distance, but all of these particles of dust, and--it feels like rocks--are falling down now. And they're falling. Some of them are very large, and they're falling onto the land and the houses. Oh! [At this point those around Veronica were expressing concern, as she seemed to have been overcome with fright.]

"I'm all right. . . . I'll be all right. . . . I'm all right. I was frightened. . . . I'm all right. . . . I feel much better now. I was very frightened. I was very frightened at what I saw."

Oh, it's much brighter now, and Our Lady is coming down. Our Lady is looking down sadly, and She is saying in a very low voice:


Our Lady--"My child, do not be afeared. It is a most frightening fate that man is choosing for himself. I have traveled far and wide throughout the world crying, begging for atonement and for man to turn back now from the path that is leading fast to his chastisement.

"Many warnings from Heaven have passed on unnoticed by man. He has lost touch, My child, with the Father. He has given his spirit over to satan. Therefore, he goes on his way in darkness and blindness. O My children, if I could receive from the Father, My pleadings for your salvation, an extended time for your atonement, My heart would not be torn.

"There are many agents of hell loosed upon earth now. They have entered into the House of God, and they possess the body of many men to do the will of satan. You must not abandon the sacramentals that I have given you through the Father for your protection and your salvation.

"There will be many manifestations throughout the world. There will be many chosen as My voice-box. Before the final Chastisement each man will have had and made the choice, had the opportunity to choose between My Son and satan. The forces of evil are gathering fast for the final battle. Satan knows that his time is short.

"Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice: is this too much to ask of you in the face of the reality of what lies ahead for your country and the world? Shall you be forced to fast and starve your bodies? Shall you be forced to your knees with disaster?


"I have long been a guardian and Patroness of your country. It has prospered and become a symbol to the world. However, now it has blackened the cross, and it has made itself up as a center for the worship of man and worldly treasures. The example of those in authority has been debased. The example of many in authority has set many onto the road to hell. Nothing has gone by unnoticed by the Father.

"Man of sin, turn back now from your ways. Do penance on your knees; beg for your atonement; beg for the graces you need. The hour for the hand of God upon you is approaching speedily.

"Your world has given itself now to pagan pleasures. Your world has turned now to satan! Idols, false idols to worship!

"You will not deny the divinity of My Son. You will no longer offend the Father in the Son, in the Holy Ghost within the House of God and in your world, for you call down a heavy penance upon yourselves.

"I have not come, My children, to set fear into your hearts. I have come only as a Mediatrix and a Mother. I have come to warn you that you have offended God much, and the scales must be balanced soon. Many graces will be given to those who come and ask for them. None will be forced onto the road of satan, for they will go willingly before the final count.

"You will not turn your backs upon the houses of God. My Son has set His example among you. My Son, with Simon Peter, gave you the way. You will follow the Vicar of Christ on your earth. You will not remove him from the Seat of Peter and place one who has been planned from hell. Watch and pray.

"My child, this you may repeat. I give you the choice."

Veronica--"I'm very forgetful, Blessed Mother. I can't remember everything."

Our Lady--"Then, My child, it is your choice to record what I say to you.

"The mission given to you will soon be completed. The work for the establishment of My Shrine will continue. Man will never stop the plan of the Father as He renews this world.

"Patience, trust, and guidance in the Father, My child, will be your way of life. The more you become involved with man and worldly living, the farther you will be from the Father. Therefore, I would advise you to confine yourself and restrict your worldly activities to your family and the major work of the establishment of My Shrine here in your world.

"You will also at this time plan work action, prayer sessions. All the strength and help necessary will be sent to you by the Father. Trust, and do not question His motives.

"You will keep a constant vigilance of prayer throughout your world and your country. No dates will be given, but I can assure you, My children, a date has been set.

"None will be lost who will save themselves in the Sacred Heart of My Son. None will be lost who will keep the sacramentals and all objects of godly nature in their home.

"This will be difficult, for the scoffers will increase and the licentiousness will increase. And you will be soon a minority. However, it is in the plan of the Father that we shall gather the House of God and restore it in the world to its proper proportions. Man then will be returned to his former state, for he will then no longer be forced to offend his God, forced through the agents of hell who will be removed from your earth.

"Pray, have great confidence in the knowledge that the eventual victory will be with Heaven. The Father permits these times of trial for the cleansing of man. It is better, My child, this way than to have to cleanse entirely, as in the past. The Father sorrows greatly that Lucifer has thus far been successful in the capture of many souls.


"Full dedication will be made to the Sacred Heart of My Son and the Immaculate Heart endowed to Me by the Father. I place My blue mantle of protection over all My children who come to Me. I have come here, and I will remain here upon these sacred grounds and upon many sacred grounds throughout the world until the final victory.

"I bless you all, My children. Continue with your prayers of atonement. They are much needed!"

Veronica--And Our Lady is taking Her large Rosary and blessing Herself, and also the world, as She extends Her Rosary: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And now Our Lady is taking the Rosary, and She's drawing a large circle in the sky with the Rosary. And now She's taking Her hand away, and the Rosary now is just hanging in mid-air. It's formed a complete large circle, with the beads and the cross hanging down, suspended in the air. Now Our Lady is going over to the left side of the flagpole. She said:

Our Lady--"You will sit down now, My child, and Jesus will be here very soon to bless the sacramentals of all these beautiful hearts which I send My graces and the graces from the Father to."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is extending Her hands out. And those rays are coming down now. She's standing over by the left side of the trees, and Her hands are extended out. And--oh, they're very bright; they're--oh, they're just coming out of Her hands! It's just like tremendous lights! There are three, though, in each hand. I notice each--they're equal, each stream of light is equal. But there are three in each hand, and they come down beyond the flagpole.

