The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"All parents must gather their children. . . . Bring the truth to your children through the Book of life, the writings of the prophets of old, the Bible."

September 13, 1973

Eve of the Exaltation of the Cross & in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady--"My child, the forces of evil are gathering against you. The agents of hell have multiplied throughout the world and your country.

"The world, your earth, must recognize and accept the warning from Heaven. I have given to My children countless hours of earth time, beseeching you to turn now from your evil ways, ways that offend your God and destroy your immortal soul, condemning yourself to the eternal fires of hell. There are many, My child, who come to scoff; there are many who come of the curious. However, they, too, will receive in due time the grace to recognize the truth.

"My tears fall heavily upon the young. It truly rains teardrops from Heaven. Delusion, deception, paganism--it has become a way of life for man to give himself to the pleasures of the flesh. The light has not returned to many homes. We look into the heart of man and find darkness.


"There will be sent upon your earth a great Warning of great magnitude. It will be recognizable to all. Many will see and still not believe. Pray for those who have covered themselves with blindness. When I speak to you, My child, of blindness, it is the state of the spirit. The world of man has lost sight of the road to the Kingdom. Man no longer honors My Son upon his knees. Should you not return to the rule, you will be forced to return to your knees.

"I have been sending the word from the Father throughout the world. Many seers carry the word to the multitudes.

"Your world and your country wallow in a cesspool of error, corruption, and debasement. Satan has set among you in the highest places of rule, giving them power for the destruction of human souls--these agents of hell have been placed in your schools to destroy your young; in your government to bring you to your knees before one who is not of God; and sadly, his agents have entered into the House of God to do battle.

"Michael must be returned to the House of God immediately. Man's free will has cast him aside. He will not be returned unless man asks.

"Your children, through misdirection, the direction of those entrusted with the salvation of their souls, have now been gathered into clans of satanism. The home must now be a fortress and a school for the young, as well as the old. Your example and your return to prayer will be the balance for the salvation of your souls and the souls of your children."

Veronica--I see a large ball over by the trees on the left side. The trees are very illuminated with white light. The sky about it is very illuminated; it's very bright. But over now to the right, the left side of the flagpole, there is a large ball. These white illuminations that become like vapors now are floating over towards the flagpole. They are approaching this huge ball, and atop the ball there is a cross.

Now over on the right side of the flagpole there's a Lady standing there. It is Our Lady, but She is dressed all in black. She looks very dejected, filled with despair. And now She's pointing over the flagpole.


By the eagle, over the eagle, there is a large skull. The skull looks like death. Now over to the left side, the ball is floating upward. The cross has disappeared, and the ball now is all black.

Now standing over to the left side of the ball is a figure dressed in black, but he's frightening because I can see his face, and it's a skull. Mister Death. He's pointing his finger over to the eagle. His hand has no flesh. It's a bone, a bony hand, and it's pointing up to the eagle.

Now it's growing very dark, and it's raining. It's a storm, and there's great thunder. Ah! Ah! Oh!

Now that horrible figure in black with the bony finger is pointing up. And now over to the right side there's a huge ball. The ball is very--it's red hot. It's, it's, it's traveling very fast through the sky, but it's a bright orange. And it's streaming flashes behind it, and smoke. And it's traveling very fast across the sky.

Now I see many people down in the roadways, covering their faces. Many are reaching into their pockets. They're searching for their beads. One woman, a very old woman, now she's holding her beads, and she's crossing herself constantly. "Mama mia, Mama mia."

Now I see the ball, and it's becoming very dark. The dust and the particles seem to cut off the light.

Now over to the right, coming through this haze--the ball now seems to be above the haze, and Our Lady is coming forward now. Oh, She's not dressed in that black. Oh, now She's dressed in a beautiful white, white gown. It's trimmed in gold all around the edges, and Our Lady has Her hands like this. And the beads are coming from Her hands, white beads. And Our Lady is standing down and looking down towards us. She's coming closer down now, on the right side of the flagpole.

Our Lady is talking very softly, so softly I can barely hear Her.

Our Lady--"My child, there is little time left for My message to go throughout the world. Pray now a constant vigilance.

"Do not be led by your emotions to disregard My direction to you. You will now make a complete retirement from your world. Only necessary and close workers will be allowed to enter your home. There is no time, My child, left for entertaining.

"The cross We allow you to carry will make your work most difficult, My child. Therefore, We guide you to exercise your God-given grace of knowledge and perception. Do not tax the strength left in your earthly body. You will accomplish and finish the task given to you by Heaven. Do not allow satan to fill you with despair. Your mission will be accomplished.

