The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"The beads of prayer go throughout the world. They will recover many souls."

October 7, 1973

Sunday Holy Hour -- Feast Day of Our Lady of the Rosary

[Veronica had arranged with Father McNulty to resume the parish First Friday Holy Hour which had been discontinued due to lack of interest. It was to begin on the first Friday in October, the Friday just past, and she had gathered a goodly number to attend. However, as they were about to begin, the pastor, Msgr. McDonald, abruptly canceled it, evicted them from the church, and locked the door.]

Veronica-- . . . No, not since Friday night, you know, with everything going on. I went this morning to Mass. He stared at me and I stared at him. . . . [words not clear.] And he stared at me and I stared at him. He didn't say a word. And I just looked at him, and I gave him a little note taken from Saint John, in which Saint John said--we received a miraculous picture with the burning door with "omega" written on the top of it. And a very holy priest came to my house last night, and he said the door is Jesus. In Saint John's chapter sixteen, I believe it is, [Actually, chapter ten.] Jesus is referred to as the door, the door to His Church through which we must enter. Therefore, when you lock the door you burn the door and you burn Jesus.


So the very holy priest made me feel much better. He said Jesus was with you. We left holy Church and the door was locked. Jesus was burned and the door was burned. And we came over here and prayed the Rosary, if you remember, Friday night. And as we prayed a photograph was taken and out on the photograph came exactly what the holy priest told us. It was a picture of a burning door with the omega sign on it and down below, the Host, and down below that the number seven. So that Jesus knew--wanted us to know that we wouldn't miss that. The seven, of course, is His number, so that when we received the seven we knew it was Jesus' way of letting us know that He followed us right here and we were able to pray. It was quite a shock.

In fact, I can assure you it was such a shock Friday night after all the preparations that I couldn't sleep all night Friday. And I went to Our Lady's holy Saturday service and then I couldn't sleep all night after, of course, the vigil. And then we prayed, and I was trying to figure out how such a thing could happen because I had asked Father could we start up the Holy Hour for the First Friday if we could find enough people who would come. So Father McNulty said that if I--I even asked him would we have to buy books or anything, because Our Lady requested that the Friday Holy Hours that were requested by Jesus of Saint Margaret Mary be continued because a great crisis was to come upon the world.

Now it's very strange but true. If we had prayed the nine--which we did pray here, the nine to ten o'clock vigil--it was at ten p.m. our time that Egypt and Saudi Arabia entered into Israel. Now we are embarked on what could now develop into the Third World War that Our Lady warned of and that we have been praying to hold back. And that, of course, leads us even closer to the conviction of the coming of the Warning very soon.

And now we'll start here with Our Lady's favorite song to remind us of Her message at Fatima, which is forgotten and not brought to the world fast enough. [Our Lady of Fatima was played and sung, followed by the Rosary.]


Veronica--Beautiful! Another Rosary just turned gold, solid gold. Look! Her crucifix also just turned gold. Our Lady does this all the time. [The Rosary continued.]


Veronica--In honor of Our Lady's visit so important, to conclude today's requested prayer session of Our Lady, we'll still hear the message of Our Lady.

[Our Lady of Fatima is played and sung once more. Before the music was finished, Our Lady appeared.]

Our Lady has appeared! She's holding beautiful Rosaries. I didn't expect Her to appear today. Oh, my dear!

Our Lady--"Thousands of Rosaries have been made, going throughout the world. Each a prayer to Heaven, each a powerful pearl."

Veronica--She's opening her cloak, Our Lady is opening Her cloak very wide. She has a beautiful gold and white cloak on now. It's not blue, it's gold and white. And She's setting it--it covers from the tree to the tree. It's an awfully big cloak, and Our Lady is standing right in the center. She's a beautiful Queen, and She has this golden crown on, and all the angels are around Her. Oh, they're beautiful! They're dressed in all different colors and they have garlands of roses on their hands--on their heads. Now they're--oh, they're placing the Rosary around Our Lady. Oh, they re crowning Her with roses over Her golden crown. [The Fatima song ended.]

