December 20, 2018 The official news of the Bayside Mission from the Lay Order of St. Michael

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  Mega blessings  
  "I say unto you as your Mother, I send upon you a full garden of roses in graces." (Our Lady, Dec. 7, 1978)  
  The Big St. Michael Weekend  
  On Saturday, September 29, a Candlelight Procession and Vigil (above and below) was held in honor of our glorious patron and guardian, "the greatest Warrior of Heaven." (Jesus, June 9, 1979)  
  "I have asked for these grounds to be consecrated for the recovery of souls." (Our Lady, Sept. 7, 1974)  
  Remembering our friends  
  After the Sunday Holy Hour for priests on November 11, the Lay Order of St. Michael led a ceremony at Veronica's grave that included the Rosary, the De Profundis, other highly-indulgenced prayers, and traditional hymns. And most definitely, we prayed for all Baysiders who have gone before us.  
  A powerful Bayside witness  
  On Sunday, November 18, SMWA President, Michael Mangan, delivered an inspiring report on his deceased twin sister, Mary Bauer (photo 2017), an extraordinary servant of the Church whose spectacular transformation as a teenager was produced by the incomparable Message of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers.  
  Disciples of the Latter Days  
  The enrapt crowd taking in Mary's beautiful and impressive testimonial that will surely endure.  
  Deceased Baysiders  
  At all Vigils and Holy Hours during the month of November, this remembrance plaque was placed at the base of Our Lady's statue (see above) to recall all devotees who passed away in the last year.  
  Feeding the poor  
  On November 22, Thanksgiving Day, Michael Mangan and long-time devotee, Vic DuBois (top center wearing red apron), performed their annual act of charity in the Bowery in New York City helping serve 1800 hot meals of turkey and all the trimmings to the poor and homeless.  
  A fun time-out  
  On November 21, the Lay Order of St. Michael and friends held it's Annual Bowling Night in Queens, N.Y..  
  Countless clergy saved  
  On November 25, the Sunday Holy Hour for priests that has been offered outdoors for nearly 50 years: "You will rejoice with all Heaven for the number of priestly souls that you have brought back to the fold." (Our Lady, Sept. 27, 1986)  
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