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Natural Disasters
Heaven Speaks Today, No.

Tough love
“Your world is heading for a great catastrophe. Earthquakes will increase. Floods will increase. There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth throughout the world as calamity upon calamity befalls mankind. And why? Because you do not listen to the Queen of Heaven, Who has come to you as a Queen of Peace to bring the world back from the cataclysm it is facing.”
St. Michael, November 1, 1985

Good medicine
“In your human nature you do not wish to understand any form of punishment. The Father is merciful, but He will chastise those He loves if it can save their souls from satan.”
Our Lady, September 28, 1974

“Your country has known few natural—I say ‘natural,’ My children, because scientists will call them natural disturbances of nature. But no! The great disaster that approaches your country will not be but a natural disturbance of nature, but a punishment from your God, as you refuse to turn from your sin!”
Our Lady, December 31, 1972

You decide
“Unless you atone, disaster will be upon you! If you cast Us aside you will be lost. Atonement, prayer, sacrifice—it is thy decision.”
Jesus, July 1, 1971


God is love, but does He punish? (like Mom and Dad)

IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND that although God is the embodiment of pure love, it does not preclude Him from using punitive measures, especially if it benefits our eternal salvation.
       Pope John Paul II recognized this other dimension of love: “God’s fatherly love does not rule out punishment, even if the latter must always be understood as part of a merciful justice that re-establishes the violated order for the sake of man’s own good
(General Audience, Sept. 29, 1999).
       Nonetheless, the people of today, including many priests and ministers of other religions, have sadly rejected or ignored this fundamental truth.
       As one priest recently put it: “Our generation prides itself on having discarded all fables, yet there is one [fable] that is accepted almost everywhere: that Christ came to promise all men salvation no matter what they do, and to reveal that there is no punishment for sin.... According to fable, these punishments are now abolished altogether. Not only abolished, but rendered unthinkable.”
(Fr. Robert Smith, “The Other Side of Christ”).
       And yet, this type of thinking flies in the face of our daily experience because the virtue of justice is innate to all human beings. For example, whether we are at home, school, or the workplace, we are held accountable for our actions. If we do something wrong or violate a rule or regulation, there will be consequences. If we do not correct the situation, we will likely be warned or punished. The same applies to our relationship with God
(Heb. 12:5-11).

NOT SURPRISINGLY, some of the worst natural disasters have occurred in recent times just as Jesus and Mary have predicted in the Bayside apparitions since 1970. Although the data pool dates back for centuries, in one recent listing the 1970 Bangladesh cyclone (up to 500,000 deaths), the 1976 China earthquake (as high as 655,000 deaths), and the 2004 S. Asia tsunami (up to 310,000 deaths) are all ranked in the 10 deadliest natural disasters ever.

A man prays amid the destruction in Thailand after the 2004 tsunami.   (Reuters photo by Bazuki Muhammad)

       It is certainly reasonable to believe that these and the other recent disasters are signs and warnings from our Father Who is not pleased with our conduct.
       Skeptics will claim that these disasters are just “natural”—nature running its course. But who is in charge of nature if not the Creator Himself? Is the God of love so indifferent to an event or disaster that can affect millions of His creatures, His beloved children? Of course not. If He chooses to, He can intervene and stop the disaster. After all, He is God.
       However, in His infinite love, God’s permissive Will allows such punishment for “the sake of man’s own good,” especially to save his soul.


“You have entered into the time of great sorrows. You will find the heavens in upheaval; plagues, floods, great heat will befall mankind. My children, it will be a test for all.”
Jesus, June 4, 1977

Get what we deserve
“A country that shuts out its God starts down the path for its own destruction. A country that loses its morality has placed one foot already in hell. Servitude, desecration, soul destruction—all will reap what they have sown. Floods, great heat, death.”
Our Lady, April 1, 1972

False prophet
“Now if he [a priest] tells you that you do not have to worry about committing a sin because God will not punish, He’s an all-loving God.... If that be true then, why was Lucifer cast from Heaven?  If we cannot sin, and God will not punish us for our sins, why were Sodom and Gomorrha destroyed?”
Our Lady, June 18, 1982

“Great elemental tragedies, disasters, man-made and God-sent upon mankind, shall increase in volume,* shall increase in intensity and numbers.”
Jesus, May 26, 1979

*Debarati Guha-Sapir, director of the Center for Research on Epidemiology of Disasters in Brussels, Belgium, and other scientists have acknowledged a significant rise in disasters. In 1980 there were only about 100 such disasters reported per year in one classification but that number has risen to over 300 a year since 2000 (LiveScience, Oct. 2005).


Go to confession
“Have you prepared for this? There will be in your country a great quake.* The earth shall tremble, the homes shall fall, and many shall be sent into oblivion! Many shall not be prepared and will be claimed by satan.”
Our Lady, October 2, 1974
*See also Earthquake, HST No. 1.

Worry not
“My children of light, remember fear can be a tool of the devil. So you must understand all who are of well spirit shall have nothing to fear. The Eternal Father is at the helm. He will guide you, My children, through turbulent seas. Trust and confidence in the Eternal Father.”
Jesus, December 7, 1978

Pray the Rosary
“The power of prayer is great. The mercy of the Eternal Father knows no bounds.”
Jesus, August 5, 1975

Father knows best
“Know, My children, that We do not wish to see disaster come upon mankind, but the Eternal Father wills and operates sometimes, My child, in most mysterious manners.”
Our Lady, June 18, 1992

Warnings ignored
“Much has been not recognized in the past as coming from the Father. The Father controls the elements of your atmosphere, My children—the Father, your most high God in Heaven....
         “God, your Father, sends the sun to shine upon you. God, your Father can also send the sun to burn you.”

Our Lady, December 31, 1974

Crucifix power
“Pray and wear your sacramentals.* And also, My children, I ask you again to place a crucifix upon your door. Both front and back doors must have a crucifix. I say this to you because there will be carnage within your areas, and this will pass you by if you keep your crucifix upon your doors.”
Jesus, June 30, 1984

*Crucifixes, Rosaries, brown Scapulars and a large selection of religious articles are available from SMWA; also click here for our free emergency preparedness brochure, a comprehensive aid to help one prepare (and survive) these disasters.


A prayer for kids
“In the future, with the raging wars and pestilence and famine that will come upon mankind, many will pass over the veil at a young age. You must teach them, parents, to say this simple prayer to Heaven:

          Now I lay me down to sleep,
          I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
          If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.”
Jesus, June 17, 1989

Bayside disciples
“My child, I have prepared you and sent workers throughout the world to spread the words of the coming punishment. I have cried tears of sorrow in abundance.”
Our Lady, July 15, 1972

Your solution
“My children, I do not come to you to bring words of doom—no, but words of hope and courage. Man has brought upon himself the time for great punishment and chastisement.”
Our Lady, October 6, 1973

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