The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"Man will now make complete atonement to the Father, or he will receive his recompense by a major Warning to mankind, and should this go unheeded, a great Chastisement.  In this Chastisement, My children, billions will be lost."

October 6, 1973

Eve of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

Veronica--Our Lady is now coming down by the right side of the flagpole. The light is very bright. Oh, Our Lady is beautiful. Oh, the light is so bright I can barely look into Her face. Now Our Lady is standing and looking sadly down. Our Lady says:

Our Lady--"My child, you have recognized now the faces of evil who parade as angels of light. Pray for those who persecute you for My sake.

"My child, I did expect a human reaction from you. It saddened My heart much, but it was not unexpected, for My Son has been a prisoner in many of His houses throughout the world. Man brings his destruction faster upon him.

"Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice! My voice grows weak. I have wandered many years throughout your earth begging you to make restitution to the Father for the many offenses being committed in the House of God and in the hearts of human beings.

"The abyss is open wide; the demons are loosed upon earth. The battle rages. And now the time of the great sorrows has started.

"My child, My children, I do not come to you to bring words of doom--no, but words of hope and courage. Man has brought upon himself the time for great punishment and chastisement.

"In the mercy of the Father, a Warning will be sent to man very soon. Should man not heed this Warning, he will be cleansed until there remains upon your earth only those who will set up the Kingdom with My Son.


"All who have heard My words and heeded the warning from Heaven will not be unaware of the trials that lie before man now. Already the forces of evil have darkened the world and now have entered upon the governing powers of the world. Soon the world will be embroiled in great chaos. Man will fight a struggle for his survival.

"In My many visits to My children upon earth, I have given you the means for your salvation. The sacramentals must be used, and the example of all parents must be one of goodness and godliness.

"Man must not flee from the houses of My Son. Much evil and corruption has entered into the hearts of many, even in the houses of My Son. However, it was doomed and deemed for this time to come about for man to pass through a crucible of suffering, one which is a test. All that is rotten will fall. The sheep will be separated from the goats.

"I ask you, My children, to retire from your world which has been given to satan. Keep pure and holy thoughts in your minds and hearts. Set an example of godliness for your children, for many shall be gathered in the days ahead. Many will be taken unprepared to enter the Kingdom.

"My warnings have gone unheeded in many areas of your earth. I have found the doors closed to My entrance. It truly rains teardrops from Heaven!

"My child, you can expect a heavy cross, but know that We give and dispense upon you many graces, graces that you will not understand until the Father reclaims you to the Kingdom.

"It is too late, My children, to fight among yourselves. Life upon your earth is but a short duration. The human life is but a short duration. Therefore, why do you spend it in pursuits that have set your souls on the road to hell?

"My child, this should be for all of Us a day of great joy, for I shower upon you many graces. But My heart is saddened now, for many now will fall into the abyss."

Veronica--I see--the sky is growing very, very dark. But now there's a bright light over to the left side of the flagpole. The sky is becoming very bright. And now as I watch, there's a ball. This ball is traveling very fast. It's small, but it's growing larger as it heads towards the top of the flagpole, almost hitting the eagle. Oh, it's, it's very large! The ball covers our whole sky.

Now all about it I see vapors, like smoke. [Veronica coughs.] I can barely breathe. This ball now is turning very fast. And I see in the distance another large ball, but it looks like the sun. Yes, it is the sun. Oh! Oh!

Now as this ball is turning, I see a large "W" being written in the sky, but the "W" on the right side of the flagpole, the "W" is written in big--it's a big red letter. It doesn't make me feel good to look at it. The "W" looks very frightening. It is like blood is dripping from the letter.


Now across the sky there's a horse--there's a man on a horse. And he's riding very fast across the sky now. And he's carrying a sword in his hand. And he's pointing down now towards where we are here. Oh, and now he's coming down from the horse. He looks--he's a figure all dressed in black. He has nothing but like slits or holes for eyes, in a mask-like covering of his head. It's very frightening.

Now he's standing there, and he has a large . . . it looks like a hoe--no, it's a scythe. It's like a long handle with a long sword, but curved on the top of it. And he's standing there, and he has the hourglass in his hand now, but he's casting the hourglass at, at, at the flagpole. Now he's casting it--he's trying to hit the eagle on top of the flagpole. And he is saying: "The hour is at hand!"

