The Message of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica of the Cross

"There will be a reprieve from Heaven if you fulfill the request of the Father."

October 2, 1973

The Holy Guardian Angels & eve of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus

Veronica--. . . increase our prayers because satan now is doing great battle to stop Her work throughout the world. And today, this evening, Our Lady spoke with me shortly before coming here to the sacred grounds, and I know now that we are fast approaching the Warning.

[The prayers begin.]


Just above the flagpole, Theresa is standing with Our Lady. Our Lady is dressed very beautifully. Now Theresa is coming forward with Our Lady, and they're standing to the right side of the flagpole. Now Theresa is bending over. She is referring to her headpiece. She has a white band about her hair under her veil. Now Theresa is whispering. I'm to repeat:

St. Theresa--"My sisters, it is the will of God that you show no vanity in your habit. Therefore, you will cover your hair."

Veronica--Now Theresa has a band, a white band, and her veil, her black veil covers it. She's pinning it now with what looks to be a clip, over a very stiff, white headpiece that covers her hair completely to her forehead, so that I don't see any hair at all--just her face.

Our Lady now is standing over on Theresa's left side; Theresa would be at Our Lady's right side. And Our Lady is dressed very beautifully in white, and above Her head there's a large circlet of diamonds. No, they look like diamonds, but they're more like the stars. Beautiful! They're just beautiful. They're suspended over Our Lady's head. And Our Lady has on a beautiful white gown. And the cape is very long, and it's bordered with golden braid--very beautiful.

Now Our Lady is looking down. Oh, She has on slippers; Our Lady has on golden slippers. But--oh, She's smiling and raising Her skirts slightly. Oh, on Her slippers She has flowers. They're roses, but they're made of gold--very beautiful!

Now Our Lady is speaking with Theresa. Theresa is smiling, and she's--now Theresa is coming forward, and Our Lady is nodding to her. And Theresa is saying:


St. Theresa--"My sisters of the convents, you must return to a life of mortification and self-privation. You have succumbed to the lures of satan, loving more the pleasures of worldly flesh than the ecstasies that lie beyond the veil when you pass over. Your lives must return to the rule, the strict rule of self-discipline. Your example is very poor to the children. Your actions have not gone by unnoticed by the Father. You will be called to task for your bad example."


Veronica--Now coming down behind Our Lady and Theresa, there's a man. Oh, I know . . . . He's dressed all in white. He's quite a stocky man, and he has like a yarmulke on his head, sort of. "Oh, no," he says, "I am Pius." But--and he's pointing up. [Veronica sees writing.] "X . . . X . . . Ten." Oh, Pius, Pope Pius X! Saint Pius X.

Oh, he's a good-looking man. He has--I can see very close-cropped hair; it's very white. And he's smiling, and he's saying in a very heavy, masculine tone:

Pope Pius X--"I left behind with you many writings, warning of what was to come about when I left your earth. Why have you cast them aside? They were inspired from the Father. You are traveling now onto the road of modernism and rationalizing your offenses against the Father."

Veronica--Now he's standing with his hand in front of him, like this--like this, and making the sign of the cross, like this, upon everyone. Now he's also turning over towards the left side of the flagpole, and going like this. His hand is together like this, his fingers. He's blessing everyone with his hand, like this. Oh!

Now Our Lady and Theresa are floating--they don't walk, they just seem to glide--over to the right side by the trees. And they're standing there, and Our Lady is looking over past the flagpole. Oh, and Michael is standing there now. Oh, he's very large. Michael is very large, very beautiful. His brilliance--I can't see beyond the light. I couldn't describe his face. Our Lady says to describe what I see.

Oh, I see a very large, man-like looking figure, but he's got very--you know that he's not earthly because he's very ethereal looking. He's dressed differently than we do. He does have about him a short skirt, but he has on a mantle of silver that looks like armor about his chest. And he's holding a spear.


Now Michael is pointing up to the sky, and--oh, my goodness! There is--there's a terrible creature; it's a snake-like creature. It looks--oh, the cobra. It's a snake in the sky. And now it's standing up on almost the tip of its tail, and it's weaving back and forth. It's beginning to weave back and forth like a pendulum. And now Our Lady--it's very frightening to watch it. And now Michael is coming forward, and he's pointing up with the spear. And Michael is saying:

St. Michael--"See, my child and my children, the spell that satan has cast upon you. You harken to his call and follow him as sheep to the slaughter. You must use all the armor given to you through the ages of earth-time for your protection."

