The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"The greatest barrier is intellectual pride among the men of God. Once they remove this barrier by much penance and return to prayer, the blindness will be taken from them and they will see the errors of their ways."

September 7, 1973

Eve of the Nativity of Our Lady


Veronica--Far into the distance--it's like looking at a motion picture--I see a small town, and the houses seem to be made of sort of mud--hard, baked mud. I'm looking now at a small house. It has a very large room in the front. I notice the door is made of just a slab of wood, and at the side of the door there are, like, ridges. And the door looks like it's held onto the rest of the wall-piece by large pieces of--oh, it looks like wooden spikes that have been hammered into open sections, holes. They don't look at all like our doors here that we use--the bolts to hold them in place.

Now I'm looking into the house. Everything there looks very rough and hand-made. The table is a large piece of wood. No, it's made of three sections, like a tree has been cut in half and three sections placed together; and also, the legs of the table are made cross-wise, like this, and held in place by, also, these wooden--not spikes, but wooden, almost like wooden nails, pegs, hold it in place. I guess the legs are balanced by the weight of the top of the table.

Now I see a lady. Oh, she's not a very young lady. Oh, well, she looks like she might be about forty-five or fifty years old, and she's quite heavy in expectancy. Now she's walking about the room and sitting down by the table. Now on the table is a very large loaf of--I know it's bread. It's--looks very rough, and she is breaking the bread.

And now she is bringing over from the side of the room--there's a cut like, made like a fireplace, and there are a lot of stones in the fireplace, and sections of wood. And now there's an iron--I guess it's iron, a metal rod that's going in between the stones; and there's a hook made of some kind of metal. It's very black-looking, and it's holding a very rough-looking--I guess we would call it a pot. It's a huge kettle, sort of. And now the fire is coming from the stones and the pieces of wood. And there is something cooking in this large pot-kettle.

And now the lady is walking very slowly over, and she has a large wooden type of scoop. And she is now going down into this pot and pouring what looks like soup, I guess. It looks like soup, but it's--it looks like a mixture of long, like--oh, celery. Some type of vegetable, I guess, but it's something I, I have never seen before. It looks like almost a grass-type of vegetable, and she's pouring it into bowls. The bowls now are--the bowls are very strange. They're made of wood. They look like they've been carved out by someone. They're not smooth. They look like they've been carved out by hand.

Now there's a man coming in the door. He's also--well, he's not a really old man, but he's, I think about--oh, fifty-five or sixty. Now he's sitting down. And I notice that now the lady is looking up, and she's shaking her head yes.

Now the man is going over, and she's--he's helping the lady from this bench she was sitting on. She was going to eat the soup, but she has left it now, and she is going into the other room.

It's a very small room. It's a very small-looking house, but back off the back room is a larger room, and inside this room is a lot of wood. And I see like, it looks like--oh, a wood-working shop, because there are tools, very rough-looking tools, like they were made by someone. Nothing looks finished like we have. Everything looks very rough. And I see there large spikes of metal. And over to the side I can see almost like the table, two cross-legged, and then a piece of wood through. The man is making what looks like a cradle. It's a basket-type of thing, a cradle.

And now in that room that's next to where this is all being made, there is, I guess, a bed. It's not a very comfortable-looking bed. It looks like it's been made on wooden blocks, just like a large piece of wood. But it's--there's a lot of like dried grass, and then like a yellow-looking sheet tucked underneath, so it looks like it's only about--oh, twelve inches thick.

But now the man is leading the lady over, and she's lying down. She looks very pained and distressed--no, she's not distressed, but I do think she's in very, very severe pain.

And now the man is going out into the front room, and he's placing another one of those kettles, and now he's blowing; he's blowing. And he has like--looks like a large piece of woven--like from palm, and he's fanning the fire, like this: and now it does make the pot boil. It's--there's beginning to smoke a bit out of it. And now he is dipping pieces of--oh, sheeting; it looks like muslin.