Now he's swinging this scythe. And I see . . . terrible--oh, it's terrible! It's, it's like people killing each other with guns, and there are terrible sounds, oh! . . . of, of, of explosions. Oh! Oh! Oh! [Veronica sounds greatly distressed.]

Now the man in the black hood and the gown is going over to the right side of the flagpole. And he's pointing--he's pointing up to the sky. And he has--he's like a skeleton; he has no skin on his hand. And he is saying: "See the specter of death that awaits man!" Oh!

Now it's growing dark, and he's mounting his horse and he's riding across the sky. Now he's disappearing into the sky. I can't see him anymore.

Now it's growing brighter. I feel much better; it's growing brighter. Oh, Our Lady is there. Oh, Blessed Mother! Our Lady is standing there, and She's wiping at Her eyes.

Our Lady--"You see, My child, man has not listened nor heeded My warnings. Now the time of sorrows has begun.

"All who remain with Me throughout these dark days will be saved. I promise to spread My mantle wide. Come to Me all who are burdened with sorrow: mothers, hearts filled with grief; fathers who have sons of affliction. I will comfort you, and I will strengthen you.

"Visit My Son as often as possible. He is very lonely in His houses throughout the world. He looks upon closed doors and waits.

"I, My child, have no need to repeat the many warnings that I have given you from these sacred grounds. My words must be summed up, My child, with the three words of direction: prayer, atonement, sacrifice.

"My child, in your work you must exercise great care, for satan will seek to enter upon your mission. It is better, My child, that you keep your close associations of quality without quantity.

"We will not give you more of a burden, My child, than you can carry. All of your mission will be accomplished in the will of the Father, but We cannot promise you a road without thorns, My child.

"There are many questions in your mind. You are free, My child, to ask these. I give you, My child, the choice to speak with Me in silence or share your knowledge and questions for the salvation of your brothers and sisters.


"Yes, My child, Jesus is always present in His House. The Holy Sacrifice of His Mass is always valid when performed by a duly ordained priest. No matter what his human character is, at the time of the Consecration the Father sends the Holy Spirit down to use this human being known as your high priest, to bring to you the Body and the Blood, spiritual and physical, of My Son to you.

"Question not the ways of the Father. You could not fully understand the ways of Heaven. Should this be possible now to you, My children, what then would there be sacred among you? There are many secrets that cannot be shared until you pass beyond the veil.

"You ask, My child, about the state of soul of the priesthood. This, My child, is not for you to question or judge. A human being he is, yes. Subject to error, yes. Subject to fall, yes. But still during the Consecration, and when he hears you in the confessional, the Holy Spirit comes down upon him, using him as an instrument to bring absolution to you.

"It is satan's plan to drive you from My Son's House by creating a fallacy and the outright lie, My children, that the Mass is no longer valid and My Son not present! We see and watch and use human instruments to make the corrections necessary to right the houses of My Son. Many have hardened their hearts and do not listen to these warnings from Heaven. Then, My child, all the Father can do is to chastise them.

"The balance is heavily to the left. Sin has put a heavy cross upon the world. War is a punishment for man's sins! The Father does not bring destruction upon man. Man has brought this destruction upon himself because he has turned from the Father and fallen into the web of satan, succumbering with free will to the temptations of the flesh, for worldly gain and the love of pleasure."

Veronica--Our Lady now is looking from the right to the left. She's looking all over the grounds, very sadly. And Our Lady is smiling. She's saying:

Our Lady--"My children, I am well aware, My Son is aware of your supplications, your beseechments to Us. We know and We see into your heart. No one will be forsaken by the Father, My Son, the Holy Spirit, when he asks for help.


"The Father plans to send many manifestations of the Holy Spirit throughout the world in this battle against satan. Many seers will spread the message until the word has reached every corner of earth. This mission has almost reached its fulfillment.

"Many have lost their souls for worldly gain. O My children, what have you to gain when you lose Heaven? Your gain is but a temporary gain. You must leave your earth as you were sent to it by the Spirit, taking nothing. You will have no credentials but the graces you have accumulated in your earthly existence.

