The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

Message at Sunday Holy Hour

November 11, 1973

Sunday Holy Hour


Veronica--Our Lady said that:

Our Lady--"A Shrine to be called Our Lady of the Roses Mary Help of Mothers must be built as a center of atonement in order to appease the Father for the sins and abominations committed from this city. This Shrine will cover and include the building of the old house--church--and the surrounding grounds out to the street.

"I have asked, I have pleaded for this center of atonement. Now you will listen or you will receive a great Warning from the Father. I have traveled throughout the world visiting many nations, coming to many places with the Message from Heaven. I have been rebuked; My words have been cast aside and mocked. Therefore, there is no other alternative but for the Father to use forces from your atmosphere to awaken those who have fallen asleep in His House. Many will see and still not believe. However, many will be awakened to the power of God.

"Continue your prayers, My child."

Veronica-- . . . about the establishment of Her Shrine, a lady here just took a Polaroid picture and on it you can see what looks like a tornado going into the front door. Right here. You can--if the lady who owns it--who owns it?

Ted--Right back here. Who handed me the picture?

Veronica--Turn it around. Perry, maybe you could show the people. You can see the funnel of a--like a tornado-looking object going right through the front door. And Perry took it, Perry M.? That's right.

And we do have many photographs taken here on Sunday afternoon of the Ball coming right over the old church and also a funnel-like force slamming right into the front of the church. We have many photographs taken on Sunday afternoon. This is Our Lady's way of showing you that the Father has plans for promoting the Shrine so that man will understand. He won't believe what we humans are used as instruments to say for Our Lady, but he will believe after he sees the hand of God fall upon him, which of course we don't wish for and we don't hope for. Because it is a serious thing. Our Lady said many will see and still not believe.

Oh, dear. Yes. Oh, here, oh, there's the ball; you've got the ball coming right down. It's--that's about the size now of the comet in people's--if they could use their telescopes now.

Yes, yes. That's burning right there. And here are--oh, this makes almost like the "Y" here. It's a tremendous picture. Oh, yes. Look and see that. Now you see, you see the world's afire. Yes. They're beautiful pictures. [The Rosary continued.]



Our Lady says that many have objected to the manuscript--She means the writings that have been issued in the booklets. Our Lady says you must not be offended. It's that the Father seeks to set His House straight. Our Lady says you must understand that We come to save souls and not to allow the destruction of the young continue. Therefore, all that is rotten will fall unless they now turn on the vine, receive the pure waters and the light. Our Lady means that unless changes are made and the truth restored, there will be an intervention from Heaven.

Man now has entered onto the road of darkness, and he must now turn and return to the truth because man in the House of God has within his power to influence others onto this road of darkness. Of course, we don't castigate. When we speak out it is not to condemn or judge, but as a messenger for Our Lady, these words are direct from Heaven. Man must return to the truth. Because of his rank in the House of God he has within his power to take others onto the road to hell by his misdirection. We do have a serious situation because man now has given himself to the ways of the world. Those in high authority have in their power to lead others onto the wrong road by their direction.


However, man must understand that the first in authority is his God, and his first allegiance is to his God. Therefore, no man is above his God. No man shall be instrumental in the destruction of other souls because of rank. The Father allows this condition to continue because man has chosen this direction. The Father is all goodness and love. However, man has been created with his own free will to choose his path. However, the agents of hell have gathered throughout the world to do battle with Our Lady and Jesus and all those who are upon earth for the salvation of souls.

Satan, Lucifer, has now opened the abyss and sent forth many agents of darkness. Those demons on special mission are being sent forth in transports. Man does not recognize what is upon earth now. These flying objects spoken of are transports from hell. They are not from out of space, unless the deepest depths of hell can be called a void.

Our Lady--"Therefore, continue your prayers, My children."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.