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Da Vinci Code Movie Protest

May 19 - 21, 2006


Scores of Baysiders protested at the AMC Empire 25 Theatre on 234 W. 42nd St. in Times Square, New York City from Friday, May 19 until Sunday, May 21.

The photos below are from all three days of protesting The Da Vinci Code movie:


Protesting 10 feet from the 25-screen theatre entrance attracted a lot of attention to the protest.  Thousands of people walked by the signs in this busy section of Times Square in downtown New York City.


Peter Frank, LOSM, explains the deception of  the Da Vinci Code book and movie.


The tremendous thunder, lightening, hail and rain that hit New York and New Jersey earlier in the day, along with the touchdown of a tornado nearby in New Jersey were perhaps an ominous sign of God's displeasure with the movie.

The Rosary is prayed continuously

Bill Dykes, LOSM, reaches out with the truth that Jesus Christ was never married to Mary Magdalene, never had any children, and that there is no cover up by the Church--these ideas have all come from satan to destroy souls.


Many accepted the leaflet on why we were protesting the movie


Michael Mangan, LOSM, passing out Our Lady's messages at the protest. Thousand's of Our Lady's messages were passed out over the three days of the protest.


Many people stopped by and read our signs especially our sign on why we were protesting "Da Vinci Code"


On Saturday and Sunday, we protested for about eight hours for Our Lord and Our Lady


A man tried to sell bootleg copies of the Da Vinci Code movie right in front of us


Da Vinci Code movie Protest
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Photos taken by SMWA photographers:
Darryl Bolisay and Leon Trabachino


Why Protest Da Vinci Code Movie? | Home

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