The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"My Mother has been allowed to intercede for you that you may be prepared for the coming Warning."

December 7, 1973

Eve of the Immaculate Conception

Veronica--Our Lady now is coming forward. She was standing on top of the moon. It looked like She was standing on top of the moon, but now She is coming forward. Oh, She is very beautiful! Our Lady has on a blue cape, and it's lined in a deep gold, oh, satin-looking material. Oh, it's beautiful! And Our Lady has on Her feet slippers, golden slippers. And on the center of each, it's like a criss-cross-like type of slipper-sandal, made of gold. But on the center is a golden rose, a beautiful golden rose on each foot.

Now Our Lady is coming over, and She has upon Her head a most beautiful headpiece--a crown. It's all made of gold. Oh, and it has brilliant stones, like stars, set in the crown. They're beautiful: greens and blues and a pink. And all the colors are blending now. There's a great light about Our Lady's head.

And now Our Lady is coming forward, and behind Her is Michael. Oh, he is so--he is tremendous! Michael is very large. Oh, Our Lady looks so small next to Michael. Oh, now Our Lady is leaning over, and She's saying, very softly:

Our Lady--"My child, Veronica, you will not defend yourself. You have received good counsel this evening. Accept your cross without complaint. We know the limits of your human nature, but be assured that you will be given the necessary graces to carry on your mission."


Our Lady--"There will be placed upon the world a very heavy cross. Your country shall not escape a long due chastisement. The Father is not hard of heart. He is most merciful and has suffered long. However, it will be the purification for many.

"I have been much saddened, My child, at the reception of My warnings to many. They have closed their ears and their hearts to My pleas. How sad will be their awakening. The Father has His hand poised to send upon you a just Warning and Chastisement. All those who have remained of well spirit will have nothing to fear. They will go through this Warning and Chastisement without heavy incident."

Veronica--Oh. Oh, my! Oh! I, I can see it--I see a large ball of fire. Oh, it's very large and it's twirling; it's, it's, it's turning at a great speed. And it's shooting off pieces of metal or rock. And it's going across the sky. It, it looks like it's traveling fast, but it's still a distance. It's quite in the distance, but I can see it. It's turning now from white to orange. Now it seems to be developing a very large gas-looking tail. Oh!

Now I see a finger. It's like part of a hand, and it's writing in the sky: "FINAL," F-I-N-A-L, "WARNING."

Oh! Now Michael is coming forward. He has in his hand a large, golden-looking balance, a scale--I guess it's a scale. And it's leaning very heavily over to his left. And now Michael--his voice is very loud. It hurts my ears; it's booming. He's saying:


St. Michael--"Listen and heed well the warning from the Queen of Heaven. You have chosen to close your ears to these warnings. There will come upon the earth a great cataclysm in the heavens. In this manner you will be forced to acknowledge your God. Man has offended your Creator too long. Make atonement now, for your time grows short."


Veronica--Now Michael is pointing over to the right side, past the flagpole. The sky is becoming very red, very orange-looking. And I see--I'm looking over--it's like looking to another part of the world. Yes, I see earth, and many people are dying. I see--oh, terrible fighting, and also the fighting--the people are marching from the left into the country. They have yellow skins; they're of the yellow race. And now also from the south I see dark-skinned people, and I see the word "AFRICA," A-F-R-I-C-A. "CHINA AND RUSSIA FROM THE NORTH." And now Michael is coming forward, and he says:

St. Michael--"Pray that you do not lose your young in this battle."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is coming forward. She looks very sad.

Our Lady--"My child, My heart is heavy. I have passed many earth-years and coming to many places as a Mediatrix between you and the Father. I will be with you through your trials. Keep in heart that man must not be placed above the Father, that the spirit cannot be removed unless you will it. Therefore, you will always be with the Father through your spirit.

"You must recognize the evil force that surrounds a shrine of purity. They will try to stop you with all cunning and deception. Pray for the light; the archangels wish to protect you."

Veronica--Written in the sky is a large "W". "W" means warning. Ah! Oh.

O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee, and I confess to all my sins because I dread the loss of Heaven and the pains of hell; but most of all because I love Thee, my God, Who art all good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace, to confess my sins, to do penance, and to amend my life. Amen.

Our Lady--"My child, science has placed itself above the Creator. Scientists cannot know and be knowledgeable in the ways of the Father. They know not to differentiate between the soul and the human body.

"You will keep a constant vigilance of prayer in your country and throughout the world. Only in this way will the Father lessen the extent of the coming Warning upon your city, your country, and the world."


