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Directions to the Sacred Grounds

Walking from Mets
to the sacred grounds

Our Lady of the Roses

Consult for information about New York City mass transit service in your area. For those who do not wish to walk to the sacred grounds from Mets (formerly named Shea Stadium), you can take the #7 subway from here to Main St., Flushing, and get a taxi to the sacred grounds.


Upon arriving at Citi Field, cross to the opposite side of Roosevelt Avenue.  Climb the stairs that lead to the entrance of the Roosevelt Ave #7 subway station (photo on right: Mets-Willets Point Station).  You will see a wooden platform leading into the park (photo below).

Walk to the top of the wooden ramp.

Then walk straight ahead towards the accordion- style roofing at the end of the wooden walkway.

Pass through the center structure and walk down the ramp into the park.

Turn right and walk down the center road walkway (see arrow).

Walk straight ahead until you come to the Unisphere.

Walk around the Unisphere until you see the New York State Pavilion beyond the trees.

Walk down the center road walkway towards the New York State Pavilion.

When you arrive at the New York State Pavilion you will see the Queens Theatre parking lot on the right (not always filled with cars, as in photo). Continue straight ahead until you come to an empty reflection pool.

The Vatican Pavilion site is on the left, across the street from the empty reflection pool (see arrow).

The stone monument (the Excedra) marks the spot of the Vatican Pavilion site and where the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ have appeared since 1975.

When you arrive, look for the St. Michael's World Apostolate banner.

See our Rosary Vigil and Sunday Holy Hour calendar for the dates and times when we are present at the Excedra.


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