Veronica--Our Lady now is coming forward. And I see Michael pointing up with the spear. And that horrible-looking thing seems to be disappearing, evaporating, like--like it was smoky, and disappearing. I can't see it anymore. Now Our Lady is coming forward. She's very beautiful. And She's holding out Her Rosary. It's a very large white Rosary with golden Our Fathers and a very large golden crucifix. Now She's leaning forward.


Our Lady--"My child, shout to the world: With My beads of prayer and other sacramentals you can save your souls and the souls of those you love, and there will be a reprieve from Heaven if you fulfill the request of the Father to make full atonement for the offenses to the Father, Who is the Lord high God of Heaven and earth."

Veronica--Now I see suspended in the air a large Scapular. I recognize it as a brown Scapular. It's very large. And it has the figure of Our Lady, and She's holding the Infant Jesus in Her hands. And on the other side--it's strung clear across the sky--are figures, box figures of some type of writing that I don't understand--the figures I don't understand, on this. They're like, kind of almost box-like figures.

And Our Lady now is pointing over behind the flagpole, and there is also another Scapular that has one string. Oh, it is the green Scapular. Our Lady says:


Our Lady--"Repeat, My child: The promises I have made still hold true, for all who wear these sacramentals will enter over the veil and escape the eternal fires.

"You will, My child, instruct the mothers and young peoples of the world to devote the remaining time to making these safeguards to their human body and eternal soul. Better they occupy themselves with objects of God than those diversions created by satan at the present time.

"My child, many of the objects of God have been cast aside to be replaced by soul destroyers. The soul destroyers must be removed from within the homes, the schools, and the streets of your country, and especially the foul dens of evil promoted by the prince of darkness in your cities. Your children are the principal objects for seduction by satan.

"Parents hold now a great responsibility for the fall of their children's souls. Many of those chosen to direct these souls have lost their way and have taken the road of temporal pleasures and seducements of satan. They have given themselves to the world and have lost the road to sanctity and the Father.

"Remove the corruption from within the House of God, and you will find your doors opened and the houses of God renewed. A House in darkness wears a band of death about it. A Church in darkness wears a band of death about it. All that is rotten will fall. Truth shall not be clouded in darkness.

"The spirit of evil roams throughout your country and the world. Soon there will be sent upon you a great Warning. Take heed and recognize the hand of the Father upon you. Should you turn your back upon this Warning, you will receive in due time the great Chastisement.

"My child, what more can I add in human words to the warning that I have given in many places through many voice-boxes throughout the world? Three human words must stand forth as your way of life: Penance, atonement, sacrifice--now!"

Veronica--And the words are being written in the sky: N-O-W: "NOW!"

And over to the right side of the flagpole, there's a huge hourglass, a huge hourglass, and there's no sands left in the upper half. And over to the left side, I see a pendulum, and it's swinging back and forth, back and forth. And above the flagpole is a large round ball that's starting to spin faster and faster and faster! It is rotating, and it's a tremendous size! Tremendous! And it's going very fast about the eagle. Oh! Oh! Oh, I see a ball--oh, it's tremendous! Oh, and it's shooting out behind it vapors and the gases. Oh, it's a most frightening sight. Oh!

"Science!" There's a voice booming; it's so loud it hurts my ears. Oh, Michael--Michael is coming forward.


St. Michael--"My child, my voice resounds through urgency. Science! Man of science ever seeking, but never reaching the truth! Intellectual pride has been the downfall of many."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is coming forward. She doesn't look as happy as She did before; She looks very sad. And Our Lady is talking very, very low; I can barely hear Her.

Our Lady--"My child, My heart is saddened because of the knowledge that so many will be lost to the Father when the great Ball of Redemption descends upon your earth.

"Now that the Message of Heaven resounds throughout the world, the forces of evil have now come forward with increased ferocity. My child and My children, be prepared for a great battle with satan. The more you advance forward and become a close apostle and disciple of the Father, the more satan will set his snares for you.

