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The Resurrection
Heaven Speaks Today, No. 27

Shock and awe
Now I see five soldiers. They have on short dresses, but with metal sections coming down from the waist. And over their heads are metal hats, silver-colored metal hats that cut down to a V-shape on their foreheads. They’re standing there by the rock with long spears in their hands.
         Now they are going back; they’re walking backwards in fright. They are frightened! They’re walking backwards, because there’s a great light; it’s seeping through the cracks. There’s a great light; It’s seeping through the cracks, and the light is pushing, pushing the rock forward. Now the rock is going over; the light is forcing the rock over to the side. The soldiers—two are running, running up the hill. One is covering his face with his arms. He can’t look, the light is so bright.
         Now coming through the light are two large figures. Beautiful! Very large. Beautiful! Oh, they are angels. I can’t see their faces, but their—oh, they are so large! Now one is standing there. He’s raising his hand. He says: "He is risen!"
         Now two soldiers—one now is getting up; he’s running. And the other one is sitting there; he has fallen to the ground in shock. Oh! Inside the cave it’s very bright, very bright. . . .
         And walking out through this tremendous light—it’s Jesus. Oh!
Veronica, April 21, 1973

Alleluia! Alleluia!
Veronica: Now He’s coming out, and He’s got slippers on His feet. And He now has a robe on Him; it’s white. . . . He’s going up the hill; He’s walking very slowly up the hill.
         And now—oh, there’s a lady; she’s coming down to the side of the cave. And she’s looking in, and now she says, "Oh!" And she runs over now, and she’s picking up the pieces of the cloth. And she’s looking around the cave, and she’s running out now.
         And she’s running up the hill. And she’s running over—oh, "Where have they taken Him? They have stolen Him from us." And she—now she’s reaching out, and she’s fallen down on her knees and saying:
         Mary Magdalene: "Please! Where is He?" . . .
         Jesus: "Do not place your hands upon My garments. I have not ascended in the Father."
         Veronica: Now the lady is looking up, and she’s smiling. And now Jesus is placing His hand over her head, and He says:
         Jesus: "Go, Mary, and tell all what you have seen."
         Veronica: . . . Mary now is—she’s fallen on her face, just like she’s praying. No—now she’s getting up.... She’s running down the hill now, and she’s running towards these buildings. . . . And now she’s running into one.
April 21, 1973

The great light
Veronica: I can see now Our Lady’s full face. She said:
         "I can now remove my dark scarf and put on the colors of the Resurrection, because it is almost the hour of twelve."
         Veronica: Jesus is coming forward. Oh, it’s so brilliant, so beautiful! Oh! He’s all bathed in white. Oh, He has on a white robe, and even His slippers are white. And oh, the light is so bright it bathes the whole area. . . .
         Now Jesus is smiling, and He’s raising both His hands out. Oh, I can see the marks on His hands.
Our Lady, April 21, 1973


The Almighty
"My Son rose from the grave, both body and soul, and ascended into the Kingdom of God. But He is God, and you shall not deny His divinity in the Godhead. All who do are deluded by satan and shall be called false prophets."
Our Lady, May 26, 1979

1 John 2:22
"All who deny My Son as the risen Christ, they are of the Antichrist and are against My Son and His houses on earth."
Our Lady, September 13, 1974

Editor’s Note: Although the following excerpts pertain more specifically to the burial of Christ, nonetheless, Veronica’s visions leading up to the Resurrection are informative and excellent material for your reflection.

Our Lady of Sorrows
I see . . . two men. They’re carrying a ladder. Oh! And now Our Lady is there. It’s very windy; Her dress is blowing very, very hard in the wind. It’s raining now. . . .
         They’re putting the ladder up against the cross. Oh! Oh, they’re cutting with a knife the ropes on His wrist. And the man down at the bottom of the ladder—now he’s going over, he’s cutting the ropes at His ankle. Oh! They—oh, they can’t remove the cross out of the
hole. . . .
         Now when the ropes were cut, He fell forward, and His fingers, bloody, tore away from the wood. They’re lifting Him down now. The man’s holding the ladder, and ah . . . ah! They’re trying to take His feet out of the spike! Ah . . . ah . . . ah . . . ah . . . ah. They’re hitting it now. They got the wood, the wood; they’re pushing it now out of the hole. The cross has fallen down now. Oh! They’re holding Jesus, and the cross fell down. And now they can hit from the under side. The spike’s coming out. They’re not tearing His feet. The hands had to be torn. Ah! . . .
         Our Lady now is sitting on the ground. She has Jesus now; the blood is on Her gown, all on the front. She wants to remove the headpiece from His head, but She can’t. It’s in too deep! . . . Her hands are very bloody.
Veronica, April 21, 1973

"This is the time that was and is of great sorrow to My heart as I watched My Son, My God, your God, be given into the hands of strangers to be placed in His grave."
         Veronica: . . . It’s a very dark day, and I can see a hillside. And— oh, my goodness! I can see there are four men carrying . . . a stretcher. It’s like a piece of sheeting held by two long poles on either side. . . . They’re carrying Jesus upon it into this cave-like structure. I can see a tomb. . . .
         And they’re laying Jesus down, His body. I can see now, He is still wearing the crown of thorns upon His head. And he has a diaper-like cloth—I believe it is a loin-cloth. . . .
         Now the men are coming over, and they are just putting His feet together. . . . They rip pieces of sheeting, and they’re binding His feet, and they’re binding His head, and they’re binding His hands. . . .
         Now they are taking a sheeting and they’re wrapping the sheeting about Him like, mummy-like, sort of. It’s very frightening. But the blood hasn’t dried, because it’s coming upon the sheeting; it’s seeping through. And now I can understand the voices: "We must leave. The hour grows late. We cannot defile the laws."
Our Lady, March 25, 1978

Fort Knox
It’s very rough inside; it looks like it was hastily dug. There’s like a hole in the, in the side of the hill. And they roll this big rock into place. And it’s a very frightening-looking, ominous sight. . . .
         I can see four strange-looking— I think they’re soldiers, they look like soldiers. . . . And one looks like he’s the leader. And he’s motioning to the side. Oh, they’re going to stand guard. Oh, they’re standing guard "So no one will remove the body of this man who says He is the Son of God, and the King of the Jews. Ha! Ha! Ha!" Oh! Oh, my!
Veronica, March 25, 1978

The dawn of Easter
Veronica: It’s growing very, very dark. All about, I see the entrance stationed with lighted figures of angels. One is in front of the rock. He carries a large spear. It’s Michael.
         Now—oh, I see coming from the sky figures; they’re dressed in purple robes. They’re filing in front of the cave, the tomb.
         One of them is coming forward now from the group. He has in his hand a cloth; it’s purple, almost black, in color. And now he places it over his head. And he’s holding up what looks like a golden candelabra; it has three candles on it. And now he’s singing. It sounds like he’s singing, but it sounds more like—his voice is like I never heard before. [Veronica imitates the solemn lament with a strong voice:]
         "Cover your head in mourning, light your candles of prayer. For the time has not come for the light to enter into the world. The Son of Man lies dead in the tomb, a spotless Sacrifice for the sins of man."
         Veronica: There’s a man in a long, dark cape. He’s placing what looks like a white scarf about his neck. Now he has on his head—it’s a round hat, looks like a yarmulke, but it’s red. And he’s reading from a book and holding up his three fingers, the thumb and two fingers, like this. He looks like he’s quite old. . . .
         He’s looking down, and saying:
         Isaias: "Never a bone in His body did they break."
April 21, 1973

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