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Issue No.10  November 2006

Dr. Reeve: "Do you believe in miracles?"

  Amazing cure of herniated discs

Nov. 7, 2006
Dear SMWA,
        In January 2000, while working as a rehabilitation nurse at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Albuquerque, N.M., I injured my back while pulling a medication cart. (I’ve been a registered nurse for 37 years.)

Mercedes Chavez

        I had severe back pain and my doctor, Anthony Reeve, ordered an MRI which indicated disc herniation at lumbar discs 4 and 5, which is the lower back and that means there is a hole in the discs. When you move, when you turn, or when you sleep, it’s very painful. The pain would radiate down my left leg from the sciatic area.
        After much rehabilitation and exercises and taking pain medications, my pain still remained. This lasted for over five years.
        In June of 2005, I returned to Bayside, N.Y. for the 35th Anniversary of Our Lady of the Roses. It was a very painful trip for me. I sat under a plastic poncho during the torrential rain and prayed my Rosary. I prayed to Jesus and the Blessed Virgin to ease my pain.
        I returned to Albuquerque and went to see Dr. Reeve and he ordered a repeat MRI. Two days later, Dr. Reeve called and asked me to come to his office. So I went in and he said to me, “Mercedes, do you believe in miracles?” And I said yes. At that point, I wasn’t hurting when I went to see him.

Doctor's Statement


        He told me the herniated discs were healed! And I went around the desk and I gave him a big kiss because I was so elated. I was just—I couldn’t believe it.
        He showed me the results of the MRI. Two discs that had had a hole in them were now completely healed. He went on to tell me that this type of injury takes up to 15 years to heal, if it heals at all. But he did ask me if I believed in miracles and I told him where I had been—the sacred grounds in Bayside, New York.

"Many miracles of cures and conversions will go forth through the world from these hallowed grounds."

Our Lady, Feb. 1, 1974

        I do really believe that it is a miracle. And this year I came back for the 36th Anniversary to thank the Blessed Virgin for healing my discs. This is about my fourth or fifth time to the grounds.
        I truly believe the Blessed Virgin healed my back! Dr. Anthony Reeve has sent me his statement [below] which I sent on to Michael Mangan. To this day I am pain- and medication-free.
        Thank you,
        Mercedes Chavez
        Albuquerque, NM

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June 13, 2006
        There are no words to express the gratitude I have for being called to Bayside. Our family has received an abundance of graces.
        My sister, Mary Arrieta, was not a practicing Catholic for 41 years. I no longer believed in the saints or our Blessed Mother and I stopped practicing my faith.
        I was called to the holy grounds in 1989 for the feast of St. Theresa. It was as if a veil was removed from my eyes. I returned to the Church after 29 years. I began to seek Our Lord with all my heart and soul. Every year that God allowed me to come to the holy grounds, I asked for the conversion of my family, especially my four sisters.
        On September 28, 2002, the feast of St. Michael, Michael Mangan handed me a rose and jokingly said, “Martha, do you have a sister Mary?” I said, “Yes.” I instantly knew that Mary would be called to Bayside. However, I had no idea what would happen to bring this about.
        Five months later Mary was told she had breast cancer. It was also discovered later that she had tumors on her brain. Nonetheless, Mary joined me in pilgrimage to Bayside for Our Lady’s 33rd Anniversary in 2003.
        Throughout her illness our families would meet every Saturday to pray the Rosary for our sister.
        Finally, after 41 years, Mary received the sacrament of reconciliation in the fall of 2005, and then the last rites. She passed away quietly and serenely on March 29th.
        Martha Rolon-Pulido
        Los Angeles, CA


June 8, 2006
Dear Lay Order of St. Michael,
        A very big congratulations to you in your extremely hard work in protesting that fraud, “The Da Vinci Code.” Shame on that rogue, Dan Brown.
        Craig Saunders
        Belgaum, Karnataka, India


August 18, 2006
        When I got married, I moved to North Carolina. I had a next door neighbor named Lydia. She was wonderful and lots of fun. She was older, like my Mom away from home. She taught me how to cook and we did things together.
        Eventually we moved and bought a house in another neighborhood, but I still kept in touch with her. A few years later, Lydia developed cancer and was sent to the North Carolina Cancer Institute in Lumberton. I would go to visit her on occasions.
        I knew she wasn’t Catholic. She said she was never baptized and that her Mom was a Baptist but had never taught her or practiced the religion.
        I had a strong urge to give her a pair of Rosaries, the brown Scapular and a rose petal. I told her the rose petal was blessed by Jesus and Mary for cures and conversions. She accepted the sacramentals and rose petal.
        I believed in my heart that she would be cured.


        A few weeks after giving her the rose petal, I told Fr. Rogan about her and he offered to visit her. Another few weeks passed and He asked me to ask her if she wanted to be received into the Church. He would baptize and confirm her, etc. She said she would like that. I was there when he gave her the sacraments. A few days later she died.
        I was so sad and cried and called Fr. Rogan. I told him my prayers were not answered and she wasn’t cured. Fr. Rogan gently explained to me that she was cured. A conversion took place and there was a cure of the soul. I then cried tears of joy when he told me that she went straight to Heaven.
        Leann Domico Vasquez
        Fair Lawn, NJ


Aug. 28, 2006
        I am a Catholic. I don’t know how you got my email but I love it. My wife and I are on social security and don’t have the money to do anything but mess with this computer, so it’s like a letter from home.
        Monty & Joanne Montagne
        Roundup, MT

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June 10, 2006
Dear SMWA,
        A couple in our Jesus youth fellowship, Lovely and Martin, were praying for a second child for a few years. Even their gynecologist couldn’t find out why Lovely was not getting pregnant.
        Last year when my husband and I went to their home, I felt the Lord urging me to take the mystical rose petal from my bible. We prayed with them, especially for a baby. Lovely was slightly upset and told me that her faith was shaken.
        Then I told her about the mystical rose petal and that the Lord wants her to keep it under her pillow. I asked her to return it to me after the miracle because I had only one. That same week she became pregnant.
        Lovely gave birth to a beautiful girl on April 4th. She was baptized, Lydia, on May 27th. My husband, Shimmy Charles, and I were her godparents.
        Jeena Grace
        Trivandrum, India


July 28, 2006
Dear SMWA,
        I just wanted to thank you for your prayers and support for the men and women working hard to protect everyone. I received a box of brown Scapulars, Rosaries, and medals today. I hope that we can get more St. Michael and Joan of Arc medals.
        God bless everyone.
        MSgt Frank Guido
        APO AE 09855

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