Now two ladies have come into the room, and they are taking the rags, or whatever they are, and placing them on a piece of wood and carrying them very excitedly into the room, in the second room. Now the man, he's sitting down on a chair; he looks very worried. And he's sitting there, and now it seems that he is waiting and waiting. And I see him now on his knees, and he's raising his hands above his head, and he's praying. And now he has--he has bowed his head down to the ground, down to the ground, far down to the ground.

And now one of the ladies has come out of the other room. It doesn't have a door, and you can't see from the front room into the room. But one of the ladies is coming out, and she's speaking to him. And he's getting up from his knees, and he's sitting in the chair. Then the other lady came out, and she's very much excited, and they all went back into the room.

And now I can hear noises. They are--there are cries of--very, very low cries, and I recognize them as a baby's cry. And now everyone is smiling.

And now at the door there's a great light! The doorway from the front room into the room where the lady is lying now in the bed--I can see her; she looks very, very tired, but she is smiling now. And now the two ladies come over, and one is carrying a small, little bundle wrapped in--oh, it looks like muslin. Now they're placing it down by the lady on the bed. Oh, she is so happy.

Now I can see over to the right there are two large figures, beautiful figures. Oh, they--I know they're angels. Oh, there are two beautiful figures of angels, and they're just--oh, they're just beautiful, tremendous in size. The whole room is all aglow, but I don't think that the man notices the light. It's very bright.

But now I'm going over; I'm moving over. I am able to look down now. Oh, I'm right by the lady's bed. Oh, there's a little child, a very pretty little child. Her face is so pretty; I know it must be a girl. Oh!

And now above her head, over her head, I see a large crown of stars, and written in the stars, in between the crown, in golden letters there, M-A-R-Y. Oh, it's "Mary." Oh! Oh, how beautiful!

Now it's growing very, very dark, and I can't see the house. All I can see outside now is--there is a donkey, a donkey. He's walking around the house, and at the side of the house . . . . It's a very rough house. They don't have any glass in the windows; it's just open. And now there was a piece of that muslin-looking sheet put over the window. I can't see in that window. But the donkey, now, is eating what looks like dried grass, straw, at the side of the house.

Now the man is coming outside by the door. He is very, very happy. And he's running very fast; he's running and running. Oh, he's running into--oh, look! It's, it's--well, it looks sort of like different than the other houses. It has a big star on the top of the door, like this, six points on it, a star. And he's pulling, he's pulling a man out of the--out of this place. Oh, I know what it is now. It's, it's sort of a Jewish temple. And he's pulling him, and this is a very old man he is pulling by the hand.

Oh, he's dressed in a long, long black robe, this man, and he has a very long beard. It's way down to his, almost down to the middle of him. And he's pulling him now to the house, and they're both entering the house. Oh, I know he's a man of God, like clergy, a rabbi, a rabbi. And now they're going into the house. And now it's growing very dark, and I can't see any more. Oh!

Now the whole house has a rainbow around it. Oh, the whole house has a beautiful rainbow. The colors are, oh, such beautiful colors of blue and gold and pink. Oh, it covers just the whole area of the house. It's a very, very poor-looking house. I, I don't think I ever saw a house that looked like that. It looks like it was made by people; I mean with their hands. Oh! Oh! Oh!


Now it's becoming very bright again. And I see two ladies coming down now over on the left side of the flagpole. There are two ladies coming down. Oh, it's beautiful! There's an older lady, and now she has what looks like a young girl with her. Oh, no, it's Our Lady. I recognize Her. She's--oh, oh, it is Saint Anne, Her mother. It's Mary and Saint Anne. Oh, how beautiful! Oh, they, they look so happy!

Now Saint Anne is coming over. She's coming down very close, very close, over by the flagpole. Oh, she is just so happy. And she said--Saint Anne, I can barely hear her voice, her words are so low.