"The road to Heaven, My children, has never been an easy one. It is satan who makes the road easy to lead you down the wide path.

"You must return to your homes and My Son's House the monuments--statues, My child--of godly nature. Your children cast their eyes upon the creations of satan now. They are soul destroyers. Bring back into your homes all the monuments of God, the statues.


"High priests of God and foolish virgins who have given themselves to the world, why have you chosen to go down the path to ruination? Your example has set many on the road to hell! Are you ashamed to stand forth and wear the habit of your order? No, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven by entering the world! When the world and the House of God become one, it is the end!

"My children, know well the words of truth that you will never gather the souls to the Father by casting aside the directions of the Father given through the prophets of old. You cannot set up new standards. Nothing ever changes in Heaven. The Father is, the Father was, the Father always will be! And the world will be as it was in the beginning, or it shall be changed gradually back to its normal state. This change will come about by a slow cleansing. It will be truly, My children, a crucible of suffering.

"I ask all who care to spread My Message of Heaven. There are many who have not yet received the word. The time grows short. Hasten, My children; work and receive many graces for your labors for the Father.

"The glories of Heaven far supersede anything that man can place in his mind of creation. There are no human words to describe the Kingdom of God to man. It is far beyond what any human could experience in emotion or visual.

"Many years ago the Father permitted My intercession for you in another part of your world. My tears fell upon many nations. My pleas went out to the world. But in earth time, too long, My children, was their action. Too long did those who should have known better set forth to save the souls! No! They preferred the ways of the world.

"Man no longer is humble. He will not be on his knees before his God. Therefore, he will be forced to return to his knees!

"My child, I perceive that you are quite upset. It is not My plan to frighten you. But, My child, what else can I say in the sight of what lies ahead for mankind? Can I tell you there will be peace, when there will be no peace? Can I tell you all will be well, when the darkness of spirit covers the earth?

"I am not One who can lie, for the father of all liars is satan. It is he who has deceived you with lies upon your earth. I bring you the truth from Heaven; but you must repent now, mend your ways, return your earth to its original state of godliness. Turn back now from satan; return to your God and make heavy penance for the many offenses against Him, for He plans great penance upon earth!

"I have placed Myself before the Father as a Mediatrix between God and man. I beg Him for time to reach My children upon earth. I know your limitations. I know your emotions, My children, for I, too, was once an earth creature.


"There are many in Heaven known to you who shed tears of sorrow with Me. They also were upon earth and had to make their way here to the Kingdom. Their success has given them great zeal to return and gather you all back onto the road to the Kingdom. Many will be visited by the saints of Heaven. This has been deemed necessary by the Father because of the great battle that is now raging upon earth for the souls.

"The armies of God will be set up to fight the armies of satan. You all, My children, have been given the choice for your salvation or eventual damnation.

"My child, you will sit now and rest. You must conserve your strength, for there is much work ahead. There are many souls to be reached in the time left for you. I bless you, My child and My children."

Veronica--Our Lady is raising Her beads. They're beautiful white beads; they're very large. And the Our Father is golden, and the crucifix is a beautiful golden color. And Our Lady now is blessing everyone: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. And Our Lady is holding the crucifix like this. She has a very large, golden crucifix. It is very beautiful. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is speaking very softly. Her voice is very low, and She's saying:

Our Lady--"Continue, My children, with your prayers of atonement. Many are needed.

"Many graces will be given to all who come here to My sacred grounds. I have chosen these grounds from many sites throughout earth for reason. Your city is like a cesspool. Your city is a cancer, the evil spreading out throughout the world.

"I know that among you there are many who will accept the cross and be disciples for My Son. Join Me, My children, as We gather your brothers and sisters. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen."

Veronica--"I will. . . . Yours is heavier, Mother; mine is very light. Yours is much heavier. Oh, yes, it's beautiful. It's very pretty. It's very beautiful, O Mother. Yes. Oh, He's just beautiful, Mother!


"Could I hold Him? He's not heavy at all. No, He's very light. Oh, yes. No, He wasn't a bit heavy, Mother. . . . [Words not clear] Here, Mother . . . The Rosary, yes, I will. I enjoyed it very much! Yes. Thank you, Mother."

