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Issue No.9  May 2006

Foreshadows the miracle spring of Bayside

Holy water multiplies


April 14, 2006
Good Friday
Dear Mr. Mangan,
        I want to relate to you a very phenomenal experience I had on April 6th at St. John The Evangelist Roman Catholic Church in Silver Spring, Md., sometime between 11 a.m. and 12 noon.
        I was trying to obtain some holy water from their large holy water container (see photo). When I pressed the spigot, no water came out. I then removed the cover from the container and looked inside to see whether there was any water at all. There was just a little at the bottom, maybe a half-inch.
        At this point I decided to tilt the container while pressing the spigot. Nothing happened. I then decided to use the small bowl under the spigot to scoop some water from the bottom of the container. I turned my head just to get the bowl which would take maybe a second and as I looked back into the container to scoop up some water, I immediately noticed that the container was half-full of water.

Holy water container

        Dazed and shocked, I said, “Where did this water come from?” I looked around the container to see if anything was plugged in that I didn’t know about. I looked underneath it, around it and above it. I didn’t see it connected anywhere. Where did this water come from?
        Needless to say, I stood there gaping in amazement, rather in a stupor, for about five or more minutes not quite knowing what to make of this situation. I covered the container, then I opened it again and looked once more, and yes, the water had risen to half of the container. It was a nice, sparkling and crystal-clear water even though the bottom had had some sediment.


Our Lady, April 5, 1975

        I filled up my holy water bottle and then walked away. I walked back to the container, I looked in it and said, “This water is still here, it didn’t disappear. Where did it come from?” And I turned it over in my mind.
        Utterly amazed, I left the church and got on the bus. (As a matter of fact, I do not even know how I walked to the bus, I was so mesmerized.) Sometime between church and home, I declared to myself that this must be a miracle and that I should thank God.

Cora giving thanks at the Mercy Sunday Vigil, April 21, 2006. Our Lady's Statue is in the background. Cora is the Washington D.C. organizer, a daily communicant and compiled the monumental prayerbook with imprimatur, "Beneath the Cross."

        When I got home I called the pastor of St. John’s, Msgr. Barry C. Knestout (former secretary to Cardinal Theodore McCarrick). I told him my name and reported this miracle. The monsignor replied that Our Lord is multiplying the waters like He did the loaves and the fish. He was very respectful. Actually, another little miracle is that the priest accepted it. He was very gracious.
        I have gone over this in my mind a thousand times (and still do) and I stand by this 100 percent because I go through all the steps. You see, the steps are very important because if I hadn’t decided to scoop a little bit of water or had just walked away after pressing the spigot and tilting the container, then I wouldn’t have received the miracle.
        I don’t exactly know the reason for this. I thought it might signify the waters coming up at Bayside. I’m thinking of things that could happen suddenly, so I thought of the waters rising suddenly at Bayside (May 17, 1986). Anyway, something good is going to happen.
        I think a lot of people are getting a little frustrated. The Miracle hasn’t come yet, the waters of Bayside hasn’t come yet. But just keep your Faith and your Rosaries and devotions going because one day these things will just suddenly happen—just like this miracle. We should be prepared.
        I have been a Baysider for twenty-six years. I thank Almighty God for bringing me to this place of praise and atonement.
        May the name of Jesus and Mary be praised forevermore.
        Cora Edwards
        Silver Spring, MD


March 19, 2006
Dear Michael,
        I want to share with you and St Michael’s World Apostolate the answer I received to my prayers in a miraculous picture.
        I started a novena on July 17, 2005 to St. Anne and I completed the novena on July 25th. That night I had a dream I was praying the Rosary on the holy grounds in Flushing and that John Benevides, the Lay Order of St. Michael, was leading the Rosary and it was the second joyful mystery. Then I also dreamed John was leading the second glorious mystery. I told my husband, Jim, about my dream and that it confused me about John leading the two different mysteries.

Elizabeth Maat

        I really wanted to attend the vigil on July 26th which was the feast of St. Anne. We did go and arrived at the second joyful mystery and John was leading the Rosary (like the first part of my dream!).
        I really needed Heavenly guidance on a medical treatment I needed. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had my thyroid removed on June 9, 2005. The only thing I needed to do was take radioactive iodine to eliminate any residual thyroid that was left behind. First, I had to take a capsule with very little radioactive iodine but I was severely allergic to it. Because of that, I couldn’t proceed with the larger dose that I needed to take. I knew that you could take radioactive iodine in a liquid form but I wasn’t sure if I would be allergic to that too.

Here is the reassuring miraculous photo advising Elizabeth to drink the radioactive iodine from a straw.

        So John took a Polaroid picture of me holding three candles and I prayed for an answer on what I should do. The miraculous picture (above) gave me a distinct message to drink the radioactive iodine through a straw.
        And that is exactly what I did on November 1, 2005. It was a thin plastic straw that I had to drink from—just how it looks on the miraculous picture. I had no allergic reaction!
        I continued praying my Rosary and then my husband told me we had to leave. It was the second glorious mystery and John Benevides was again leading the Rosary—just like my dream!
        I am truly thankful to Our Lady and Jesus and Veronica for the guidance I received from Heaven.
        God bless you in your work,
        Elizabeth Maat
        River Edge, NJ


May 3, 2006
Dear Mr. Mangan,
        I have been blessed last year. I was with you on the 35th Anniversary, but it can not be this year. I will be with you in spirit. I will pray for all of you and for your Apostolate.
        May the Good Lord and His Mother bless you all.
        Rev. Leon B. Rubaj
        Victoria, TX


Feb. 16, 2006
Messengers of Jesus and Mary,
        I was there at the 34th Anniversary Vigil when Our Lady was seen in the trees (see Your Letters, May 2005, “Our Lady seen by dozens”). In fact, I really saw it first and mentioned it to the ladies nearby because I couldn’t believe it! Then more people came over. A miracle! I
saw a bright-white Blessed
Mother and Child.
        God bless you all!
        Frances Fondacaro
        Lancaster, PA


Oct. 25, 2005
Dear Michael and workers,
        Putting the messages online at is brilliant! I sent the website out to my buddy list. Please don’t ever remove them from your website. Thank you and God bless you for all you do for Jesus and Our Lady. See you Saturday the 29th. I am bringing 14 new people.
        Rosemary Sibley
        Eagleville, PA


April 28, 2005
Dear SMWA,
        I found your website,, full of wonderful and useful information. I am a great reader of Veronica. Lately I have even picked up some information on Veronica in my local town. The Bayside message is spreading over here! May God bless you all.
        James King


May 2, 2006
        Praise the Lord for this great miracle of my life.
        My son, Leroy Wilson Neralaily, was born on March 17, 2004. He was oxygen-dependent for 200 days. For four months, my wife and I waited outside ICU at Hinduja Hospital for Leroy to breath normal but the best pediatrics and doctors said he would not improve and that we were wasting our time. They were pushing us to stop the treatment.
        Our faith and the rose petal from the holy Shrine blessed our son and now he is normal and without oxygen. His improvement has shocked the doctors.
        We thank all at St. Michael’s for your prayers and the wonderful messages that you are spreading.
        When my son, Leroy, is ready for travel, we will come to St Michael’s World Apostolate to give testimony.
        Wilson and Jancy George
        Bombay, India

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