And--let's see, from Her left hand they seem to be landing right almost beyond the trees. And the right hand--now Our Lady is moving Her hand, and it's going across my head. The lights are going now--the beams are going right across my head, down to the back, back there.

And Our Lady now is smiling. And She's shaking Her head, which means yes. And now, Our Lady now is motioning to the seat.


Veronica--[All] now who can will kneel, as Jesus is now standing by the flagpole. He is going to bless all the sacramentals. He's just now beyond the flagpole, over to the right. Now Jesus is looking down. Oh, He looks so beautiful; the light is so beautiful.

He's dressed now, Jesus--He has His red robe on. It's deeper now; it looks almost a maroon color. And He has on a cream-colored gown. The gown is very long, but now--oh, this evening He is not wearing sandals. Oh, He has His feet very bare. And I can see the marks in His feet. Oh, and He's standing there now, and He's pointing to His cloak, which He's opening. And--oh, on the center of His gown there is a large heart. It's a very red heart, and in the heart there's a knife. It's like a sword, a gold-like sword. It's very brilliant, the gold of the sword through His heart.

And now Jesus is pointing down to the sword, and He's bending over, and He is saying:

Jesus--"It is for the love of gold that many have chosen to fall into error and follow the ways of the man of sin."

Veronica--Now Jesus is closing the robe over His heart, His chest. He's drawing both of the sections over. And now He's looking over at all the people, and He's smiling now. Oh, He is going to bless now the sacramentals. Jesus is raising His hand, like this. Now Jesus says:

Jesus--"You will raise, and if you cannot raise these objects of God, they will be blessed on your person or on the ground. I bless you In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."

Veronica--Jesus is raising His hands, and He's blessing in the sign of the Trinity. And now behind Him, the sky is filled with all angels. Oh, they're so many of them. Oh, they're just so beautiful! And they're strewing from--they're carrying something in their hands which they're throwing out. They almost look like white rose petals. They're floating down, down, down on us. They're beautiful! They have, they're weightless. It's like rose petals, white rose petals.

Now Jesus is moving over to the left side of the flagpole and He's raising His hand, and He's blessing now all those on this side--that would be His right side--with His hands, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is moving over, and He's being joined by Our Lady. And They're standing there. Our Lady now is holding Her Rosary forward in Her hands, like this. And Jesus now is raising His hand high above His head, and He's making the sign of the Trinity down: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is coming forward. He's coming down very close. Oh, He's just about, oh, off the middle section of the flagpole. He says:

Jesus--"I bless you, My children, in the Father and the Holy Ghost. I dispense among you the graces for the conversion of sinners. Come to Me; ask and you will receive the graces and strength to chase from your household and My houses the demons which have entered."

Veronica--Now it's becoming very bright, very brilliant! It's very, very white. Oh, I--Our Lady now is becoming--there's a tremendous light coming out of Our Lady now. And now Jesus is coming over, and He says:

Jesus--"I want to show you, My child, the Assumption of My Mother."


Veronica--Now I see, I see like a hillside. And there's a cave-like, oh, I guess it's a grave, sort of, but it's not like in a graveyard. It's like cut out of a hillside. And there's a slab, there's a slab of stone. And I see--it looks like a mummy, because I see a body all wound up in white sheeting-like pieces. But it's sort of not white sheeting, exactly; it's like very rough-looking with dots sort of in it, like muslin, sort of, and wound up just like a mummy.

Now Jesus is--oh, He's coming. Now this place is all closed off. There's no door. It's like--oh, like a mausoleum or something, but it's more like a cave. And I see Jesus now; He's coming right through the rock. And He's standing there now, and He's placed His hand on the sheeting. And all of a sudden there's a tremendous light around this--like a person in the sheeting. Ah! And I see the sheeting is just unwinding, falling away. And there--it's Our Lady, but She's sitting up. And Jesus is standing next to Her. And now as the sheeting is falling off, it's just falling away from Her, disintegrating.

She has a most beautiful white gown--oh, pure white. She's barefooted now. And Jesus has placed out His hand, and He's taken Her hand. And She's all lit up. Beautiful!

Now I see Our Lady is--I know it's Our Lady--She's getting younger and younger. When the sheet was first away from Her, She looked kind of old, maybe--well, maybe about-maybe seventy-three, seventy-four. But now She looks a little girl. She's beautiful! She's very young-looking.

And Jesus now is taking Her hand, and They are both just rising. They're going up, up, up, and right through the rock! Absolutely! They went through the rock! Now I see Them outside the door, and I see Jesus and Our Lady, and the light is tremendous. Oh, and Jesus now is holding Our Lady's hand.

And there are, oh, hundreds of angel figures about Them. And there's beautiful music. Ah-ah, alleluia, ah-ah, alleluia. [Veronica repeats some of the music she hears.] And there's voices; they're so loud they're--it sounds like millions of voices are singing.

And Our Lady now is rising. Our Lady is all beautiful in white. It's--I can't explain it. It's just like in a tremendous light. And now They're rising far, far up into the sky. And I can't see Them any more. Now it's though They've disappeared right into the sky. Absolutely gone, and the sky now has become a very deep, deep, deep blue.

Now the light is coming down again. There's a shining sliver of light coming over by the tree. And Jesus is standing there. And He said:

Jesus--"My child, I have given you as grace to the world the knowledge of My Mother's Assumption into Heaven. Continue, My children, with your prayers of atonement. Many secrets of Heaven will be given to you for the edification of your soul in these days. You see, My children, nothing is impossible with the Father, in the Father."

Veronica--Now Jesus is raising His hand, and He's making the sign of the cross, like this, across the people. And He's extending His hands out. And I can see the marks in His Hands now. And He's going over to the side. He's bowing His head.

Jesus--"Continue, My child, with the beads of prayer."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.