"You will now limit yourself also to two meals a day.

"We have asked for victim souls throughout the world. We have looked into your heart and accepted your dedication.

"The Father will direct the war of the spirits unto the ultimate victory over evil and the return of earth to the state in which the Father originated its being. After the trials and the cleansing, man will be set in glorious triumph over evil and follow the plan of the Father.

"I have given you the sacramentals, and you must wear them. All who discard them to accede to the mockery and jest of those who follow the road of satan must then join the ranks of those who will fall. Without your armor, you will not be protected against the infiltration of the agents of hell. These agents of darkness, these agents of the prince of darkness exist as beings, beings that you are unable to see with your human eyes.


"Your children must be returned to learning the Scriptures of the prophets. All parents must gather their children and remove them from the agents of satan. Bring the truth to your children through the Book of life, the writings of the prophets of old, the Bible. This legacy was left to man to guide him in his daily life. Instead, man has chosen to read and absorb, to destroy his eternal soul with books of evil, corruption, blasphemy, atheism--all soul destructors, destroyers of purity of heart and body.

"I tell you now, as the Mother of God, your world stands now in judgment before the Father. I beg you now to turn back and keep a constant vigilance of prayer, for many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption.

"My child, do not give in to your human feelings of despair. Pray a constant vigilance; close your ears to the discourse of those who will seek to disquiet your spirit. Listen but to the words of the Father. For many who will knock upon your door are of the evil one.

"Penance, My child, is hard. Sacrifice, My child, is difficult. Ah! The rewards of the Father for perseverance is beyond all that I could show you at this present time. Faith, My child; carry forth your mission for the Father in trust and perseverance. You will be given the strength to complete your mission.


"The Father chose you, My child, long before He set you upon earth. This startles you, My child, but you do not know all the secrets of the Kingdom, for should I reveal them to you, many would no longer be sacred.

"Have great courage in your struggle, knowing that all that happens is allowed by the Father for the salvation of souls. By this manner you will reap many benefits, if not for yourself, but for others.

"Love your enemies, My child. It is easy to love those who love you back, but far greater a grace to love those who calumniate you, those who set and say all manner of evil things against you. Pray for them, My child. You do not have to answer for your actions, for the Father looks into the heart.

"My child, you are a messenger from Heaven, and as such, you will only take your direction from the Father. Many will be sent to mislead you. Many will mislead you. But this, My child, will bring upon you only additional suffering. You must not allow your ears to be filled with suggestions not from Heaven.

"You will pray for all direction. Make no decisions until you consult the Father in quiet manner. Babbling tongues often enter satan within your confine. The battle of the spirits goes on; satan rages throughout your world. You must be prudent and watchful. But first and above all, My child, you must pray more in quiet.

"Many graces, many manifestations will be given to those who have assembled here on the grounds chosen by the Father. I come among you as a Mediatrix of graces, graces free for the asking. I am a consoler of mothers, a director of the wandering young, and above all, a light on the road to the Kingdom. Won't you, My children, light your candles with Me and follow Me as I direct you on the road to Heaven?

"Prayer, atonement, sacrifice--cast aside the things of your world and offer yourself, consecrate your lives to the heart of My Son. All who do this will be saved.

"I bless you, My children: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen."

Veronica--Our Lady said I should sit down now.


. . . Jesus is letting the light go across, Our Lady said, oh, across the sky, right across the sky. Our Lady said Jesus is allowing the light to go across because Michael is over on the right side. It is a beautiful light going across with Our Lady. Oh, yes. Oh! Right across. Oh, beautiful!


Our Lady--"My child, I have directives for you. You will now go about your worldly duties in silence."

Veronica--I don't understand.

Our Lady--"You, My child, will now retire from the world, and in doing that, your tongue must also learn to be quiet. Therefore, you will gain more graces by accepting unjust opinion for your self-mortification. We have found, My child, that you have been in the habit of losing your temper. Therefore, We now place you in the rule of silence. You will now only speak . . .[gap in tape.] . . . in the human state. You, My child, must practice the golden rule of silence when under pressure and discord.

"When the vipers of satan are sent forth from the mouths of others, you do not wish to join them with the tainting of your soul by allowing them to enter you and come out again. It is not what goes in, My child, that will destroy you or your soul; it is what comes out. Therefore, speak only holy words. Speak only pure and holy conversation. If this cannot be accomplished, you will then observe the strict rule of silence. Practice this, My child, and you will find it becoming a way of life to you.