I need the microphone. I asked Our Lady if She could appear to everyone. Our Lady said, "One day, yes, but now the Father gives not this permission," for She would be, Our Lady said, "profaned, profaned." Our Lady will give sight to many and one day, sight to all. I have asked Our Lady, as I feel that I would like to share all with everyone what I am able to see, and I asked Our Lady if She could allow everyone to see Her. But She said it's not in the will of our Father yet, because She would be profaned.

Our Lady said:

Our Lady--"Blessed is he who does not see, but yet will believe, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. Graces in abundance are given to you from these sacred grounds. Many will receive manifestations far beyond all human understanding. Do not discount them and look in the wrong corners, for satan will work among you creating wonders. But I assure you, My children, that you will not be deceived because satan cannot continue his deception. God is all-knowing and good. Satan is like the rotten apple; his odor will be given to you in time. He rots when he falls." [The prayers continue.]


Veronica--Our Lady says to tell you that the world would not have reached its present state if you had not forgotten the value of prayer. Prayer has been cast aside. And Our Lady says--

"I would rather, Mother, repeat Your words."


Our Lady--"My children, satan has taken from your minds and your hearts the reality of the world to come beyond the veil. In this manner, he gives you all the delights that pamper your human nature, making you succumb to the temptations of the flesh. Therefore, recognize the faces of evil among you. Do not follow like sheep to the slaughter. In your hearts, if you do not fall from the road and remain close to My Son in His House--come to Him often for counsel, and you will not be led astray by the agents of the prince of darkness who now roam throughout your world.

"My heart bleeds as a Mother for the youth of your land and the world, for they are truly the suffering victims of their elders, of poor example in the homes, poor example in the governments of your country and the world, and poor example in the House of My Son. What more can We do? My Son knows no answer but to bring an end to your era.

"I have begged you, My children, to turn back from your ways. There is no sand left in the hourglass. Heaven's time is not akin to man's. But I can assure you, My children, that earth's time grows very short. You will not be fully cleansed as in Noe's time. No, your world will not be destroyed wholly, but in a gradual cleansing until all that will remain will be those who will join My Son in setting up the Kingdom.

"I bring you the words of truth from the Father, and I beg your understanding that as your Mother I come to earth now to warn you and to guide you, with great hope that you will listen now and heed the words of My Son from Heaven. You are on the road to your own destruction. Many will be lost in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption!

"You must now cast aside the books created by satan for your destruction. You must return to your homes the Book of prophecy (Our Lady means the Bible) and read it. It is not a book that is nostalgic. I have heard, My child, that word used often by many in your world. It is not old-fashioned; it is not a myth.

"O My child, the words We have heard uttered, even in the houses of God, fall upon Our ears. We close Our ears, hoping to soften the thorns in My Son's heart, the knives that you have chosen to pierce into His heart. Already the chalice has overflowed. The balance of your destruction lies in your hands.


"Man will now make complete atonement to the Father, or he will receive his recompense by a major Warning to mankind, and should this go unheeded, a great Chastisement. In this Chastisement, My children, billions will be lost. Many lives will be lost."

Veronica--Oh! Oh! Our Lady says:


Our Lady--"Your earth in due time will be planet struck. This is the will of the Father. The pages of the Book of life and love (the Bible, Our Lady says) are turning faster and faster. Man fans the flames of the fires, and many fall into hell as fast as the snowflakes that fall from your heavens on earth time.

"You hold the balance for your own salvation and for the continuance of earth as you knew it. Penance, prayer, and atonement. Soon My words will be stopped. The Father now deems that the remaining time be spent in prayer and atonement, good works and example. These are the instruments for the salvation of mankind.

"You will continue now, My children, with your prayers of atonement. My Son will soon be here to bless your sacramentals."


Veronica--Due to the fact that after the last coming of Our Lady with Theresa, I was unable to be able to speak to all of you because we did not have the loudspeaker. But Our Lady requested this this evening.


Many will have trials, and Our Lady said that I am to tell you She does not come here as a prophet of doom, but as a prophet of truth for you, because She wishes to save all of you. And Our Lady said that man must now humble himself before the Father.