Veronica--Now joining Our Lady, there's a man. He's dressed in a long brown robe, and he's carrying the Book in the right--his right arm, and he has like a long stick in his left hand. And sitting on his shoulder is a white bird, a beautiful white bird. Oh, I know it's Saint Francis!

Now the light is pouring--there are streams of light coming out from his head. He's bending his head, but he has no hair on the top of his head. And now he's smiling. He has a little short beard, and he's smiling. And he's saying:

St. Francis--"Man must learn and turn back and re-learn the rule of sacrifice and poverty. Man and those in the House of God have given themselves to the pleasures of the flesh. Self-denial is demanded by the Father. You must now starve your bodies of the demons which you have allowed to enter upon you. Prayer, penance, and sacrifice are the cries of those of Heaven for your salvation and the lessening of the Warning and punishment planned by the Father for your cleansing."

Veronica--Now there's another man coming down from behind him. He's dressed very beautifully in a purple robe, and it's gold-trimmed; and he has a very large crown on his head. It looks like the crown that Pope Paul wears. Oh, it's Saint Peter.


St. Peter--"I must not slacken in the objective given me by the Father to make known to you that the men in the House of God have given themselves to error. You will not change the words of the Book of life to satisfy the basic desires of mankind. These actions are not of the spirit of godliness, but of the spirit of darkness. These actions are being promoted by the prince of darkness."

Veronica--Now Saint Peter is raising his hand, and he has a beautifully ornate--it's like a scepter, but it has a cross on it. And he's blessing everyone with this scepter-cross, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Now Saint Peter has placed out his hands, and he--

St. Peter--"Continue with your prayers of atonement."


Veronica--Now Our Lady is coming forward.

Our Lady--"My child, you must carry forth with diligence and purpose the Message from Heaven. You are not in normal times; you are not among the normal spirit of goodness. You are now in the midst of the spirit of darkness. Therefore, you must pray a constant vigilance of prayer, and you must be aware of the faces of evil. The forces of evil are gathered to stop the good work. However, no man shall place himself above the Father.

"Fear, My child--what have you to fear but the loss of the Kingdom. Fear is promoted by Lucifer. You will fear no man, but pray for them. Be humble of heart and pray that they, too, may be given the light.

"There are many who are carrying, My child, heavy crosses. Many of these crosses will be taken from them, but We ask others to carry them with perseverance and purpose. For it is their sacrifice that will be instrumental in the recovery of many souls. Know the value of suffering."

Veronica--Now I see--Oh, Our Lady is pointing over, and there are a great many nuns coming down. I recognize them as nuns. Now the four in the front are dressed in long black skirts, and they have black shoes; I can see their shiny black shoes. And I recognize Theresa.

Oh, now it's very windy, and Theresa is coming forward with three other nuns. And they're standing now to the left side of the flagpole. And Theresa--she's starting to whisper; she's talking very low.


St. Theresa--"Veronica, they have not lowered their skirts. This offends the Father greatly. Their hearts are hardened to the truth. Modesty and chastity! They have lost their way. They go into deep darkness.

"Oh, my poor sisters! Why have you gone on this foolish road? You have joined, and united yourselves with the world. But the world has now been given to satan. Turn back, for you shall not enter the Kingdom on your present road. You must bring modesty back to my convents. Sacrifice! You do not need to stuff yourselves with the pleasures of the world.

"My sisters, what has happened to the black fast?"

Veronica--I'm looking now into a large room. It's not very well decorated, but I can see the nuns sitting at the table. It must be a convent. It's a long table. But I believe they're nuns from their veils, but they have on regular dresses. Some have on a gray, a deep gray dress with short sleeves. And I can see their stockings and their shoes. Their shoes look like oxfords, but they're, they look very modern. But Theresa now is pointing over, and she's shaking her finger, like this. And Theresa is now saying:

St. Theresa--"My sisters, you offend the Father and you bring great punishment upon yourselves. Your example has been very poor. The children are being misled by your actions. They no longer give you your due honor and respect. But this you promote of your free will. You have preferred to follow the ways of the world. You must return now to the rule or you will not be able to enter the Kingdom.

"I have promised to be with you. My time in the Kingdom has not been easy, for I look upon a world in darkness. I have promised to spend my time in the Kingdom helping you to find your way here. I will not rest until the world has been returned to the Father.

"The images have been removed from my convents. I am very sad. The children have forgotten me; the children will forget all. The images, statues, must be returned to the houses of God and the homes."