"If your country refuses to accept the words from the Father, you will not escape the great Chastisement."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is walking forward. She's not walking, She's floating forward. And now there are three beautiful angels, and they're placing about Our Lady a beautiful blue cape. Oh, it's so beautiful! It's almost like the one we have here. Oh, it is so beautiful, every direction the light shines upon it. And they are placing upon Our Lady's head a golden crown. Oh, Our Lady looks very beautiful, very beautiful!

Now Our Lady--oh, there's an angel coming forward, and he--oh, the angel is carrying a wreath. It's like a headpiece all made of roses, white roses. And Our Lady now is looking back, and Theresa--oh, Theresa now is coming forward. Oh! Oh, she looks so beautiful! She has now on a white cape--it looks white in the light--over her long . . . it's a brown, now, dress; it's very long. And she has a beautiful white cape on. And now she has also--the cape is white.

And Our Lady--now she's kneeling down in front of Our Lady, and Our Lady is placing on her head the white circlet of roses. It's just beautiful! Oh, beautiful!

Now from the sky I see all of these angels coming forward. Oh, there are hundreds of them. They're so beautiful, so beautiful! Oh, and also there are many nuns. They're all dressed in long habits, but they're quite different in their habits. The way their headpieces are, they must be of different orders.

But now three are coming and standing near Theresa and Our Lady. Now Our Lady is placing Her hand out. Oh, and Theresa now is standing up. Oh, now I see her very clearly, very clearly. Oh, now Theresa is saying:


St. Theresa--"Veronica, the road to Heaven is filled with thorns. You will gather the petals along the way, but these you will not keep for yourself. You will prefer the thorns.

"The road to sanctity is one of childhood. It is one of abandonment to the will of the Father. Veronica, you have not yet learned to abandon yourself to the will of the Father. However, do not feel sad, for I, too, had to pray for this grace. You must pray more to accept and desire nothing of the world.

"Do you remember, Veronica, the little poem-message I gave to you a short time ago? Repeat it, Veronica."

Spiritual Childhood

All I can do is just love You,

For my riches are here in my heart.

They're not locked or chained against stealing;

They're always free to depart.

I offer this gift to You, Jesus;

Accept it with Your precious joy.

I'm Yours to hold there in Your Kingdom,

Just treat me as Your little toy.

St. Theresa--"Yes, Veronica, you have not forgotten the lesson of long ago."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is coming over, and now bending forward.

Our Lady--"You have been concerned, My child, that you have not had the opportunity to send forth the present message to the world. Do not be concerned, for My major message has now gone throughout the earth. You will find there will be many obstacles placed in the path for the dispensing of this message. However, the Father has a plan for each soul.

"Go forward with prayer; go forward with trust and abandonment to the will of the Father. You will be guided here from the sacred grounds, but satan will do greatest battle now to stop you, My child. Know that We are with you, and We send you the graces to accept My Son's cross."

Veronica--Now Our Lady is raising Her cross from Her Rosary very high above Her head, and She's blessing everyone, like this. Oh, She's holding it like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

And Our Lady is turning over now towards the right side--our right side. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. And now Our Lady is pointing over and upward. Oh! Oh! There's--oh, Jesus is standing there, too. Now He's going like this. Oh.

Jesus--"Return to your seat, My child. I will bless the sacramentals in due time, but the prayers of atonement are much needed. Continue, My child, and do not be affected by outside disturbances.

"I did not ask you to kneel, for I have a plan to strengthen you in the battle ahead."

Veronica--Now Michael is going over--he's, he's holding a very large golden chalice, very beautiful! Oh! But I can't--it's like Jesus . . . looks . . . oh, so sad.

Now Jesus is coming forward. And Michael is standing there. Now Jesus is smiling.

Jesus--"I will, My child, be with you always. Comfort Me by visiting with Me more often in My House.

"I know the schedule I give you is very heavy, but My child, you will find you will accomplish your clerical work much faster if you join Me and unite your heart with Mine in My House daily."


Veronica--Now I see a beautiful red heart. It's beautiful, though it's bleeding. And I see . . . it . . . I see--oh, I see more . . . oh, my body floating--oh, way up, up towards the flagpole. And then--now, it's like my self is just standing right next to--it's sort of two hearts.

"My heart is Yours. I consecrate myself to Your holy Heart. I consecrate my family, my friends, and those most in need, to Your Sacred Heart."

