November 6, 2019 The official news of the Bayside Mission from the Lay Order of St. Michael

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November 2-3
The All Saints, All Souls Vigil / Sunday Holy Hour
Mary Bauer 1st Anniversary
Mass, Luncheon, Reflection
April 15, 1959 - November 6, 2018
  We honor the cherished memory of Mary Bauer, a wise and multi-talented devotee, who distinguished herself for many years with extraordinary work for Our Lady's Mission and as an invaluable helper to the Lay Order of St. Michael.  
  Holy Trinity R.C. Church  
  Mary with her twin brother, Michael Mangan (SMWA President).
     Mary was married to Thomas Bauer, a convert through Our Lady of the Roses, for 34 years; devoted mother of six children, all practicing Catholics wearing the brown Scapular.
      In 2010, Mary (with family) moved to Pennsylvania, first to Elysburg, then to Fairfield as caretaker and major collaborator in the foundation of the two Carmelite Monasteries where her eldest daughter, Mother Therese of Merciful Love, has been Subprioress. Mary was also a longtime devotee and Organizer for St Michael's World Apostolate.
  William Dykes, LOSM, altar server  
  Michael's reflection on his twin sister, Mary.  
         Mary loved the Lay Order and was inspired by their total commitment and zeal for the Mission. (l. to r.) John Benevides, James Donohue, Michael Mangan, William Dykes, and Darryl Bolisay  
Jesus, April 14, 1984
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