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Issue No.11  June 2009


Bayside endorsed by Vatican priest



Father gripping his
prized possession


"It's really giving a great and big message that Our Lady is alive and operating here"

        FR. Jesudas Mapa worked for seven years as editor and broad­caster for Vatican Radio. He authored 13 books and held a doctorate in communications. In 2006, on the 75th Anniversary of Vatican Radio, Pope Benedict unveiled two of the books written by Fr. Mapa. His latest book, “Seven Days,” is on Pope John Paul II and was scheduled for release this spring. Father was also an accomplished musician and composer.
        In 2008, he was on sabbatical at St. Matthew’s Church in Dix Hills, Long Island, N.Y., when he was invited to Our Lady’s Shrine by Mary Ellen Panek, parishioner and long-time devotee of the Shrine.
        He made the pilgrimage five times to the holy grounds (as recently as March 19) and would always close the Rosary Vigil with a brief prayer and priestly blessing. However, it was this prophetic miraculous photo that he took which profoundly moved him and was the cause of his unceasing wonder and joy. This was for him, too, the clinching proof of the authenticity of the Bayside Message.
        He would cherish this photo forever, and he would shout it from the rooftops. Indeed, he gave public testimony in his homily during Mass at St. Matthew’s and at the February New York Meeting in Queens.
        Interestingly, Fr. Mapa, 50, was suddenly called home to his eternal reward on Passion Sunday, March 29. Requiescat in pace.
        Here then is the story in Father’s own words (condensed transcription of the New York Meeting).

Feb. 15, 2009

        I AM GOING TO PRESENT to you a big miracle. I am close with the Rosary and Our Lady in so many things. Even in the Vatican I am doing many radio and CTV programs on Our Lady.
        Mary Ellen was in my parish and she was asking me, “Can’t you come to the Shrine?” I was interested, so whenever she would call me I would come.
        It was very cold for the Immaculate Conception Feast. At that time I had a big problem, a painful situation in the sense about my children. I have 96 children—I am running an orphanage of mentally-retarded children. I was so much praying to Our Lady that we need some donations to build a house for these poor children.

        I was praying and thinking when suddenly this gentleman, this brother [William Dykes LOSM], came to me. It’s all true, an unthinkable shocking story. He gave his camera to me and said, “Father, take a photo.” I took the photo and I’m keeping this—really amazing.
        And reading this picture, he was telling me, “Father, something big is going to happen to you.” I was looking at him because I was 100% alright. “Something big is going to happen but you will be protected by Our Lady.” I couldn’t believe it.
        He was also telling me there is a mouth of an eagle giving food and there are three pipes.
        On Wednesday [Dec. 10] after Mass somebody said, “Father, you look very tired and very different, are you sick?” I said my left arm is hurting and last night I couldn’t sleep. So she said, “I am going to the doctor,” and I said I will come with you.

Fr. Mapa’s personal message from Our Lady

       Father snapped this instant photo (Polaroid SX-70) of the Shrine statue on December 8, 2008 at the Rosary Vigil of the Immaculate Conception. Miraculously, the statue doesn’t appear, but note the three rays or “pipes” signifying the three blocked arteries (top left) and big side profile of the head of an eagle (center) with large beak and open mouth feeding its little ones. This, of course, represents the paternal love of Fr. Mapa for his 96 orphan-children in India. Just days before his passing, Father raised through St. Matthew’s some $30,000 for his little ones.
       Fr. Mapa was awe-struck that he and his handicapped kids received such personal care and attention from the Mother of God.


        The doctor looked at me and said, “You must come tomorrow for the nuclear test.” I did the test and they found blockage and then immediately ordered the angiogram. The doctor had me admitted into North Shore Hospital. He said, “Your three artery glands are damaged.” The picture shows three pipes, three artery glands blocked. I had the operation and I was completely alright. I came home with no therapy. I am saying Mass like I didn’t get anything. Don’t you think this is amazing? I do not know why this happened to me, I’ve never been hospitalized before.

        My thing is actually how everything has been drawn here [in the photo]. My God, it is unbelievable. It’s more than a nuclear test. More than my sickness, more than my operation, more than anything and everything, I was touched with this photo.

        How come there are three pipes? We’re amazed, even the doctor. I was showing the doctor. He is a Hindu man. He couldn’t believe it: “My God, is Our Lady drawing an engineer plan?”
        Whatever things may be, it’s really giving a great and big message that Our Lady is alive and operating here. This is not a tale, but actually true. I will also make it big. I will write it up. I feel that Our Lady has given a big
message. Thank you for everything.

Fr. Jesudas Mapa

For Fr. Mapa’s complete and unedited account, order the Feb. New York Meeting (2 CD set, 145 min.) which includes other fascinating topics; available online at
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The following comments sent via email on May 21 were in response to the posted photo report of this special annual event. If you haven’t seen it yet, go to:

        Beautiful! Just beautiful! Thank you for all that you do!

Kathryn Woeppel
Spokane, WA

        I think everything looks so nice. I know Our Lady enjoyed looking at all the people who came to show their love for Her.

Kimberly Consiglio
Naperville, IL

        Please go to St Michael’s World Apostolate if you need any help with your life. They saved my daughter’s life with their prayers. I have experienced many miracles and so will you.

Maureen Murphy
Bronx, NY


Henri Henault
St. Albert, AB, Canada



Feb. 22, 2008

Dear SMWA,
        The pamphlet titled, “Bayside: The Facts Revealed” is quite impressive! Thank you for sending a copy to me. I wish St Michael’s World Apostolate all the best with “setting straight” any unwarranted issues at Bayside through the pamphlet’s distribution. My family and I appreciate all of your prayers and rosaries.
        Pax et bonum,

Dr. Kelly E. O’Donnell Beaurivage, J.C.D.
San Diego, CA



May 5, 2009

        A very beautiful website, it just took my breath away. I love this site. I also want to get a statue of St. Michael. My daughter and I need him in our life so badly.
        God bless,

Deborah Melillo
Rouses Point, NY



Feb. 18, 2009

To Our Lady of the Roses,
        Thank you for the countless cures and answered prayers. Here are some of the miracles from Jesus and Mother Mary’s intercession: a man who had cancer with only three to six months to live was cured; another man in the Philippines had a stroke and was paralyzed, his eyes and speech were affected, but then he was given a miraculous rose petal and now he can walk and talk normally as though he never had a stroke; a lady who had diabetes is now completely cured! Praise God and thank you again, Our Lady of the Roses. We love you.

Maricel Dimayuga
Winnipeg, MB, Canada



March 7, 2008

        Your holy website is great for me to view and pray and think of the seer, Veronica of the Cross. I enjoy all because of Our Lady of the Roses. I first heard of the Shrine at Our Lady of Knock. A man came over to me and gave me a leaflet. It was a great gift to me, a sinner. I will always think of SMWA in my prayers now and forevermore. Many thanks again to you all.

Charles Gunning
Dublin, Tallaght, Ireland



Sept. 15, 2007

Thanks so much for this eAlert.* I am listening to Veronica’s June 18, 1994 message right now on your website. And I can even read it simultaneously with the recording. This is wonderful. And the picture of Our Lady in the Sky is beautiful. This is an easy way to pass on the message. Thanks so much and God bless.

Monica Dyche
Flagler Beach, FL

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