Now Jesus is coming forward. He's speaking very softly.

"Should I speak out?"

Jesus--"My child, I can speak to you in private, or you can share My conversation with the world."

Veronica--"I seek for, O Jesus, to share the conversation with the world, for nothing is mine, for all that I have is given to me but for a short time by the Father. Therefore, I do wish to share all with the world."

Jesus--"Veronica, My child, the words you speak now were not of your own, but I have instructed little Theresa to stand with you in the future days. She has guided you well in the first step of My plan. Now she will direct you with My Mother."

Veronica--And Our Lady now is coming forward. She's very beautiful. Oh, She's so beautiful! Now Jesus is also saying:

Jesus--"I have asked you purposely to sign "V" with the sign of My suffering and the letters "J-M-J-T." We are united with you for the salvation of mankind. All messages given in the past are for mankind."


Jesus--"You are to close your ears to the sound of the serpent. You are to retire into a life of prayer and mortification. You will be given the grace to understand fully, My child, when the time is right.

"No, My child, I am not displeased. I expect a human reaction from you. No, My child, it is not necessary for you to speak to Me for the world.

"Your question will be answered very shortly, My child. I promised you the sign, and it will be given very soon. Confidence, My child! My words are not given idly."

Veronica--Now Jesus is raising His hand like this, His three fingers, and blessing: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus--"Be seated, My child. Continue with the prayers of atonement, much needed for a darkened generation."



Veronica--I see a large ball. I see a large ball, and it's spinning. And on one side it looks white, but the other side looks orange. Now I see it coming very close. It's the earth; I can see it's the earth. And I see . . . I see large, huge waves. Oh, they're very high! It took the house very fast. The water starts to rise very fast, and people are running; they're running. One woman is running, and she has a little girl about two years old. She is trying to run with her. The water . . . the water . . . I see it's washed down the houses, because they're floating down. They're floating now--oh, it's impossible to believe! It's like a huge dam broke, and the water's just rushing now over the city.

Then--oh, it is raining very heavily, and I see waters again, but not like the others. These are coming from--like mountains. And the water is pouring down from the mountains onto the houses. And they're terrible! Houses are just washed away like they're a piece of paper. And people--they're trying to hold onto the trees. Oh! Oh!

I never saw a city . . . with water . . . . It's impossible, but it's happening. People are in subway stations and the water is coming in. [Veronica speaks haltingly, in great distress.]

Now it's growing very dark, very dark. And now there is appearing over the dark sky a great letter. Oh, it, it doesn't look good. The letter is "W". It's written in the sky: "W", but it's all in black, a huge "W" all in black, written above the eagle. The tip of the "W" comes almost level with the top of the flagpole, the center part of it. "W".

"Warning! Warning! Warning!" A voice repeated three times: "Warning! Warning! Warning!" Three times.



Our Lady wants you to know at this time that She requests that all who are able to come to the First Friday services in the holy House of Her Son, the church, the main church of St. R.--in obedience I cannot use the word, so I do try to be obedient to the best of my human capability--at St. R., the pious church, from nine to ten p.m. the First Friday will be held. Please do come. Our Lady said your prayers and your sacrifices are very sorely needed. Therefore, it will be this Friday from nine to ten p.m. in the main church, where you will also receive the opportunity to be with Jesus.

Due to satan's rampaging throughout the world and the House of God, you have not been able to be with Jesus in His House for the hours necessary for reparation. That is why there are many places chosen throughout the world where the souls are gathering to make this reparation necessary for the avertment, or perhaps if not able at this time to stop the oncoming Warning, but to lessen its effects upon our city and our families here in New York.

Therefore, please, all attend the First Friday nine to ten p.m. at St. holy church down here. And for those who are able, promote the First Friday Holy Hour or all-night vigils within your own parishes, and of course, the First Saturdays. Because Our Lady has promised, and Our Lady never goes back on Her promise--that if you do fulfill the First Saturdays promised when Her visits were made at Fatima you will receive many graces. There are a number of First Saturdays you must offer for reparation.

Now the destruction or the salvation or the absolute destruction of mankind in cleansing--that is your balance now; the balance is held in your hands. Our Lady said the hourglass has run out, that man must now make the decision. For the Father stands ready to bring the Warning upon you. We do hope, we do pray, and we make reparation for those offenses that have brought down upon man the many signs of punishment in floods, drugs, untimely deaths. We beg those who promote within the ranks of Christians abortions, which are murders in the eyes of the Father. This must be stopped at once, or this city will not escape the Chastisement nor the effect of the coming Warning.