St. Anne--"You have witnessed, my child, the arrival of my beloved daughter, my first and only child, one whom I cherished--a true miracle from the Father."

Veronica--Now I see Saint Anne. She is looking now all about her, down here where we are. And now Our Lady has reached into the folds of Her clothes, and She's holding out Her Rosary. The Rosary is white with a golden crucifix. Now Saint Anne is coming forward with Our Lady. She wants to speak.

St. Anne--"My child, Veronica, listen to my words carefully. Your world and your country faces a great disaster. Man has cast aside the teachings of the Father. He no longer uses the sacramentals; he no longer follows the road to the Kingdom.

"How sad our hearts are to look into many homes that have become the habitude of demons. You must not cohabit yourself with ignorance to truth. Your complete surrender to satan leaves no recourse but for the Father to intervene for the salvation of the young. The family must be the anchor for the souls, the little ones entrusted to your care. The example in many homes is poor.

"The example among your teachers leaves much to be corrected. Those who have been given authority of teaching must not surrender the truth in the light and substitute it for the false maxims of humanism and the advancement of what you call scientific intervention among man. For with all your knowledge, with all your learning, you have not learned the basic foundation of faith."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is going over to the right side of the flagpole.

Our Lady--"My children, there is gladness in My heart that you come on My natal day.

"My heart cries even on this day that should be of great joy to Me, for it is one signification of the unity in families and the existence of true heart between brother and sister, father and mother. However, We have seen satan pit father against son, mother against daughter, sister against brother. The world is in darkness. Many souls have descended farther into the darkness.


"Man has accepted now in your country and throughout the earth, a way of life that condones the breaking of all Commandments of the Father. Ah, the poor little ones that have been led astray by bad example! Sin has become a way of life in your country. We have begged for your good example of prayer, sacrifice, and atonement.

"Satan has been allowed to roam in great force with his agents. In this manner man will be given his own choice for his everlasting salvation or damnation.

"I repeat once more for your edification: your country will meet with great disaster. Floods, great heat, and the plague. The mercy of the Father has been extended to its limit. Only a complete reversal in your evil ways will avert the Chastisement planned by the Father for your country and the world.

"My child, you will carry a heavy cross. You cannot expect the road to be filled with roses. My child, the road to Heaven is filled with thorns.

"I know, My child, there are moments in your daily life when you feel a darkness of the soul, a loss. Do not be afeared, for this is but your human nature. Pray. Do not lose sight of silent meditation and prayer. We know your work is very heavy. Penance is always hard, My child. You will reap many benefits, not to yourself, but to others. The Father reserves a special reward for those who follow His direction, even when the cross grows heavy."


Veronica--Now there is a man. Oh, he's a nice man. He's a happy-looking man. Oh, he has such a joyful expression on his face! And he's carrying a large Book. Oh, I recognize him now. He's the young man I saw many years ago with Our Lady. He's about twenty-four years old, and has curly hair, very happy and smiling. And he's holding a large Book out for me to read, and he's pointing to the pages. Oh, but I can't see here.

Oh, yes, now the Book is right before my face, and I can read it. Oh! "Blessed is he whom the world calumniates, and blessed is he who suffers from the hands of others for My sake, for his reward shall be forever with the Father."

Now he's backing up with his Book. Oh! And--oh, he's closing it, and the Book has a very large golden cross on it. Oh!

Now he's speaking:

St. Aloysius--"Blessed be ye when the world persecutes you for the Word of God. When man says all manner of lies against you, you shall not defend yourself, but commend all to the Father. When you can do this . . . "

Veronica--Oh, and he's smiling. Oh, he's such a wonderfully happy-looking young man. Now he's repeating:

St. Aloysius--"When you can do this, then you will know that you have divested yourself of all worldly self-pride. It is a grace from the Father. Do not be discouraged. Veronica, pray for the virtue of continuous purity of heart and purpose. Accept all in the will of God and you will find yourself riding the waves and not fighting the tides of the dark tide."

