March 15, 2018 The official news of the Bayside Mission from the Lay Order of St. Michael

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Monday afternoon, March 19    
3 - 6 p.m.
The Great St. Joseph Vigil
  "I bless all who come with loving hearts onto My sacred ground. These grounds will truly be an oasis of graces in a barren land."  
  Our Lady, Sept. 13, 1973  
  Sunday, April 15
  The next New York Meeting, the week after Mercy
Sunday. The meeting is held at Our Lady's Workshop in
College Point at 2 pm. With the world bursting with news
and drama there's lots to talk about, and connect to
Our Lady's prophecies.
With Michael Mangan and the Lay Order of St. Michael.
  For directions to the Shrine, click here