All who retire from the seduction of satan will be saved. All who accept and wear the sacramentals given by Our Lady will be saved. Their example will be the example necessary for the salvation of their children's souls.

Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice, Our Lady begs of you, for the Warning is soon coming upon you. It will be most frightening, but Our Lady said She wants you to know it will not be fatal, the Warning. The fatalities will come with the Chastisement. This Warning will be given by the Father as a small measure, as an indication to man that He will no longer tolerate the abuses that are taking place in family life, throughout your government, schools, and the abuses being condoned within His House upon earth. Our Lady said She uses the word House, but in our world we call it Church.

Therefore, we will continue now with your prayers of atonement. But please, the First Fridays, because you must now store up the graces for the days ahead. Nine to ten p.m. at St. Church down here at the end of the road. [The Rosary continues.]


It's very important that I tell you now this. This lady, I believe the--I don't want to mention names unless they say . . . [words not clear]--is it all right if I use your name?--just received a photograph that's so stupendous that I was almost ready to fall off my seat. In that photograph here, Polaroid, she has actually received the information I did from Our Lady secretly tonight. I can assure you what's in that picture--she saw part of it and I may have given it away, because I was to keep this, Our Lady said, a secret. But that picture so overwhelmed me--Our Lady knows that I'm not one for keeping secrets easily.

But I can tell you this, that we're not out for--to frighten anyone, Our Lady said; this is no scare campaign. And we're not people who are running around like we've been accused of being prophets of doom. That's not true. We're only telling you the truth, that the Warning will be very soon.


Therefore, we urge--that's why we're urging you to attend now any services or promote any services in atonement. That would be all-night vigils, Holy Hours. All of you should make extra effort now to promote Holy Hours. Between now and, I can tell you--between now and January, please, between now and January. All prayers of atonement, acts and sacrifices must be made. I have a photograph actually of the coming Warning. I have the date of the coming Warning. That I'll tell you now, but until Our Lady gives me the permission, I will not give you the actual date. But I know for a surety now this evening the actual date of the coming Warning. And I can assure you it is very, very soon.

Therefore, please attend. The only place I know of now--I know that there are all-night vigils held by the Joey Lomangino groups here on Long Island, the Garabandal groups. I know they hold all-night vigils. And I know that one of the fathers of St.--I can't use the name. I was, I was in obedience; I'm not to use the name--of St.-down-the block will have a Holy Hour from nine to ten o'clock. And please, all, if you are from this neighborhood or only a short distance, do come. Because last year this Holy Hour, which was then called Nocturnal Adoration, was stopped because of the lack of attendance. So this--I will be there myself, also. From nine to ten p.m. this coming Friday. Please, all come. Bring your friends, your relatives.

If you could see and know what is going to fall upon you, you will run fast, but then it will be too late. So please, do come in great numbers. If you are from this neighborhood, at St.-down-the block from nine to ten o'clock, please. And continue the Rosary. Friday, that's this coming Friday, and that would be for the month of October. Then the First Friday I do--the month of November. And the First Friday, the month of December. And I hope the First Friday, the month of January and February and March, and thereafter. That's all I can tell you at this time. But perhaps I've even told you more than I should have. But please, do attend these First Fridays and First Saturdays. It's very urgent. And especially I believe many of you must be local people--nine to ten o'clock Friday evening, this Friday evening, the First Friday. We have October and November, and we have December. And from there on, we'll have others, I hope. So therefore, please, the First Friday. And continue the Rosary.

[The prayers continue.]


Jesus now raised His hand. He is ready to bless the sacramentals. All who are able will kneel in the presence of God. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is coming over to my right side, on this side. Now Jesus is--oh, He's very beautiful. Oh, there's no way to explain the light; the light is so beautiful! Oh, now Jesus is raising His hand over His head, like this, His three fingers together, and He's making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost--blessing all sacramentals on the right, on my right side; that would be by the tree.