Veronica--The young man, I recognize, is Aloysius.

Now Our Lady is coming down. Oh, She's coming down very low by the left side of the flagpole. Our Lady says:

Our Lady--"My children, I have no need for a repetition of My words. I have prepared you for what lies ahead. Now you will act upon My direction and you will be saved. Should you cast aside My many warnings and prophecy to you, you will suffer the consequences. Do not take the words given to you idly, in the past, for We have prepared you for your future, which is now.

"I have come to earth as a Mediatrix between God and man. This was allowed of Me by the Father, for you are now in the days which are fast approaching the change of your era.


"Soon your world will face a complete change. Many will be taken out of the world. Your country and the world will be cleansed by the Father. When this cleansing is complete in stages, those who remain will set up the Kingdom with My Son. You have hastened, with your sinfulness, a great disaster to come.

"I ask you now, as Queen of Heaven and guardian of your country and the world, to keep and promote a constant vigilance of prayer. Only in this manner can you avert what is fast coming upon you. O My children, if you could see what is there, beyond your celestial heavens, heading fast upon you, you would fall to your knees."


Veronica--Now I see--oh, I see that Ball again. It looks like--well, it changes colors. It's a huge ball. It's white on one side, but then, as it's spinning it turns colors of orange and red. And now it's shooting out--sometimes I think it's like a fire. Now it's traveling very fast through the sky. It has a very long stream of, of smoke, and vapors, and, like--it's also dropping off pieces of--oh, rocks, and ice. And oh, it's tremendously large. Oh, it's the largest thing I have ever seen in my life! It's a huge ball!

Now Our Lady is standing over to the right and She's pointing upward. And She says:

Our Lady--"This, My child, will be the instrument of cleansing.

"You will keep confident many aspects given to you in the past. You will not speak on your own to others, for all messages to the world will be given from the sacred grounds. We do this, My child, for the protection of Our work here on earth and for your protection. The enemy will seek to dispute you, to discredit you. Therefore, do not give them fuel to add to their fire.

"Only the Father has the decision of the Ball. Man of science ever seeking, but never reaching the truth. Man of science reaching out to govern the universe, but finding satan.


"The greatest barrier is intellectual pride among the men of God. Once they remove this barrier by much penance and return to prayer, the blindness will be taken from them and they will see the errors of their ways. Pray, My children; pray much for them. The power of prayer is great with the Father.

"The monuments must be returned to the houses of God."

Veronica--Our Lady means statues.

Our Lady--"The children must have replicas of solid nature to cast their eyes on. For what enters through the eyes comes into the mind. And what comes into the mind develops and comes out again. What have you given upon your earth for your children to absorb but sin, depravity, and loss of the knowledge of God. All who keep the monuments in their homes and houses will be saved.

"Many manifestations will be given throughout your world. Many seers will cry out and shout the Message of Heaven. None will have not been reached with the message when the Ball arrives.

"Your future is now. The decision for man's extinction, his destruction, lies now with man. The Father watches; He waits as you approach great days of darkness.

"You will all now return and honor My Son in the tabernacles throughout the world. The doors of the houses of God must remain open to do homage to My Son. A constant vigilance of prayer must be kept in the houses of God and in the homes of the people."


Veronica--Now there are two men coming down by Our Lady. One is a very old man. He looks so tired and worn in care. He has long hair; it's very gray. He's holding in his hand two large stones, sort of like slabs, and he's pointing to them. Now he's holding them in front of him above his head. He says:

Moses--"Time does not change the Commandments of your God!"

Veronica--Oh, I know the man is Moses. And he's holding the Commandments of God. He looks very angry; he looks very angry. Now I see him holding up his hand, his right hand. He's balancing these two--they look like very rough slabs of stone. And he says:

Moses--"Time does not change the Commandments of your God. The rule must be followed with discipline."


