June 22, 2019
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    A Snapshot  
          The 49th Anniversary honoring Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers on Saturday, June 15, and Sunday, June 16, was a resounding success. Over 230 pilgrims attended the Anniversary Vigil and 125 attended the Anniversary Banquet at the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel, an upscale venue for the big pilgrimage weekend.  
          Devotees from the four corners of the world assembled, including from Africa, Asia, Europe, Central America, Canada and, of course, most states of America were represented.
        It was impressive and uplifting to see so many of different color, race and tongue raising their hearts in prayer to the Good Father, especially through the Holy Rosary, that God's blessing and peace may rain down upon this fragile and troubled world.
        Four priests heard confessions for two hours as scores of pilgrims cleansed their souls through the Sacrament of Penance.
          At the Anniversary Banquet, the faithful were wowed with Dr. Joseph Laycock (above, left), the leading scholar and researcher in the world on the Bayside apparitions, in his "Smoking Gun" video-taped interview with Michael Mangan.
        Truly this glorious event made Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers proud of Her friends, whose prayer and sacrifice in making this pilgrimage will be remembered unto eternity.
          Thank you so much to all who contributed in any way in making the 49th Anniversary an unforgettable one.  
  The Lay Order of St. Michael  
  P.S. More information and photos will follow in the coming weeks on this blessed Anniversary weekend.  
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As fantastic as the 49th Anniversary
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