Veronica--Now it's growing very dark, very dark. Now I see a very large globe; it looks like the world. And the world now, it's all dark; and it seems that there are candles, little flickers of light, and only one, two, three--the numbers are so few. And now as I watch the candles are going out, until it seems that there are only, maybe, one . . . seven, eight . . . fourteen candles left. Fourteen candles left. Now Our Lady is coming forward, and She is saying:

Our Lady--"Yes, My child, only fourteen candles are left."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is going back. She seems--She's floating, gliding back. And now She's going over and standing by the side with Michael, and there are many angels. I know they're angels. I can't see their faces. But they vary in size. But Michael, of course, is very large. And behind him is this large figure; I know it's Raphael. And then behind him there stand about--one, two . . . it's like steps--about eight steps, like forms of angels. Groupings of angels on steps, going up. Now Our Lady is smiling, and She said:

Our Lady--"We do have a complete Kingdom, My child."

Veronica--It's just beautiful. On the first steps I see these very small--they're child-like figures. They're dressed in beautiful gowns. Each one is a different color. The colors are--so beautiful! I've never seen the colors like this here--pinks and blues, so, so deep and beautiful! Oh!

And now they are passing a garland. Oh, they're passing to each other--the little angels in the first row--a garland. And the garland now is opening up. But--oh, it's a huge Rosary, and it's made of flowers, of roses. Beautiful! And they're standing behind Our Lady now, and Our Lady is looking at the garland of the Rosary. And Our Lady is standing. And now She's coming forward. And now Michael is coming behind Her. And Michael is saying:

St. Michael--"The world must follow the example of the Queen of Heaven. Modesty, purity of heart and purpose."


Veronica--And now there's a young girl coming forward. A young girl, and she's standing there. She's dressed like in peasant clothes, very rough-looking clothes. She looks very poor. And She's kneeling before Our Lady. And now she's turning towards me, and she's saying: "This is truly the Immaculate Conception."

And she's smiling. It's a young girl of about fourteen. And she's smiling, and she's saying: "This is truly--" She is repeating: "This is truly the Immaculate Conception, the Mother of God, Mary most holy!" Oh!

Oh, and now she's rising, and Our Lady has placed Her hand on her head. She looks like a girl of about fourteen. And she has on a white veil, like over her head. And she has on very--they look almost like wooden shoes, and a long dress that's like a dirndl skirt, a long dress with pleats, so that this looks so beautiful! Oh, it's so beautiful! Oh!

Now she's fading away, and Our Lady is going over beyond the flagpole, and She's pointing upwards. And the sky now is becoming very light and blue. Oh, so beautiful!

Now Our Lady is going back, and it's becoming very bright.


Our Lady--"My child, I am not leaving. I am only moving so that you can see the world as it will be after the purification."

Veronica--Oh! Oh, I, I see . . . I don't see anything. It looks like the wild west, like we see. Everything is like--I see some people; they're digging in the ground, and they're planting. It looks like they're planting tomato plants or something. And I see all the people now. The strange thing about it, they're all digging in the dirt, but they have very fancy clothes on! And now one is over, and he's directing that a drill--they do have a drill, some type of drill, and it's going down into the ground. And he's talking about water. Water.

Now I, I look over, and I see very strange-looking houses. They look like they're--they've been made of just wood and twigs and some canvas over them. Looks very strange; it doesn't look like there's much around--almost like a desert. And these people, though now, they're all gathering, and they're coming together, and they're kneeling down. And one man now is taking a crucifix, and he's making a wooden crucifix with two pieces. He's tying them with a piece of what looks like cloth to make the sign of the cross. And they're all kneeling down now, and they're praying. It's very strange because it doesn't seem like there's many people.

Now they're all looking up; they're looking up to the sky, and the voice, and the voice now--now they're looking up to the sky, and as they look up to the sky, they see figures. And they're listening. And it's so beautiful because they're listening to the voices from Heaven.

Now Our Lady . . . . It's growing very dark, and Our Lady said:

Our Lady--"Only a few will be counted."

Veronica--Now Our Lady says to continue with the prayers of atonement, for Jesus has a great message for all.


[Our Lady] said at this time that when She was giving the message to us most of you were unable to hear it due to a crash--satan interfering with our mechanical apparatus. Therefore, Our Lady wants you to know that the Father is planning a great Warning to the world. Those who have remained with Her have nothing to fear, that those of well spirit will be well guarded. However, after this Warning, if man does not return to the Father and make amends for the great offenses to the Father, he will be given a great Chastisement. Of course, after this Chastisement soon upon us will come the gradual cleansing of the world and the setting up of the Kingdom. Our Lady wants it known that the world will not be completely extincted as it was during the time of Noe. It will be a gradual cleansing; however, it will bring great trial to mankind.