"I bless you, My child, and all who come with loving hearts onto My sacred ground. This--these grounds will truly be an oasis of graces in a barren land."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


[Saint Theresa] has appeared on the left side of the flagpole, and Theresa is coming forward. Oh, she has on a beautiful white--oh, it's almost a cream-colored cloak over her head and down around her feet. Oh!

Now she's saying:


St. Theresa--"My sisters, you have paid no heed to my words. You are dressing yourselves like pagans. The convents will be empty. Whatever shall we do for example? You must not follow the modes of the world. My sisters, you have been misled. Return to your habits. None will enter your convents with true vocation with the example you set now upon yourselves and the world.

"Is it because you have lost the love of your God? Do you not feel great honor for the symbol of your being a true spouse of your God? Half-hearted vocations, sinfulness within the convents! O woe, my sisters, whatever will become of you now? Better that you wear the true habit and sign of dedication than to burn in the fires of hell.

"You will not bring true postulants into the convents by your example now. You walk in darkness, my sisters. Pray for the light, or your convents will be closed. This is the plan of the enemy of God. You must take yourselves from the world and worldly pursuits."

Veronica--Now Our Lady and Jesus are coming over. They're by the right side of the flagpole. Our Lady is dressed in white with golden trim about Her dress. She's wearing golden slippers; they're like sandals. I can see Her feet. She's carrying a very large Rosary. The beads are white; the crucifix is golden.

Now Jesus is standing over by the trees. He's looking down. Jesus has on a red-burgundy robe. Now Jesus is quite tall. Our Lady only comes up to His shoulder. He's carrying part of His robe on His right arm, over His arm; it's very full. Our Lady's garments and Jesus' are both very full, like yards of material in making them.

Now Jesus is holding up His hand, His right hand. I can see the marks in His right hand. Now Jesus is pointing up to the sky, over the flagpole. And written in the sky are the letters W-A-R-N-I-N-G: "WARNING."

Now Jesus is taking His hand down, and He's going like this, Jesus--quiet!

Now Jesus has raised His hand. Oh, Jesus is going to bless all the sacramentals. All who are able will please kneel. Now Jesus is looking down; He's smiling. Jesus says:

Jesus--"I bless in the Father all objects of God, objects of godly nature, blessed on the grounds chosen for the conversion of sinners in your world. It will not be necessary to remove these objects if they are enclosed within packages."

Veronica--Now Jesus is raising His hand, like this, three fingers, and He's over now on the right side by the trees.

Jesus--"I bless you In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."

Veronica--And Jesus is making the sign of the Trinity with His three fingers.

Now Our Lady is standing there, and She's carrying Her Rosary. She's holding it in front of Her, like this. Now the cross hangs center-wise, like this, and Our Lady is just extending Her cross. Now She's floating over to the flagpole on the, our right side, and that would be Her right side.

And now Jesus is moving over, and He's looking down and over the--upon the people, and He's raising His hand now, and He's making--oh, the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady and Jesus are going over, over to the left side of the flagpole. Now Jesus is looking down. He's looking sadly and upward to the sky. And there are the words, "WARNING" again. Written in the sky, just over the trees: W-A-R-N-I-N-G.

Now He's--Jesus is coming down about the center of the flagpole. And Our Lady now is behind Him, and He's raising His hand now high above His head. And He's saying:

Jesus--"I bless you In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."

Veronica--And now it's growing very bright. There's a great, bright light coming beyond the trees. Oh, and--oh, it's Michael. He's--oh, he is very enormous. He's so very large! And then behind him is another--I know it's an angel. He's dressed in a long white robe, something like Jesus'. But Michael is dressed in a short, a short type of dress, sort of, but his feet are covered with lacings of--it looks like golden cords, and they lace onto his sandals.

Now Michael is pointing up to the sky. And over by the eagle, and above now the eagle, are the words "WARNING": W-A-R-N-I-N-G.

Now Jesus is coming now over again back to the right side of the flagpole.

Jesus--"Veronica, My child, you will continue your mission. Many prayers are needed. Already the plan for the separation of the goats from the sheep has started. Great trials will be placed upon a generation that has hardened its heart and turned a deaf ear to its God."

Veronica--Now it's growing very, very dark. The light seems to be receding, and Our Lady is now--not walking; She doesn't walk. She seems to glide, over to the right side of the trees. She says:

Our Lady--"You will continue, My children, with your prayers of atonement. Many are needed now."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.