Jesus is nodding. Now He's coming slowly over to between the trees and the flagpole. Now He's raising His hand and looking down now, like this. And He's making now the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Now Jesus is saying:

Jesus--"I send upon you graces, bestow upon you graces in abundance: graces for cure and conversion, graces for the salvation of your soul and the souls of your loved ones."

Veronica--Now Jesus is moving over to the left side, which is His--my left side, and Jesus is just over by the flagpole. Now He's raising His hand, and He's saying:

Jesus--"It will not be necessary to remove your objects of God from your person or packages."

Veronica--Now He's raising His hand, and He's blessing in the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Now Jesus is floating over, over close to the trees now. He's just down by the leaf. In fact, His sandal now just about touches the leaf. And He's raising His hand now, but it's low--it's almost even with His chest. And He's saying:

Jesus--"I bless you in the name of the most high God, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: one God, united in three Divinities; one God."

Veronica--Now Jesus is now going over to the center of the flagpole. Now Jesus--oh, He wants me to stand up and repeat. Oh, on my own? All right.


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Jesus wants you to know that many marriages are not approved of by Heaven. The example within the home has led many children onto the road to hell. There will be no rationalization of adultery, there will be no rationalization of the breaking up of the home in divorce. Marriages consummated and blessed by God the Father shall not be dissolved by the whims of man.

Know ye now that satan rules throughout your world for a short time. He has the power to turn the husband against his spouse, and the wife against her husband. Know you now that you cannot escape the fires of hell if you dissolve a marriage blessed by God the Father. It is permanent, and in the eyes of God, permanent unto death.

Now Jesus wants me to explain in my own words, which I find difficult. It's much easier when I repeat Our Lady's or Jesus' words. But this man must understand: that satan works through the mind. That there are many homes broken by estrangements, divorce, and separation. Know that satan promotes most of these. His advantage is to disunite in the home.

You see, when you break up the family, you can conquer the souls. The family has been started by God as an anchor. Children are blessed when born into a home which has been created by God through the uniting of man and woman in the Sacrament of holy Church. Therefore, all abuses that man has now subjected him and his family to have been created by satan for the destruction of his soul.

Know that when you find yourself straying from the path, it is not to follow your fancy, but the rule of satan. It is he who has placed temptation before you; it is he who will seek to take you from your home so that he will eventually capture your soul when you pass over the veil.

This may be difficult for you to understand, but it's quite simple. Many homes are breaking up today; many children are going astray. It's not just a sign of the time; it's a sign of the entrance of satan and the loss of grace in the homes. Therefore, you can rebuild your home by returning to the plan of God. Unite as husbands and wives with a common goal to please God. Once you both go in opposite directions, following your fancy and the wills of the flesh and the desires of the flesh, you go onto the wide road that leads to satan and hell.


And do not fall now into this new modernism and humanism created by satan for your destruction. There is no rationalizing sin. Sin has now become a way of life throughout your world, and in this country. This country faces severe chastisement because Our Lady said that this country was placed under Her protection, and it is only for that reason that She has been allowed by the Father to come onto earth to warn you and prepare you for what lies ahead.

Those who listen and cast aside Her words, which have been directed from the Father, have made their choice. No man will go without the word before the final Chastisement. Each man will have made his own decision. You cannot have both. You cannot follow the pleasures of the flesh and the creations of satan, which are enticing to your human nature, and still enter the Kingdom. You must deny yourselves these enticements. You must pray for the grace, pray much, Our Lady said, for the grace to understand that your life is only temporal, that it could be the end for your earthly existence tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month--there is no one here or upon earth that knows the hour in which he must leave. Therefore, you must be prepared at all times.

And many now are unprepared. They have cast aside the rules given by God. The Commandments of God must be followed, or you cannot enter the Kingdom. There is no division of faith, because Moses entered the world and set down the rules of God. And when these rules were not followed, punishment and chastisement was close upon them. Therefore, do not fall into the web of satan. Do not listen and blindly be led away from God by satan with his honeyed words--for he can quote Scripture also--that you will enter Heaven, that you will enter because of love. The word "love" now has been spread thin, Our Lady said. It has been used to cover sin. The word "love" is not understood by man. Love, love and peace has been abused in the eyes of God. It's been used, abused, and used to give you a false, a false maxim of humanism and modernism to live by, that eventually leads to satanism.

The major victims of this era now of satan are your children. So you, as parents, have the key to Heaven for yourselves and your children through your direction. You have the truth in your hearts as parents, and as such you must bring it to your children.


Now many of you have objection to the practices in holy Church. It is too late now to rebel and start a fight or to stay away. You gain nothing by leaving. A house divided falls. Therefore, you will all stand together, Our Lady said, and Jesus, and pray. If you find that there's something that you disapprove of, don't walk away. What kind of homes would you have when a husband and wife fight and then, the easy way out, just walk out? And who suffers but the children? Therefore, return to holy Church. If you object about some of the practices of your pastors or your cardinals or your bishops, you are free to tell them so. They are human beings subject to error. But they need your prayers, too, just as well as I need your prayers as a human being, and you need my prayers. So together we will fight satan.

And together with Our Lady and Jesus, we are going to win, because the holy Book says that in the eventual conquest of earth, it will be under Jesus. Satan now has complete run of the world, but it is only for a short time. Because eventually we will have the return of Jesus, and by that time the world will have been cleansed and man will be returned to the original plan of the Father. And there will be restored a peace, a genuine peace with God, and an understanding again of man with God. And this you will accomplish because Our Lady has come here to earth to lead you back, back onto the road to the Kingdom. And Our Lady gives you the sacramentals and the direction, and She has now countless years in earth's time.

But now we have reached the crucial point, the turning point. Now we will start in with an intervention from Heaven. And if this does not bring man back to his senses, it will have to be through trial. A good human example of this would be when the War comes. The churches were filled to overflowing in the second World War. But as soon as the danger was over and a little trouble started, they're empty. But that--you must remember that the foundation of the Church is Jesus; it is not the human being. The priests of holy Church are human. They can make mistakes as human beings. But always remember, during the Consecration of the Host, they have, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the absolute power from God to change the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus, physically and spiritually present during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is not a meal; it is an actual sacrifice of Jesus for the sins of man.


This now--it's not easy for me to stand and speak on my own, as I say, but Our Lady wants you to know the greatest hope is that She was given the permission by the Father to come to earth and use many seers throughout the world to warn man. And we do know that eventually the serpent, which is a representation in human ways, being unable to see beyond the veil with our human eyes, satan's world--Our Lady and Jesus and the Father wisely represent these unseen enemies of God in figures like the serpent and the demons and the gremlin-looking figures that we have in photographs. Your human eyes and your human emotions could not stand the fear of seeing the true devil or satan as he is in existence. Therefore, Our Lady said pray, and pray much, for the hour and the time has come for the intervention of God.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


. . . that not to be concerned of the distraction without the Shrine grounds. Outside the Shrine grounds is what Our Lady means. You must understand that in our present crisis, and in the plan of the Father, mortification and lack of self-will, but the divine plan of God must be followed. Therefore, we gather here and be subjected to the jeer of the scoffers because Saint Paul told you in those days there will be scoffers, non-believers, children who will turn against parents. Now if you will read the words of Saint Paul, one of the founders of holy Church, he knew and he tried to leave behind his legacy in writing to you of what will happen in the latter days. And you have to be pretty blind to not recognize the signs of the time. We are in the beginning of the latter days before the Second Coming, and everything that Saint Paul said would happen is happening.

I want this particularly, because it must go throughout the world, taped. Not that I am taping for myself, but for mankind.

Know that we are in the beginning of the latter days and how fast upon us the Chastisement will come will depend upon man, and whether he heeds the warning of the Father being given throughout the world now. The time and the Day of the Lord is at hand. Now this is not the word of a fanatic or a false prophet, but just a messenger of God. I'm just a human being being used by Our Lady, as She is using many others throughout the world as voice-boxes to warn you and prepare you, because the day had to come.

It has all been in the plan of the Father that one day all this was to come about. But of course, man had the will, in his free will to hasten these days upon himself, or to hold them back. Our Lady has fought now for years to hold back the darkness.

We can use the year 1917 as an illustration. Our Lady appeared at Fatima and She warned, but very few listened. And they do not listen today, either. Believe me, the numbers who are saved will be counted in the few. And all that do come and listen and heed Our Lady's message will be counted among those saved. And God have mercy and pity for those who will be lost, because many will be lost. Our Lady said that we know God is all-merciful, but you do make your own choice of Heaven or hell. So let us pray.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.