And now with Our Lady, on the right side, is Theresa. Saint Theresa, the Saint Theresa from France--Lisieux. And Theresa has been visiting since 1968. And things have been getting pretty rough lately, and Our Lady allows Theresa to come back now to guide me and help me with the work. And Theresa said now that we have the facilities to reach all she would like me to repeat her lesson given in 1968 for the spiritual condition of souls.

Now Theresa says--Our Lady calls her "little Theresa"--Theresa says that she actually left the word message in poem which I am to recite to you to give you an example of the only way that you will return to the Kingdom is if you strip yourself of your intellectual pride and return to a spiritual outlook of a child.

Now Theresa does not mean that you are to reduce yourself to the mentality of the child, but the trustfulness and the spirituality of a child. And the easiest way that I can give this example, Theresa said, is to repeat to you the poem-message she gave to me in a letter form that was to go out to the world in 1968. Theresa said you will call this "Spiritual Childhood." And this is the way you will speak to Jesus.

Dear Jesus, all I can do is just love You,

For my riches are here in my heart.

They're not locked or chained against stealing,

They're always free to depart.

I offer this gift to You, Jesus,

Accept it with Your precious joy.

I'm Yours to hold there in Your Kingdom,

Just treat me as Your little toy.

Now Theresa says in a writing that she left--I do have it home; I've never printed it. Many messages have not gone out to the world due to the fact that my health hasn't improved very much in the last few years. And it's not that I'm slowing down. I'm doing, Our Lady knows, the best I can with what little facilities I have. Because I'm, I'm really not much of an instrument for Our Lady; I don't seem to get the work out as fast as I'd like to. But Our Lady says that you must all now listen to the message that She's given and that many other instruments throughout the world--She means souls--have been chosen to bring this message, too.

It's just a simple message, actually, of returning to God. Inwardly, you have the light, which you haven't extinguished or have chosen to extinguish. And actually everyone has an inborn conscience once they are baptized as Christians. And they're--that opens the door of the Kingdom to you. You have been given a guardian, an angel. Many have cast aside the reality of the existence of the angels because they cannot be seen with the human eye. Much has been cast aside and called a myth or unbelieved because they cannot be seen by the human eye. That is why Our Lady says that the Father has chosen, given you--to give to you now in photographs what the human eye can't see. The Father said, "Blessed is he who does not see and yet believes."


But our world has now gone so far into darkness, spiritual darkness, that we need now many manifestations, Our Lady said, from Heaven so that man can be turned back from the road that's leading to his destruction. That is why you find things appearing from out of nowhere onto your cameras. This has been deemed by the Father. What Our Lady says here has been proven because it appears on photographs not taken by one person, but many. We now have thousands of photographs that attest to the message of Our Lady. What She says, you point your camera and She brings out on your camera--Kodak or Polaroid, there's no trickery, no fakery. Of course, the skeptics and the scoffers, Our Lady said, will say that you are performing some kind of trick photography. Well, we have to expect this, because this is the lot and the road to, Our Lady says, to all the saints. You have to expect rejection.

In fact, Theresa told me only last week, when things go too well then you'd better start really worrying. So therefore, we can't expect less a lot than Jesus. And though the road grows rough, you have to stand out as a really shining example. And don't worry about what your neighbor or your brother or your sister or your mother might think of you if you follow the road to Christ, because each individual has to stand alone as his soul leaves his body as absolute entity.


I have, myself, through the grace of God, been used as an instrument to see that there is life beyond this world. I have actually watched with my own human eyes through visions--that's what they're called, a vision--a man enter beyond the veil. And I watched him as he was looking back, trying to get the attention of the other individuals who were in the hospital where he died. For any of you that may have known him, I know that Vernon's brother wouldn't mind if I use his name. I was very familiar with a man who was printing Catholic messages for many years in an apostleship. His name was Vernon S. from Elyria, Ohio. And now his brother, his twin brother, Leroy, now continues the apostleship, a group speaking for Our Lady and Jesus.

But at the time of his death we were desperately in need of him to print Theresa's messages. This goes back to 1969. I believe it was October of 1969 when he passed on, Vernon. But I was in St. Robert's church at the time, praying at the altar railing by Jesus at a tabernacle, and begging Jesus to allow Vernon to live--he was in the last stages of terminal cancer--because we needed him. He promised to print Theresa's messages.