Now the extent of the coming Warning and the following--of course, Our Lady speaks of a great, magnificent spectacle after the Warning. And this also, though, Our Lady sadly says, will be denied by scientists. Man in his arrogance and his great pride does not give credit to the Father for the many signs and warnings of the past. Therefore, when this great miracle takes place, many will claim it as a natural phenomenon. But it will be from the Father in another land other than America.

And after that if this does not bring man back to the Father, then he will be given the great Chastisement. It will be in a series. Now the Father plans a great Warning to the world, the extent of which we hold in the balance in the time left to us, Our Lady said, which can be measured at the present time by days.

Therefore, Our Lady cries for atonement and sacrifice. Make as many sacrifices as you can--if not for yourself, for others, for there are many who will die even during this time of the Warning. Now this Warning, I should tell you, Our Lady wants you to know, will be as a great cataclysm. She spoke of it this evening, but due to satan interfering with our equipment here, you weren't able to hear what Our Lady was saying. However, it will be given out, I assure you, in print and also the tapes have been made here by those who are here with their tape recorders. But I will put down the exact wordings of Our Lady.

Our Lady came here to New York, She said, because of the great sin that is being committed in this country. New York itself has been, Our Lady said, the cancer and the evil has spread throughout the world. Therefore, a great punishment would be given, meted in accordance with the sin of man in this country. Our Lady said She has promised to protect this country on earth and be placing Her mantle over it many years ago. However, man has chosen to plan his road to satan and has given himself to satan. Therefore, the Father does not chastise because He has grown really angry; He is sad of heart and He chastises those He loves. Therefore, now until the following days ahead, Our Lady said, you will devote yourselves to prayer and sacrifice. And prayer is the greatest instrument you have now from Heaven. Therefore, Our Lady said let us pray.


Everyone who can, please kneel, for Jesus now is here. Oh, He's going to bless all the sacramentals, all objects of God.

Oh, now Jesus is coming forward. Oh, He looks so beautiful! He has a red cape upon His shoulders. It's not red, it's burgundy color--a deep sort of, of red. And Jesus is smiling. He thinks it's quite odd that I'm describing His, His robe. And Jesus has on this long white gown. No, it's like a yellow color. And He has on brown sandals. Yes, Jesus wants me to describe His clothes. Now Jesus' hair looks almost red, but He says it's really a dark brown. It's from the color of the light that's about Jesus.

Now He is coming forward, and now He is saying:


Jesus--"My child, listen carefully, for I have a great message for mankind. The Father has deemed it necessary to send upon the world a Warning, a Warning of great magnitude. This Warning will be meted in the extent of the sin of man and the offenses committed to the Father and the heart of My Blessed Mother. Therefore, My Mother has been allowed to intercede for you that you may be prepared for the coming Warning.

"Wear your sacramentals, and retire now into a life of prayer and self-sacrifice. This will please the Father much and mitigate much of a Warning to you. However, the scale has not been balanced to the satisfaction of the Father, and now there must be an intercession from Heaven.

"We send upon you many graces from the Father, graces for conversion and cure."

Veronica--And now Jesus is raising His hand high above His head, like this, with His fingers extended like this, and He's making now the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is going over to the right side of the flagpole almost by the trees, and He's looking down now, and He's placing His hand like this, and He's making the sign of the cross upon everyone down below: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Now He's leaning over, and He's talking to someone over there.

Jesus--"My son, you do not have to go through your bag. I can assure you I can look into its contents."

Veronica--And now Jesus is coming over, and He's floating over--He doesn't walk, He floats. And now He's raising His hand in front of Him, like this, and He's making the sign of the cross on everyone.

And now Our Lady is coming down and standing beside Him. Our Lady is a good--at least a foot shorter than Jesus. And She's smiling. Her robe is blowing out; it must be very windy up there. Our Lady is standing just on the right side of the flagpole. The eagle sign comes to Our Lady's--just about Her hip.

Now She's going around, because Jesus is going over now to our left side, and He's looking down. He's smiling very--oh, He's very happy. And He's raising His hand. Now He's blessing everyone on this side, like this, with His fingers in front, and He's making the sign of the Trinity, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. And now He's going over, and Jesus is just about between the flagpole and the trees. And He's looking down now, and He said:

Jesus--"I am most pleased to see My dedicated here this evening."