Veronica--Oh! Oh, now there's another man coming down by Moses, and he is also carrying a large Book. Oh, it's Isaias.

Isaias--"Repeat, O messenger of the Father, the words I give to the world."

Veronica--He's a man of great strength, and he could be frightening. He's standing there, but he's looking down now; it seems that his eyes are boring right through me. He's looking over the people. He says:


Isaias--"Do not still the working of the Holy Spirit among men. The young will prophesy; the old will dream dreams. Man, in the mercy of God, will receive many signs from Heaven.

"Throw the filth in print that you now give your children, and give them back the books of truth. Mothers, practice your duty as guardians of your children's souls. Open the Book. Gather your family about you, and teach them from the Book of life."

Veronica--Oh, he means the Bible.

Isaias--"The family must have a firm foundation of faith."

Veronica--Now I see a lovely lady. I know now it is Saint Anne. And she has a little girl by her hand, and they're going into that building again that I saw before. It's a church, sort of. But it's like a Jewish church, I guess--a temple, because on the door is sort of a star. It has one, two, like, three, four, five, six--a lot of points on it. About six points.

And now I notice that it's--everyone is going into this one large room, and in the room there are a lot of drapes, like, in the front of the walls, over the walls. And there's, on the side it looks like a roll, some piece of paper. And now this rabbi is walking over, and he's pulling down this paper that has all kinds of strange--like symbols on it of, of letters. I don't know; I never saw them before.

And now--then I hear--there are three men now standing. They're wearing black, sort of little beanies on their heads, and they're wearing like scarves, like; they're very ornate scarves, like golden tassels on the end. Now they're making very funny sounds, like they're singing. [Veronica imitates their chant.] There are three of them; they're singing.

And now I see everyone is bowing their heads. And the women now are taking scarves and putting them over their heads; they're like pieces of muslin over their heads. And they're sitting now there. And the three men with the books are singing in those strange sounds, like. [Veronica again simulates their chanting.] It's hard to sound them because it's very strange; I never heard it before. And they're going on and on and on, and they're--and now the people there now--the three men have closed the books, and the people are going up, and they're drinking something. They're being handed cups--little, like vessels, and they're drinking. It looks like wine. They're drinking wine. Now the men are drinking the wine, but the women aren't. They're all sitting up front in the seats.

The women have filed into the front seats, and the men now are drinking the wine. And they're coming down now, the three men, and this man on the left who must be a rabbi, I guess, sort of a priest, rabbi, and he is giving them this--these little cup-like things, and they're drinking. And they're passing in front of him and sitting down now. But the women now are all sitting alone in the front, and the men are sitting in front of them. First the men all sit in a row, and the women sit behind them.

Now it's growing very dark, and I can't see anything anymore. Very dark.

Now I see letters being written in the sky. There's a very large cross with a ball underneath it. Over, over the flagpole a very large cross with a ball around it. And then, now that's going over to the right, and over on the left are the large words: "ONE FOLD, ONE SHEPHERD." The words are dripping, like in gold and yellow and white letters: "ONE FOLD, ONE SHEPHERD." Oh!

Now Our Lady is coming forward, and She's smiling.

Our Lady said:

Our Lady--"I wish to speak with you in private, My child, but with your heavy work perhaps you wish to put it on the machine."


Our Lady--"My child, do not give in to discouragement. You must trust more in the Father. You waste precious moments and are tiring yourself and wasting your energies by fighting the battle seemingly alone. Silent prayer; retire in prayer, My child. Spare these moments, and you will be given more strength. You must make more time for communication with the Father in private.


"We grow weary, for so few have recognized the warnings given to man. The arrogance of scientific man has not given due credit to his God. He will rationalize, man of science, until he will endeavor but never reach the pinnacle of de-Christianizing man of earth. He has not yet felt the hand of an angry God upon him. My child, man of science will soon find himself bewildered by a spectacle he will find no explanation in human mind for. Let man of science go out into the universe seeking but never finding.