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Oh, Our Lady was here. I didn't expect Her today. I guess--oh, yes, Our Lady was here and She was beautiful! She looked like a--beautiful--She was every, every bit a Queen. She was just beautiful! Yes, Our Lady was dressed in a cape; the cape covered the whole sky. But it wasn't blue, it was a white color, but it was all trimmed in gold. It was brilliant and so bright I could barely look at Her, the light was shining so bright upon Her.

But Our Lady--the cloak was so big compared to Our Lady. She was right in the center of the cloak and She had on a beautiful white and gold trimmed dress, gown. The belt was golden and belted at the center, and tassels hung from it. And about Her neck she was wearing a medallion. I didn't recognize it. It looked like a pretzel, sort of--medallion. [It seems that at this point Our Lady reappeared.]

But then on Her head Our Lady has this golden crown. And the crown is just solid gold, but very brilliant. And She is standing there and She has this scepter in her hand, Our Lady.

And now the angels now are repeating what they did before. They've made a crown of roses, beautiful red, yellow, pink--oh, colors I never saw before. The roses--the colors are like rainbows all woven into each rose. And they are placing the garland now--they have floated above Our Lady's head and are placing the garland upon Our Lady's head over the crown. And it fits very well onto the center because Our Lady's crown goes from the head center and then out again and then out off in sections like V's, upside down V's.

And now they are all stepping back and Our Lady is bowing to us. Our Lady is bowing to us. Oh, and Our Lady said:

Our Lady--"The beads of prayer go throughout the world. They will recover many souls. There will be many trials, but you will have great hope for you know the I have sent to you the beads for your salvation, and sacramentals. I bless you, My children."

Veronica--Our Lady now has placed the scepter into Her other hand. It's a golden long rod, and it looks like it only has a ball with a cross on the top, like the ball--like the world ball with a golden cross on the top. And now Our Lady has moved it into Her left hand and She's taking Her Rosary--it's all gold now; the Rosary is completely golden and very beautiful. She had it tied to the golden tassel. And now Our Lady is blessing everyone: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And Our Lady is smiling now. It's very bright. And Our Lady says:

Our Lady--"I do not abandon My grounds for all who come to be with Me. I am here on the eve of all feast days and I am here on all feast days. My children, come to Me for I have many graces to share with you. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen."

Many voices--"Happy Feast Day!"

Veronica--"Happy Feast Day, Mother! And a blessed Rosary, and we'll make the Rosaries until they go all the way out throughout the world. Oh, yes."

Our Lady said that would make Her most happy. Yes. Yes. Our Lady said to continue to work. The work becomes difficult, but Our Lady has now in Her hand a large globe and it's just surrounded with Rosaries. They go right about the globe. The Rosaries look more like cord Rosaries. They're not as decorative as the ones Our Lady was holding out. These cord Rosaries are going right around this globe. It's very beautiful.

And now Our Lady is stepping back and She's going beyond the crowd, oh, over where the ..... [words not clear] is. And Our Lady is stepping back, and She says:

Our Lady--"You will continue, My children, with your prayers, but you must also rest. So now I do not expect you to remain with Me, Veronica, but you will come to see Me periodically today."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Oh!

This, of course, is Our Lady's most important feast--not most important, but one of the greatest feast days of the Rosary, Our Lady of the Rosary, and it is this instrument that Our Lady has given us to guide us and to help us to reach the Kingdom. And it's--Our Lady calls them Her pearls of prayer to Heaven. Therefore, these are truly pearls from Heaven. All of these beads--each one, though some have not learned the graces hidden in them, they are not a monotony of prayer when you learn to understand that each bead that you say is another grace. You can add on and on and on until you have countless graces, and Our Lady will gather these and take them on the first Saturdays and release the next waiting soul in purgatory, if you haven't already allotted your graces to your family or friends. There is always one soul in purgatory who has no one to pray for him or her, so your graces then will be gathered to release that soul. And that soul, when it reaches into the Kingdom will pray for you and bring you there much faster, too.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.