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Issue No.8  November 2005


“It is something I will cherish for the rest of my life”


June 18, 2004
Dear Michael,
        I am writing exactly what happened to me at the March 25, 2004 Vigil. It was the most wonderful, awesome and beautiful experience I have ever had. It is something I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life.
        It all started when I met Kathleen O’Neill at Padre Pio’s Shrine in Barto, Penn. I was with my Mom when she handed us blessed rose petals. She began to tell me of all these wonderful miracles that have happened at Our Lady’s Shrine. After hearing all this I wanted to go so, so bad.
        I held onto my rose petal and prayed to Our Lady that if She really wanted me there She’d make a way for us to get there. Sure enough we did.
        I went up to the Blessed Mother statue in overwhelming awe! She was so beautiful, beyond words.
        I felt a gentle surge of energy enter into my fingertips, down my arms and into my whole body–vibrating through me for about five minutes. I started to yell, “Mom, there’s energy vibrating in me. Oh, my God!” But even though she and everyone else were close-by, they did not hear me which was strange. But I had one witness, Antonia, who volunteers for St Michael’s.

Pilgrims praying the Rosary at Our Lady’s 35th Anniversary Vigil this past June night. About 1000 pilgrims gathered from around the world at Our Lady of the Roses Shrine with 350 attending the Anniversary Banquet the next day at the LaGuardia Marriott.

        She got down on her knees and blessed herself and said loudly to me, “The Blessed Mother wants you here, DeeAnn!” I knew it for sure. When the energy stopped, I went to the side of Our Lady’s statue and I held Her hand and I started to cry with awe and love for Her. Suddenly Her eyes turned in my direction. I was standing on the right of Her, and that’s where Her eyes were staring. I was screaming with joy inside, I was in shock.
        I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going nuts so without letting go of Mary’s hand, I walked to the front of Her and Her eyes followed me completely and when I went back to stand at Her side again, Her eyes turned back to me again. Talk about miraculous, this is a fiberglass statue, not a person! But Her spirit was definitely in Her statue.
        I heard Antonia say again, “Look at Her eyes! She wants you here, DeeAnn. Don’t you see that She was expecting you!”
        I started to cry tears and Mary’s face took compassion on me and cried with me. I told Her, “Please don’t cry. I love you.” We both stopped crying.
        I didn’t want to let go of Her hand. I wanted to be there forever with Her. I could feel so much peace, joy, and love. But I knew I had to let go sooner or later so I did.
        Just then my heart literally felt as if it were an empty glass suddenly and rapidly being filled with, let’s say water hypothetically, until it overflowed and burst! It was a feeling of overwhelming love like nothing I have ever felt. My body started shaking and convulsing for about 10 minutes and oceans of tears literally were pouring out of me. I couldn’t control it. Something was doing this to me and it wasn’t me. It was the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt in my life.
        The statue, I later saw, has no eyeballs, just smooth football-shaped eyes. I have chills, wonderful chills just thinking about it! I thank Padre Pio and Mary for bringing me here.
        God bless you, SMWA. Thank you.
        DeeAnn R.
        Bethlehem, PA

Oct. 30, 2005
Dear Michael,
          I do remember March 25, 2004 very well. In fact, in my nearly ten years at the Shrine I have never experienced anything like this. It was electrifying–literally.
          DeeAnn came to the Shrine with her Mom and a priest. She went to the Blessed Mother and touched Her hand. I was right next to her and felt the strong vibrations. DeeAnn was radiating energy so powerfully. I knew that something special was happening.
          I believe that DeeAnn’s deep and personal encounter with the Blessed Mother is her calling to this vital Mission of the end-times.
          Antonia Rehrl
          Kings Park, NY


Aug. 17, 2005
Dear Lay Order of St. Michael,
        I am 17-years old and looking into the possibility that I may be called to live a religious life and a life more completely separated from this world. I have been a believer in the Bayside messages almost a year of my life, and they have inspired me greatly as of late to search for a way to serve God in my life and to not live a life of vanity.
        It’s amazing. Before finding the messages I wanted to be a game-engine programmer, but now that my faith has been strengthened by the Message of Heaven, I feel God is calling me to help the world in the troubling days ahead.
        When I read about the dedication that the Lay Order of St. Michael practices, which includes daily, reciting a 15-decade Rosary and attending Mass, and about the cleansed world that many will be living in soon, which the Order of St. Michael would be a part of, I was filled with joy.
        When I saw your website, it just really popped out at me as something that was outside of the norm and was very dedicated to serving Our Lady and the Eternal Father. I am so thankful that Our Lady has brought me to know Her, or else I would have been misguided in this world.
        Know that I will be praying for the Lay Order of St. Michael.
        Best regards,
        Jerid Neely
        La Habra, CA

Aug. 22, 2005
Dear Michael,
        I’m very grateful for Your Letter and Your wishes to my Apostolic Ministry in the Archdiocese of Cracow, for the Bulletins “Heaven Speaks today” and “Pearls from Heaven”, and for the “Mystical Rose Petal”.
        I’m sending You my best greetings and I ask You the prayers [sic] for the new Archbishop of Cracow.
        Yours in Christ
        Stanislaus Dziwisz
        Archbishop of Cracow (Poland)


Feb. 7, 2005
Dear Michael,
        My first step in returning to the Church was when I received my blessed rose petal. It’s been an emotional, exciting and wonderful journey since then. There’s so many wonderful things that have happened, and there’s no way I could make a long story short.
        Thank you, God the Father Almighty, Jesus and Mary. And thank you, St Michael’s World Apostolate. God allowed our paths to cross and only good and wonderful things can happen from that.
        I’m passing out the rose petals and hoping others will find SMWA.
        God bless all of you and I love you all.
        Leonard Ameika
        Duryea, PA

Aug. 14, 2005
        Thanks for an update on the latest happenings at the Shrine. When one is surrounded by nonbelievers of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers, it is uplifting to see so many believers gathered in one place.
        Ted O’Gorman
        St. John’s, Newfoundland Canada

Oct. 4, 2005
        I feel very excited going through those pictures on your website and thank God for the privilege of being a Catholic. I am praying for funds to visit the U.S. early next year so that I can be at Bayside. May our Father in Heaven continue to strengthen and provide for you.
        Tonia Mafiana
        Plateau State, Nigeria

June 30, 2005
Dear workers of Our Lady,
        Great pictures on your website! I was honored to play a part in Our Lady’s 35th Anniversary celebration at the Shrine. Thank you so much for your invitation! God bless! Our prayers be with you and the Mission.
        Best regards,
        Rep. Tom Langlais
        Epsom, NH

Oct. 4, 2005
        The pictures on your website are truly fantastic–all of them. It’s wonderful that Heaven, at times, visibly show us Their supernatural presence, and therefore that the love of God is with mankind.
        It gives us courage to persevere in the faith, the sacraments, attendance at holy Mass and spend time with Jesus truly present in the Blessed Sacrament.
        It is so important to have our priorities in order and everything to do with God must come first. Peace and love to you all. I really wish I could be with you at Bayside.
        Thank you for the website.
        Christine Langston
        Birmingham, England

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