It was quite a struggle in the beginning, in 1968. That was before Our Lady decided to start the Shrine work here. I guess She sent Theresa to sort of train me from '68 to 1970, when Our Lady said then that She would be here and establish Her Shrine here. But during this time, I can assure you that the world won't be allowed to see anything, whether through these pictures that are being given to many, or through the visual sight that Our Lady spoke of tonight.

I'm very happy to hear from Our Lady that I won't be alone, that others are going to be allowed to see what I see. And therefore, this made me very happy because now for three years I have been asking Our Lady to allow everyone to see Her and She said it's not quite in the plan of the Father yet, but others will see. And also the Miracle She promised will be performed in due time.

But we must be patient, Our Lady said, and go ahead and reach the souls and continue with the work. And our major weapon will be prayer. When everything else, Our Lady said, goes wrong and satan-- you think that satan's really just got you down to the very last ounce of your energy and your resources, all you have to do is pray. And then Jesus reaches right out, because nothing is impossible to God. We have seen miracles of conversion and cure take place through Our Lady's intercession here from the sacred grounds. Many have been sent to the chancery, and many have been sent to the father, Father McDonald, because I try to send everything that happens here to everyone there. Because we want to share these graces with everyone.


Therefore, Our Lady said that you are all here not by accident, but because She called you here because of Her great love for mankind. And the Father has allowed Her to come as a Mediatrix between God and man. And therefore, Our Lady said, have great hope, that She stands there with us in the battle. And now we can expect what the Father said will have to take place. And we do, we keep on hoping that perhaps we hold the balance here and the other centers throughout the world that Our Lady has chosen to set up Her little armies. Perhaps we can perform the miracle that will allow us to hold back the coming Warning and Chastisement. All is conditional.

You see, the Father, like people tell you--many people come to me, and they say, "Well, if God is all good, He's not going to chastise us. He's not going to bring any type of destruction upon us." But you must understand. He doesn't do this but for your good. He will allow this in order to bring you back to Him. Therefore, now we will pray and continue with great hope and sincerity of heart that Our Lady will intercede with Heaven for our protection.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


Our Lady is so beautiful! Oh, She's stand--no, She's sitting down now. She was walking forward. She's dressed beautifully. Our Lady's sitting on--oh, the crown, it's just beautiful! It has--oh, red velvet. I never saw Our Lady dressed like this. Just so beautiful! She looks so, so queenly. And oh, on Her head is the most beautiful crown. It is all golden, and it has stones. I never saw stones like this; they're in points. The top of the crown comes out in points and the most beautiful stones.

Oh, and Our Lady now--the gown She has on is like a pink color, and--but it has a cape, because She's sitting on it. And it has a golden tie around the cape, and it extends down past the throne--I guess you'd call it a throne. It's a huge seat, beautiful golden seat, and so bright! But it looks like it's made of pure gold.

And Our Lady's cape now comes down below Her feet. And Our Lady is smiling because I'm looking at Her shoes. And She thinks it's quite funny that I'm looking at Her shoes, but I never saw Her slippers with--they have like golden rosebuds on Her slippers. Our Lady is now putting Her foot forward. I can see the golden rosebuds on Her slippers. It's so beautiful, Our Lady is.

Now Our Lady is bending down, and She says: "Continue, My child." Our Lady is very pleased, sounds like She thinks it's quite funny that I'm describing what She looks like. But let's now continue. [The prayers continue.]

Oh, Our Lady says:

Our Lady--"My child, you expected the battle. I have told you it would not be easy."

Veronica--Oh, now Our Lady said we are to pray for the dedicated. [Prayers continue.]


Jesus is now coming over; He's been here waiting. And I wanted to stop before but He said, "No, you must finish the prayers."

Now Jesus is over on the right side of the flagpole, and all who are able to kneel--I know Jesus would like you to kneel, because not--because--He wishes to be humble, but so few kneel now, He said, in the world. So, therefore, now--oh, He's so beautiful!

