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Issue No.12  December 2009

Devotee given one month to live in 1999


  Our Lady of the Roses cured my deadly cancer

Dec. 15, 2009

Dear Michael,
          I was diagnosed in September of 1999 with aggressive lymphoma that had ravaged my body.  I was 52 years old and was told by four doctors, including my oncologist, Dr. Ibrahim, that I had less than a month to live.
          I truly believe that Our Lady of the Roses and Sto. Nino (Little Infant Jesus) gave me a miraculous cure of my cancer.

Doreen Botelho


           On my first night of chemotherapy, I actually saw and felt Jesus scraping all my cancer away from my lower back, and even in my tears, I saw Jesus, my parents, my grandma and also my son--all were rooting for me and fighting for my life.
          Keep in mind, too, as I was battling this deadly disease, I was in the grip of extraordinary sorrow and trial.  In the span of 16 months, my only child, Irvin, 22, was brutally murdered in a carjacking, my beloved parents in Pakistan died within a week of each other, and then my grim diagnosis.

"Many miracles of cures and conversions will go forth through the world from these hallowed grounds. The cause of Heaven shall not be stopped."

Our Lady, Feb. 1, 1974



           And thatís why I can truly say with utmost confidence and conviction that thereís no way I could have endured and pulled through this excruciating period in my life but through Blessed Mother of the Roses and Sto. Nino.  They breathed new life, sustained me with Their abundant grace and made me strong again, for I had to live and propagate Them--and thatís what I was told.
          Thatís why I always give people blessed rose petals and tell them how I was cured by Our Lady of the Roses and Sto. Nino.  I always had the blessed rose petals upon me and under my hospital pillows and also the Little Infant Jesus prayer.

In June 2007, Doreen (foreground) came in pilgrimage to give thanks at the 37th Anniversary of Our Lady of the Roses.


          Now it is over 10 years later and Iím working full-time at the post office and happily married for 35 years to my dear husband, Ignatius.  We always do our part and leave everything in Their Hands.

           God bless you for all that you do for us.


            Doreen Botelho
            Rancho Cucamonga, CA

P.S.  I still think of the great time everyone gave me at your nice workshop.

Doctor's Statement



Sept. 12, 2008

Dear Lay Order,
          While my conversion back to the Church did not seem to effect my children who were lapsed Catholics, my devotion to Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers grew more fervent. I had been brought back to Jesus through Our Lady of the Roses and I knew Mary would intercede for my children.
          My oldest son had come to Mass on several occasions and started to show an interest in going to confession. He had not been to confession since he made his First Communion over 40 years ago. Two months ago, my son said that he would like to go to confession. I spoke to Father and he heard his confession. Now after 40 years, my son and his children and I all receive Jesus at Sunday Mass.
          I thank Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers everyday. She is a Mother in every sense of the word and will take care of Her children, when asked.

Diane Strain
Stamford, CT



Nov. 18, 2009

Thank you for all the information from the CD [October 2009 New York Meeting]. I cried when I heard the testimonials. God bless you all at Bayside.

Love and prayers,

Jackaline Moreno
Wildomar, CA

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Nov. 2009

Dear Michael,
          Thank you for sending me The Antichrist CD. It opened my eyes. I am going to give the CD to my parish priest here in Knock where the Blessed Mother appeared on August 21, 1879.

Janice Gill
Knock, Ireland


July 2, 2009

Dear Brothers in Christ,
          I recently found in my parish church your blue pamphlet, "Bayside, The Facts Revealed." I have been familiar with Veronica's apparitions for years and have received many materials and books from the Shrine over the years. This pamphlet is wonderful and long overdo in helping the laity understand truly what is going on there. Please send me a supply to distribute out here.

Thomas Curtis
Alhambra, CA


Aug. 30, 2009

           My husband and I have seen too much since 1979 not to believe in Bayside, and if it takes another 30 years to prove it's a true apparition I will still believe.

Patricia Foris
Narrowsburg, NY


Aug. 11, 2008

           I come often to your website. I think it's wonderful. May God bless you as you do His Will. I admire your courage for that's what it takes to fight satan. I hope Our Lady and Our Lord smile on you forever.

Thanks again,

Roy Hammonds
Prestonsburg, KY


Nov. 13, 2009

           I want to thank Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers. For about a year, I had a hernia jutting from my stomach. It grew to about a foot. No doctor wanted to operate, so my Mom said to me, "Why don't you pin a blessed rose petal to your clothes over the hernia?" I did, and in two days water gushed out of my hernia in gallons. Now I feel so much better.
          Thank you, dear Lady of the Roses.

Rose M. Baker
Rolla, ND


March 25, 2009

 Dear Mr. Mangan,
          I am photocopying the Messages for distribution. By reading the Messages many are returning to the true Faith. Prayers are offered daily for you, your apostolate and helpers.

Brother A. J. Francis HPB
Katana, Sri Lanka


May 30, 2007

           Thank you so much for allowing me to pray with the workers the complete Rosary. It is very nice to know that I can always get help doing my Rosary with St Michael's World Apostolate anytime of the day.
          May Our Lord and Our Lady bless you.

Win Helwig
Bolivar, OH

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Dec. 2008

Dear Michael,
          It was very good to hear from you this Christmas, to receive the photo of your members and your commitment of prayer for my special intentions. God bless you all and your celebrant, Fr. Martin Raju. I am glad I have been able to be of help to you as a celebrant, confessor, and participant in the annual special pilgrimage in June.

With special prayers for Luis Camacho,

Fr. Justin McCreedy OSB
University Place, WA


Oct. 3, 2009

Thank you for your emails that keep me informed about the happenings at Bayside. I always look forward to them.

Robert Robinson
Isla Vista, CA

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