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September 15, 2001
Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

Dear fellow pilgrim and devotee,

WE ARE ALL DEEPLY SADDENED and stunned by the terrible tragedy that rocked our country. Indeed, Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001 will be another day of infamy in American history as we grimly recall the cruelest and deadliest act of terrorism ever to strike any nation.

        As you all know, Our Lady and Our Lord prophesied many times that terrorism would devastate this nation. Unfortunately and tragically, Our Lady’s warning has been ignored at large, but we are thankful for Her message because it has prepared and strengthened us in every way for trials like this and for any more that are coming in these dark days.

        And so, being abundantly blessed, it is important we remain calm and confident in God’s care and be an anchor for our fellow citizens, many who are having difficulty coping.

        Tonight’s vigil and the next, the Feast of St. Michael, will be offered as a special memorial for the thousands of victims and their families and friends. We salute all the firemen and policemen who gave their lives, and remember especially any member of the St Michael’s World Apostolate family. Also our intention, at this vulnerable time, is to beseech Almighty God—through the patroness of our land, Mary Immaculate—for immediate blessing and protection upon our grieving nation.

        And taking the cue from Our Lady, the Sunday Holy Hours until further notice will be offered up for peace in the world, especially with the real possibility of war approaching. You may recall in 1991 that during the Persian Gulf crisis, Our Lady requested that the intention of the Holy Hour be temporarily changed to pray for peace.

        Please remember to get your copies of Heaven Speaks Today, Attack on America—these are the words and prophecies of Jesus and Mary. Distribute them far and wide for the edification of all humanity. (To order copies click here.)

        And please join us for our monthly meeting tomorrow:

Sunday Sept. 16   2 p.m.
Little League/Sr. Citizen’s Hall
13-28 123 St., College Point, N.Y.

        We will be discussing in-depth Our Lady’s prophecy on terrorism and will share with you:

        • a live interview with a devotee caught near ground zero
        • the story of another devotee who is a stewardess that narrowly escaped working on that doomed flight from Boston
        • live interview with three local pilgrims who experienced a beautiful miracle en route to the sacred grounds.

        We’ll see you there.

        May God bless you through Our Lady of the Roses

        Michael Mangan