December 27, 2018 The official news of the Bayside Mission from the Lay Order of St. Michael

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C H R I S T M A S  E V E  2 0 1 8
'Tis the Season of
          Your end-of-year gift (tax-deductible) for Christmas/New Year helps St Michael's World Apostolate (SMWA) get ready for the 2019 Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers Shrine, and the critical public-reparative prayer services: the regularly-scheduled Rosary Vigils and Sunday Holy Hours for clergy.
        When you think of it, is there anything more urgent or effective or pleasing today than the loving prayers of the faithful (united with other devotees across the globe) rising to the Father's Throne like sweet incense in all types of weather, some of it severe?
          Bear in mind, the annual operation of the Shrine is not cheap, costing thousands of dollars a year with the park permits and auto insurance alone costing nearly $20,000.
        A good friend of SMWA has offered a $2500 matching gift, so your gift will be doubled through December 31. Whether it is $20 or $100 or $500, every gift helps save souls and keep the love and prayers Heavenward.
        Your kindness and generosity is appreciated in this Season of Giving for these must-have prayer services that truly give Our Lady comfort and joy. Plus, you will be giving, too, for those who want to give but are unable to.
        Do your 2018 tax return a favor and give today: My end-of-year gift (tax-deductible) for Christmas/New Year
        Or call  888.830.SMWA (7692); 718.359.3908
          Be assured of our prayers and remembrances for you and yours on the holy grounds. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

        Thank you through Our Lady of Roses,
        Michael Mangan
  P.S. Here's an infinitely valuable gift for you: a priest-friend will be offering 30 Masses for all the friends and benefactors of SMWA.