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Directions to the Sacred Grounds

From the Lincoln Tunnel or Manhattan

Our Lady of the Roses

Bus or Car
(Busses and commercial
vehicles not permitted on parkways)



For alternate car route click here

Upon entry in Manhattan make a right turn heading South and make a left on 34th St., crossing Manhattan.

Cross 2nd Ave. and take first left to the Queens - Midtown Tunnel entrance.

Upon exiting take I-495, Long Island Expressway.

Take the Long Island Expressway East to Exit 21, 108 St.

Make a left turn on 108 St. and proceed one mile to Roosevelt Ave.

Make a right turn onto Roosevelt Ave.

After passing 114 St., make the first right turn.

Continue to the stop sign and turn right. 

Continue to another stop sign and turn left. 

Follow halfway around the rotary until you come to the overpass. 

Make a right turn and continue under the overpass to the stop sign.

Arthur Ashe Stadium is on your left (home of the U.S. Open Tennis Games). Continue straight ahead 1/4 mile. 

Continue under the overpass.

You will pass the Queens Museum. Watch out for the speed bumps. Continue ahead.

Continue under the final overpass.

At the stop sign turn left through the white pegs. 

Continue to the end of the roadway. The New York State Pavilion is directly in front of you. 

Make a right turn and continue down the road to the Vatican Pavilion (see arrow).

The stone monument (the Excedra) marks the spot of the Vatican Pavilion site and where the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ have appeared since 1975.

When you arrive, look for the St. Michael's World Apostolate banner and join us in prayer at Our Lady's sacred grounds.

See our Rosary Vigil and Sunday Holy Hour calendar for the dates and times when we are present at the sacred grounds.


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