"My child, many young are looking for the truth. Many are seeking, but finding satan. They must be warned of these pitfalls. They must be warned to avoid the false prophets who now abound upon your earth setting up many new sects. They are charismatic in nature, but creations of satan.

"Many demons are loosed upon your earth. They have been given great power from satan. You are now in the battle of the spirits, the final battle before the Second Coming of My Son unto the world.

"My child, speak once, and if not hastened, speak no more, but remember and keep in heart that it is not always their direction.

"Obedience, My child, places many restrictions. You will understand that many pastors, many men of God face restrictions. It may not be of their decision.

"However, a guide to clergy and the lay people, My child, is truth. You will not sacrifice in any way your soul for the things of your earthly world. Man has one master only, the God who created him and his universe. Man will answer to only his Master.

"Be it clergy, man of great gain and renown, or the poor of earth, you all have one thing in common, My child: you all must stand before the Father for judgment, and you shall be separated like sheep and goats. For many are called, but few are chosen.

"There are many now who must wait in a place of purging. The agony of loss tears deep into their hearts. Won't you relieve their time of expiation with your prayers and acts of sacrifice? These helpless friends and family await your releasing them from their torment. Do not forget those who have passed beyond the veil, for one day you, too, must go beyond the veil.

"As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Give, and it will be given to you. Pray now for those who are helpless, and you, when you enter, will be prayed for. There are many now who will be in the place of purging unto the end of your time, for they have no one who will pray and expiate their punishment. The fires of longing burn deep into the beings of those who wait. They thirst for your prayers. Many priests await their release. Why have you forgotten them?

"I have been asked to ask you to have three Masses said for a great benefactor of your work, Cardinal Cushing. Masses, please, for Cardinal Cushing."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


Our Lady and Jesus are coming down by the right side of the flagpole. All who are able to kneel, please kneel because Jesus is going to bless all the sacramentals.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Now Jesus is over by the right side of the flagpole. Oh, He's dressed beautifully. Oh, He has on a rose-colored robe, and His hair is combed very beautifully. It's parted in the center. And the light is so bright that I can't see His face this evening, because it's so bright. But--oh, no, now I can see He's smiling. Now Jesus is saying:

Jesus--"You will direct, My child, to have all sacramentals raised for blessing."

Veronica--And now Jesus says it's not necessary to open up your packages, that He can well see into them. Now Jesus is raising His hand above His head, with His fingers like this, and He's blessing in the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is floating--He doesn't walk, He's floating over towards the flagpole, and He's looking down now, and He's raising His hand again: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is coming over by Jesus, and They're coming over. Oh, They're passing the flagpole now, and They're on the left side of the flagpole. And now Our Lady also is extending Her Rosary before Her, a beautiful Rosary, white, with--the Our Fathers on the beads are very large and golden, and the cross is gold. And now Our Lady is also extending Her Rosary, the crucifix, above Her head, and She's making the sign of the cross, like this.

And now Jesus is going over; He's on the left side. And now He's raising His hand above His head, and He's looking down now, and--oh, He's coming closer to the left side of the trees, and He's raising His hand now: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is now placing His hand up--that is for me to listen.

Jesus--"I bestow upon all who come to My Mother's sacred grounds graces, graces far in abundance than your human mind can conceive. Graces for conversion, graces for cure--all for the asking. Ask and you shall receive. Nothing is impossible when you come to Me in belief."

Veronica--Now Jesus is raising His hand again. Oh, but this time now, He is making the sign of the cross, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. And now He's turning over; He's standing over on the left side, but He's looking over in this direction. He is also making the sign of the cross.

And now Our Lady and Jesus are coming over together to the right side of the flagpole. Now Our Lady is bending down towards the earth. She's saying:

Our Lady--"You will continue, My child, with the prayers of atonement. They are sorely needed, for the sand of the hourglass is flowing faster and faster. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen."