The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

Message at Sunday Holy Hour

December 9, 1973

Sunday Holy Hour


Our Lady--"My child, you will make it known to the men, Our representatives in the House of God in the holy city, that they will not join in allegiance with the enemies of My Son.

"Michael must be returned to My Son's House. The men of God must not rationalize through the inspiration of satan and join in allegiance with the enemies of God. Man has no alternative but to make a complete reversal of his present ways which are in great offense to the Father. If this is not done within the short time allotted to mankind, the cleansing will begin in great force.

"This day is the Day of the Lord, and shall be observed as such. The Father has been much angered, much hurt of heart by the conduct of the people, His children on earth. You must return sanctity, orderliness, true vocation and purpose within the House of God and in the lives of men on earth. You have received warning, your final warning. Many have been chosen by the Father to bring this word to you, but you have chosen because of intellectual pride, arrogance, and of being allowed to be blinded because of your sin, by the Father--allowed to be blinded because you refused the graces that the Father has offered to you.

"In the holy city there is one whom you have brought great sorrow of heart to, pious Paul, whom We have chosen to direct you and you have chosen to disobey. You will not follow as sheep to the slaughter, for you will all stand in judgment before the Father."

Veronica--Jesus says:


Jesus--"Amen I say to you, though it is My day of rest I come because your time grows short. You will heed the words of My Mother or you will receive your just compensation.

"All those of well spirit must now retire within a life of prayer and sacrifice. Be not concerned of the opinion of man, but only fear--if you cannot love, fear the judgment of the Father. Your country now will pass through great trial. Man has directed this course. The Father has not chosen of His will to send these trials upon you, but man has given himself to satan and the cleansing must now begin.

"Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer and you will go through this period of trial with much heart."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Jesus says that's all.

[The Rosary continues.]

Ted--Will you repeat that, Veronica? The people didn't hear that.

Veronica--Our Lady said not to be concerned of the rain, as you have been reborn and if you were there with Jesus they would have thrown you all in the water.

. . . three birds, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The Trinity, the three birds. Look at them. They're forming the Trinity sign. They're beautiful.

Oh, look at that! Who took it? Look! Did you see this picture? Look! Show it to everyone if you can. The water will go away. Right here is Jesus when I talked with Jesus--look at that picture! It's got a big ball of light. That's when Jesus and Our Lady were talking here. There's a big ball of light in the picture right here. See that picture?

You took it?

Lady--No. How do you feel?

Veronica--Fine. When you're here with Our Lady you always feel fine. No matter how--whatever aches you come with, they disappear when you step onto the sacred grounds.


. . . send someone out to grab Our Lady. When they find it weighs seventy-five pounds, they're in for very much of a surprise.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou among women--when they try to run with Her, they'll go flat on their face. You know, seventy-five pounds.

Man--Want me to grab it?

Veronica--No, no. You grab it if you see them before they come.

[The Our Father is sung.]


Our Lady wants you to know that Jesus--oh, this is going to be hard for me to do, but during the Warning--during the Chastisement, not the Warning, Our Lady suggests so you won't be covered with fear--the force of it will knock you off your feet--Our Lady suggests--oh, my goodness! I have to do this. No wonder She told me to wear my old coat. Our Lady suggests that you prostrate yourselves on the floor--oh, dear! Like this. And pray your Rosary like this.


Veronica--Not now, but when the Chastisement comes. You will prostrate yourselves on the floor with your arms extended and you will pray during the greater part of the Chastisement. Perhaps the Warning. Time will tell, but the Father has not given me the full extent of the coming Warning, but I can assure you it's going to be most frightening when it happens.

Now we don't know. We have been given so much information from Our Lady so that you are prepared. I cannot tell you any farther, but you have been given--prepared now for three years, Our Lady said. So therefore you're ready. If your courage--you're fearful, prostrate yourself on the floor as I showed you, and just pray. And not only that, you'll have rest that way, too.

Others will be running, but you are to remain within your home during the time of the Warning for a period of time, Our Lady says, that you would be made aware of. Now you're being prepared. No date is given, though we have been given signs. And the Father always prepares you with signs. However, until this does happen we do not know how we have made the balance.

Everything the Father had told you now for three years, for many years, is conditional to man's response. We're doing great penance now, all of us, and we do hope perhaps we hold the balance. We received a miraculous picture with a hand like this. All who have been to my house--Mrs. M. knows--M.--were there. We received a miraculous picture with a palm open like that and a three, three lined ball, which means that I think that we hold a great deal of the measure in our palm of our hand for the coming of--the extent of the coming Warning and Chastisement.

As far as New York is concerned, and perhaps--who knows? I don't know if it includes the world. I know it is about New York, but I don't know if it includes the country and the world, but I know that those here who have joined Our Lady to try to alert mankind, as Jesus and Our Lady said.

I was very much surprised They appeared on the Day of the Lord because Jesus needs rest, too. Even though He's God, He has six days in which to work and the seventh day is always the day for the Father. However, now due to the urgency of the time Our Lady and Jesus came today. That's why I was asked to kneel.


So you have all been directed, so now you have to keep a constant vigilance of prayer. You will pray, pray, pray from now until February. But at the present time I can tell you that the Father does plan the Warning. This I can tell you, but I don't know. He's very merciful. You must, you must understand the Father does not want the Warning because many will die, but they're going to die of sheer fright. I have seen it many times. You who have been here when Our Lady comes on the eve of the feast day, you know if you received the message. Everything is true.

Now the enemies of God now are working in Rome very heavily. Our Lady talked of the holy city. She means Rome. They are over there now, and they even want to join hands, forces with--the word we use are the Communists. I don't mind using the word. The truth, the voice of truth cannot be stilled. We are being stopped not because of prayer. We are being stopped because they do not want the truth to be known. Naturally, if no one objects or if no one tries to fight an evil, they just keep walking right on and gathering souls. And we wouldn't even try to fight. We don't say fight with fists; we're not violent people, but fight with prayers because we don't want satan to get any of our brothers or sisters. And even though you don't like them for what they're doing, you're going to pray for them anyway because they're only allowed to be blinded by the Father because of their sin or their involvement in the web of satan.


Now satan has control of the holy city of Rome at the present time. Satan has control of many in the House of God, and satan has control of the leaders of our country and the leaders of the countries of the world. Satan has control of many souls in the lay life, and satan has control of many of the children, as many of you suffering parents have found out. None of us are free from sin, none of us are free from suffering, but all of us can be saved. And we can save others by our prayer, example, and our fortitude and our staying with Jesus and Our Lady.

So when we do give of ourselves, we're consecrated to Our Lady and Jesus and what we do we do for the Father; we do not do it for ourselves. We dedicate our lives to the Father, and therefore, let us pray.

[The Rosary continues.]



This is strange. Our Lady told me to go to the tree and count fourteen steps and when I finish I would be at the well. But look what's there. Somebody, somebody before handed me a medal.

Ted--Holy Face, the Holy Face of Jesus.

Veronica--The Holy Face, but look. It's right there. You could see--I didn't put it there. I mean I forgot about the medal. Somebody handed me a medal. Who gave me the medal?

Ted--I gave it to you. I gave it to you. The lady--man over there. The man over there.

Veronica--Fourteen--now this you've got to see.

Ted--Fourteen steps, right there. Right on the medal.

Veronica--The fourteen steps ended at the medal. This is where the well will be. Between the two trees. This is where the well will be, Our Lady said. And I can assure you I had forgotten. During my prayers someone gave me the medal. Our Lady said go to the tree and count fourteen steps and when I looked down, there it was. This is where the well will be.

Now get me something to dig with, Our Lady said.

Ted--Something to dig with. Uh, in the trunk.

Veronica--This is sacred soil, so you don't mind hitting something.

Ted--In the trunk, there's a big screwdriver in the back, big screwdriver in the back of the trunk.

Veronica--Did you see that? You see what I mean? You try to tell them, they don't believe it. I didn't even know--I forgot somebody handed me a medal, I've forgotten now.

The medal is going to be buried there, Our Lady said.

Did you see that? Did you see that? Fourteen . . . [words not clear]. She said fourteen steps.

Ted--Veronica, here.

Veronica--Not going out until everybody--it'll be between the two trees here. They cannot remove that because of the trees. But here, this is where the well will be. She wants me to dig. What am I going to dig with?

Ted--You've got it, Veronica. You've got it.

Veronica--Our Lady says to dig here. I don't know what for.

[In a worried voice:] Don't let a crowd come around here. It will bring too much attention. Go back! Go back! Only one person with me. Go back!

Ted--Please step back. Please step back.

Man--[Shovel]--got one in the car.

Veronica--No, no, no. I don't want that, please.

Ted--We don't want no shovel.

Veronica--It's not, it's not coming up today, the well. The well is not coming up today. Go back.

Here. You see this? The medal is going there. The medal is going there.