Veronica--And now He is raising His hand, like this, and making the sign of the cross now and bending over; Jesus is bending over quite far. He's looking at someone over on the left side. And now He's making another sign, like this, with the cross, over a man. I think there's a man over there--he must be a clergy.

Now Jesus is rising, He's rising. And Our Lady now is taking Her Rosary. Our Lady's Rosary is very large. It's got big white beads, and the Our Father bead is golden, but Her crucifix is very golden. Now Our Lady is taking the crucifix. She's telling me to hold it as She is, like this. And now She is going to bless everyone on this side with Her golden crucifix: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Our Lady is leaning over.

Our Lady--"Repeat, My child: I bestow upon you from these sacred grounds many graces for the days ahead. You will go through these days without fear, knowing that you are protected by the Sacred Heart of My Son."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is coming over to the right side. She's passed the flagpole now, and She's looking down. And Our Lady is smiling. Now She's raising Her Rosary now over the heads of the people over here. And She's--like this, and She's going: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. And now Our Lady is placing Her hand out, like this, and from Her hand there are rays of light. They're coming right down on this side. It's beautiful! Oh, the rays of light are coming down all over here! Now, though, She's now going--that was on Her right hand.

Now She's turning around, Our Lady, and Jesus is right behind Her. And the light is so great that it's streaming down on both sides. It's very hard to look at; it's so brilliant.

And now Jesus is placing out His hand, like this, like this, and these rays of--oh, they're brilliant lights. They're very, very hard to look at. And they're coming down now on this side, the left side of the flagpole. And now Jesus is smiling. And He's saying:

Jesus--"This surprises you, My child. But you have not learned of the majesty of the Father."

Veronica--Oh, it's beautiful! The rays now, I notice now--Our Lady is holding Her hands out and instead of light, now the rays are like rainbows. The colors are just beautiful. And they're coming down. And now there are like crystals, crystals now--Our Lady is waving Her hands like this, and there are crystals falling. Oh, they're beautiful! Now Our Lady says that they are manifestations of the graces, and they will be visible in your photographs this evening. Oh, Our Lady said they will be visible in the photographs. Oh, and now Our Lady is smiling:

Our Lady--"My child, though man will disprove these manifestations, they are in for a great surprise. The Father has a plan to awaken those who have fallen asleep in His House."

Veronica--Now Our Lady and Jesus are both raising Their hands and making the sign of the cross. Now the light seems to be closing in like a circle. The light seems to be all circular around Our Lady and Jesus. It's beautiful. And Our Lady is talking--She's saying, oh, about 1969. Yes, Our Lady spoke of 1969, when She gave, with Theresa, a message about these grounds being encircled with graces, and the manifestation of the circle in the sky, which I believe you observed before. Many times Our Lady will have the Father circle the area; this has happened many times.

And now Our Lady is nodding. And now They're moving over and They're both standing, Jesus and Our Lady, over by the trees, over by our right side of the flagpole. Now Our Lady is leaning over:

Our Lady--"Continue, My children, with your prayers of atonement."


Veronica-- . . . over there with the white hat. Our Lady wants you to--has now kissed the rose, and Our Lady wants you to have this rose.

Our Lady said I'm to give this, Our Lady said, to the man under the tree. . . . Our Lady said to give the man in the light tan coat this rose. There he is, back there. Pass it back to him.

Our Lady said that each rose that's given is given for a reason, so if you don't receive one, don't feel offended. It is for a special reason Our Lady gives these roses. Now the roses have as many as 60 petals. Now we would suggest that you take the petals and laminate them, for they will be instruments for conversion and cure. And they're given for reason. Everyone will receive a rose if it's in the will of the Father, and there is a reason for it.

Now continue with the prayers, please.

[Prayers continued, followed by hymns sung in French by some pilgrims from Canada.]

Theresa wants me to give them the roses. Of all things! She wants me to give them these [a beautiful Rosary made of roses]. I'll do anything Theresa says. It must be because they're French.

[To the pilgrims from Canada:] I'm going to give this to you for a reason. Saint Theresa, who has been working with me with Our Lady to teach me the way to do Our Lady's work, she is very happy to hear you sing in her native tongue. And I give you this at the request of Theresa of Lisieux. Theresa--I've never been requested to do this before. I was quite startled when Saint Theresa--that's Theresa of Lisieux in France--she was very happy to hear in her native tongue and asked that I give this rosary--this rosary of roses because she was very, very happy to hear praises to Our Lady in her native tongue.