Jesus is standing on the right side now. He has on His red robe, and this cream-colored gown. And the robe now is over on His right arm. Now Jesus is coming over. He's floating. He doesn't walk; He kind of floats over. And He's standing now by my right side, that would be over by the tree. And now He's going to raise His hand. Now Jesus is--He's going like this to me. He wants me to listen:

Jesus--"My child, instruct the dear souls to hold all their sacramentals that are available, but it will not be necessary for them to remove from the cartons all articles of godly nature. I assure you, My children, I can see through them."

Veronica--And now Jesus is raising His hand high above His head, and He's making now the sign of the cross. He has His three fingers--I don't know if I can imitate it--His three fingers together, and He's saying:

Jesus--"I bless you, My children, In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."

Veronica--And now Jesus is going over--He's floating over. He doesn't walk; He just seems to glide, like the air carries Him right over. And now Jesus is in the--by the flagpole, right in front, just above Our Lady's statue's head. And His gown now is almost touching Our Lady's crown, right here. Now Jesus is looking over in that direction, and back; He's looking over there and back. But now He's raising His hand high above His head now. He's placing His hand different, though, like this; and He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is going over--Oh, Our Lady now has appeared. She's over by the trees, and She's coming over now. Our Lady--oh, She's so beautiful! She's dressed in a sort of a cream-colored gown with a beautiful cream-colored cape. It has gold trim all around the edge of it. And the gown itself is covered by a cape that reaches right across Her head. I can't see Our Lady's hair this evening. But now She's coming over, and She's standing by Jesus. And Our Lady is smiling. She's very beautiful. Our Lady looks tiny next to Jesus, because He's quite tall.

Now Jesus is coming over to the left side, and He's raising His hand, but not quite so high. It's like above His head here, like this. And He has His three fingers together. And He's now making the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Now Jesus is bending down. I'm to repeat:

Jesus--"I bless you, My children, with graces in abundance, graces necessary for the conversion of sinners and the restoration of health for bodily ailments. These graces will be given to propagate the work of the mission of My Mother. Many will scoff, many will reject, but sadly it is of their decision."

Veronica--Now Jesus is going over. Jesus talks more forcefully than Our Lady. Sometimes--it sounds sometimes like Michael; He booms, kind of, in my ears. But it's beautiful, though. He didn't have quite so loud as Michael the other evening.

And now Jesus is going over, and He's raising His hand now, and He's blessing now everyone by the trees here: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost--in the sign of the Trinity.

Now Our Lady is coming forward, and She has Her large Rosary. The beads are beautiful; they're like pearls. They're very, very large, very large. Now as She's holding them up, they're glittering. And the colors, though, they're white--I believe they're white; but they seem to glitter all colors, like they're catching the colors of the rainbow. And now the Our Father is golden, and now the--oh, the crucifix is very large. The crucifix is so large that it . . . it's exceptionally large this evening. Our Lady has made it--oh, Our Lady said the crucifix is very large because--oh!--of the heavy cross that will be placed upon the world.

Now Our Lady is taking Her crucifix, and She's now holding it like this. It's very large. And She's holding it straight, like this--like this, Our Lady.

Our Lady--"In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. I, too, My children, tell you of the great graces gained for your listening to Our call. Our call goes out to the world, and many respond. This gladdens Our hearts, for We know that with each call there is the possibility of recovering another soul."

Veronica--And now Our Lady is looking over in this direction, and She's raising Her crucifix: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Now Jesus is coming forward, and He says:

Jesus--"Veronica, My child, and My children, be not dismayed by the agents sent among you. They come to disturb. [Voices of many hecklers can be heard in the background.] The scoffers are many, but remember My words: only a few will be saved in the final count. How sad, how sad, My children, the knowledge: only a few will be saved in the final count!"

Veronica--And now Jesus is raising His hand: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Now Jesus is now floating; He's backwards, going backwards over by the tree, and Our Lady is coming forward.

Now--oh, I hear . . . they're angels. I hear voices singing. Oh! Oh, they know also the songs we sing! They're singing: Hallelu-u-u-u-jah! Hallelu-u-u-u-jah! But I can't repeat it. So now there's an angel standing next to Our Lady. Oh, it's Michael! Oh, Michael. You can't miss Michael; his hair is so golden. It hurts your eyes to look at him. His hair is just like a brass, sort of a, metallic sort of brass. Oh, He says: "Translucent, not brass."