Go back, please. You'll get me in trouble.

Ted--Will you please step back.

Veronica--Please, I'm only doing what Our Lady said to do. Our Lady said to dig a hole.

Take this. Our Lady said I must have a Polaroid picture at this time. Oh, look at all the trees.

That's just about where it was, wasn't it?

Ted--Just about where you always--

Veronica--Just about where I always knelt.

Ted--No, she doesn't want that.

Veronica--Yes, it's easier. This looks like my husband's, right?

Ted--Uh huh. Let me hear the pick on there. [He holds the microphone closer to the digging operation.]

Veronica--There's water under here. There's water under here.

Now where's the medal?

Ted--Right over here somewhere. Right over here somewhere. Here it is.

Veronica--Now that goes in the hole, Our Lady said.

Ted--I'll get the man's name and address. Okay, Veronica? On tape.


Ted--Do you want the man's name?

Veronica--Whose? What man?

Ted--The man that gave me the tape--the medal. From the Holy Face Monastery, New Jersey.

Veronica--Yes. All right. Now you see, you must not let them become aware of this, but it's been marked. This is the well. See, it's fourteen steps from the tree.

Man--Fourteen, yes.

Veronica--Between the two trees.

Man--Between the two trees, fourteen steps from the tree.

Veronica--Now mark it all about so they don't know, the enemy. And walk around it so they don't know. Now you know where it is.

Fourteen steps from the tree, directly straight in front between the two trees.

Man--Cover the hole in. Cover it up. Fill it with dirt.

Ted--Take it, Perry.

Veronica, look over here, Veronica. Look at Perry. Look at Perry.

Veronica--We're standing over the spot. Wait, Perry, a moment. Is that Polaroid?

Perry--Yes, it is.

Veronica--Wait a minute. Looks like a divining rod.

Ted--Keep that rod, Veronica. That's the one that dug up the well, plus the screwdriver and the hammer.

Veronica--That's where Our Lady said the well is, and that's exactly where I have the photograph taken two years ago where a cross of flowers mysteriously appeared onto the photograph. I had copies of it made. I didn't know why Our Lady marked out with a cross in rose petals. And we have no roses in the winter. There are no white roses, especially. And when we got home we noticed the Polaroid picture had a cross just where I always kneel when I'm talking with Our Lady during the vigils.

Lady--. . . say when?

Veronica--That's up to Our Lady, I know when, but it's not today. But the reason for it--but you know where it is.

Now I can--I'm going to kneel by it.

Now you cover your . . . [words not clear].

Ted--Yes. Yes. I'll get the man's name and address.

Man--Bernard B., . . . . Street, North New Jersey.

Ted--And you gave me the--

Man--Holy Face of Jesus.

Ted--And that's the medal that they, they--Veronica had over there and found it at the fourteen feet from the tree, which Blessed Mother told her to take fourteen steps. And then she forgot she had your medal and she just laid it there. And at the fourteen feet was the medal of yours. So the Blessed Mother told her to put the medal--dig a hole and put your medal right there, and that's where it's buried. So you're in history.

Bernard--Thank you very much. God bless America. God bless us all.

Ted--How long--do you come here often?

Bernard--No. My first experience, through these people.

Ted--His first experience. Can you beat that? First time you've come?

Bernard--Yes, sir.

Veronica--. . . said, "Seven and seven is fourteen. Seven and seven is fourteen. Fourteen steps to the well."

And it was fourteen steps, and you saw what happened. That's what Our Lady meant. Seven and seven is fourteen. It was fourteen exactly, right?

Man--Right, right.

Veronica--Right to the--

Man--Right there.

Veronica--Oh. All right, continue. What's being placed here must not be taken. They're to remain there until the earth dries.

[Prayers continue.]

. . . put down the umbrellas. Continue.

[Singing continues.]


Our Lady said when you pray, it would be most gratifying to the Father instead of like this, you pray like that, Our Lady says. Not like this, but like that. And gloves must be worn in all pious processions in holy Church and out of holy Church. In pious processions of godly nature, you must wear mittens. They are the manhood, Our Lady says.

All right. Now did we say the Sorrowful Mysteries? All right. The Sorrowful Mysteries--I'll lead them; Our Lady said I have to do more penance.


. . . always be able to pray. The sacramentals are necessary. Satan wants them to be removed, but the sacramentals are necessary so that man, especially the children of mankind, will have their eyes upon things of godly nature. But now satan has them looking onto things of satan which are soul destroyers. Therefore, let us pray.