Well--and Our Lady said we are free now to sing as we please the joyous tunes that are reaching to Heaven.


Now Our Lady said She would like me to make an announcement in my own words.

"I'd rather that . . . repeat Your . . ."

It's much easier to repeat Our Lady's words than to speak for myself, because I'm a little frightened to speak for myself.

Oh, Our Lady said all right, She will guide me.


Our Lady wants it known that we are gathering for the records of holy Church all the testimonies of cure and conversion, and they're multiplying. Our Lady said:

Our Lady--"They will more than multiply, My child; they will astound you in the times to come.

"The medal which you cast will be known throughout the world. You will soon understand why We asked you to cast this medal."

Veronica--And now Our Lady said all the manifestations are to be kept on record. We do have--Our Lady wants you to know we do have actual testimony of cure of blindness, a blindness of twenty-five years; of conversion of a man away from the Sacraments for forty-six years. All the testimonies of conversions--we have many, many, and we're keeping on file, and we send as many as we can, for the work is very heavy, through the proper channels. We hope they reach the Holy Father.

And we've also--Our Lady said that She will direct that Lucy receives Jacinta's picture. I've sent it many times to Coimbra, the messages from Jacinta here with Our Lady. Jacinta has appeared now more than three times with Our Lady, and I have sent the messages to Coimbra, Portugal, where Lucy is. Because Our Lady said that Lucy will bear witness to the truth of Jacinta's appearing here.

That is one of the great graces, and presently, Our Lady said, it will remain a mystery, but in time you will understand. Lucy will bear witness to the truth of reality of the appearance of Our Lady at this Shrine.

Now Our Lady said you must also honor the Father. [The Our Father is sung.]


Our Lady also wants you to know at this time that as we go forward in the battle against the spirits, you will have much difficulty because you will feel almost as though you are alone, but that you'll have Jesus and Our Lady and all of the saints of Heaven with you. You are never alone. It's only when you look for comfort from man, Our Lady said, that you will feel loneliness.

But when you know the existence and you receive the grace of knowledge of the existence and the true presence of Jesus and Our Lady here with you, you will never be lonely. Because you will look forward to the day when you will join Them in Heaven.

The road here on earth will be very difficult now, Our Lady said, in the future. She wants you to know that you will be a minority. There will be scoffers; you will be subject to scorn. And this scorn will not only be from those outside, but within your own families. Each family will have a delegate from Heaven. Each one will be chosen as an example. No family will be barren. In each family, Our Lady said, there will be one chosen to set example. In this manner She hopes to restore the homes.


Our Lady says that Jesus looks into many homes and is very, very unhappy to see the state of affairs. There are many homes that are not good in the eyes of the Father because They find that the example being set to children is very poor. And this the Father disapproves of, for the major fall or the major redemption of the soul of the child will rest with the family. Therefore, all families must unite in one common goal, the goals of Christ, to bring their children on the path to the Kingdom. They must teach them that outside the home satan has set many snares to entrap them. Therefore, it will be a difficult fight because when the child leaves home, he leaves his safe abode.


Therefore, Our Lady cautions you parents that you be sure to have a sacramental about the neck of your child, whether it be the Scapular which She prefers, or the medal of Our Lady of the Roses or the many other sacramentals given through the ages. You must not be without your armor, and your children must not be without your armor.

Now the scoffers today and the agents of hell have tried to remove this truth from among you. They tried to disprove and discredit the sacramentals as being either idolatry or worshiping or superstition. But this is also the workings of satan. These were given to you as your protection and your armor. Without them you will be lost. Without them you cannot escape satan, nor his agents. And they are doubling in force against you.

Our Lady said there will be great trial in the propagation, also, of Her work. And this you can expect: the more souls we regain for Heaven, the more satan will send his agents out to destroy us. But this they must know: the Father only permits this for a reason. For no agent on earth or in hell can be higher than the Father Who created all, the Father in Heaven.

Know you--of the battle, Our Lady said, "Know you well"--I'm trying to repeat Our Lady's words exactly--"Know you well, My children, that the eventual victory is with the Father. This will be a war of the spirits, and a great War. But satan cannot win. The eventual victory is with the Father, Who created you."