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Issue No. 1   March 1999

Rosa's Resurrection
A transformation from virtual death to joyful life

Pix of Rosa Campanaro

February 10,1998

To whom it may concern:

Going back to September 1995, my mother, Rosa Campanaro, 66, was hospitalized for a simple procedure, an angioplasty, after having a minor heart attack. We never expected the worst to happen. After having the angioplasty, little by little my mother was suffering pain in her body that was kind of odd to the doctors. By a couple of weeks later, she was going through kidney failure and other organ failures. When a biopsy was done, it was soon discovered that she has been suffering a very rare effect which was known as “crystals” (cholesterol emboli). Instead of her body dissolving the plaque that was broken off, they turned into actual crystals that would travel through her blood stream, lodge on to whatever organ, and then actually “cut” its way through resulting in organ failure.

By Christmastime, my mother had gone through three cardiac arrests where CPR was performed and all during those arrests, I prayed on my knees at the hospital and begged Our Lord to give her a second chance in life. Because of the cardiac arrests, the doctors said she would need another angioplasty being that the artery had collapsed.

After the second angioplasty, everything went downhill. My mother had slipped into a stage five (the worst) coma. She was also on daily dialysis and hemorrhaging throughout her body. She was on a respirator and every kind of life-support machine you could imagine. She went through multi-organ failure (where all organs stopped functioning). They told us to make funeral arrangements because she would never make it. They also asked us to remove life-support because it was hopeless, but my brother and I couldn’t do it. We asked God to do what was right with Him.

Rose Petal picture

During all this, I made sure the blessed rose petal and brown Scapular was around my mother’s neck. Day after day, I prayed the rosaries in her ears so that she might possibly hear me while lying in her coma. My mother is a very religious person who prayed everyday to Our Lady of the Roses before this happened to her, and we used to go to Bayside for so many years together. I used to pray and talk to her, and I used to pray to Our Lady of the Roses everyday. At the end of my prayers, I used to ask Our Lady to “hold her hands during her hours of pain” because I knew that my mother adored her so much and in a way, I felt that this was comforting. I also said novenas, praying to St. Theresa. After so many months had passed by, one day I was walking through the hallways of the hospital and by her room, I could smell the scent of roses! And sure enough my mother shortly thereafter started coming out of her coma!

Maria with her mother Rosa pix

None of the doctors could believe what was happening. Every single person did not think she could possibly come out of this coma at all. Then they thought there would be brain damage, which there was not. In the beginning, she was a little foggy, but eventually everything came back. In her mind, she is completely normal. In her body, she has lost some mobility, but slowly and surely, it is coming back to her with time and her prayers to Our Lady of the Roses. She is living with me and my family and in time, I know she is getting back to recovery.

My mother is a true believer, and I too really, really believe there could be nothing more clear than this being a MIRACLE. I love my mother so much, and I thank God everyday for her. Please believe me when I tell you that this is a true miracle!

Maria and Rosa signature

Maria A. Page
Rosa M. Campanaro
Bridgewater, NJ


Doctor's Statement

pix of doctors statement

Burden Lifted
June 24, 1998
Dear workers of Our Lady,
          Enclosed is a donation to Our Lady. This donation is because of a great favor granted by Our Lady of the Roses. I am most grateful to Her, because we were at our wits end trying to figure out how we could pay our back taxes. We've lived here 34 years, and the mental strain was almost unbearable. I promised Our Lady of the Roses, I would donate to Her this money if She would give us the means to pay our taxes.
          Through Her intercession, She has given us the means, and our house has been saved. We are grateful and indebted to Her for granting this favor. Thank you Holy Mother.

G. C.
Bolingbrook, Il


Prodigal Son
Aug. 17, 1998
          Praise the Lord. I am a sinner and I have been away from the church a long time. May God forgive me. I have heard your beautiful broadcast on Sunday, August 16, on WROL, a local Boston station. Your broadcast opened my eyes spiritually and made me see my evil ways. The broadcast mentioned the Blessed Mother foretelling the destruction of the world. It made an impression on me. May God spare us. It made me realize I am part of the evil that offends God.
          I desperately need the holy sacraments, a reformed earthly life and God's help. Please pray for me. I am a sinner.

J. F.
Jamaica Plain, MA


A Beautiful Anniversary Vigil
July 9, 1998
Dear Michael and all,
          The June 18th Vigil was as beautiful as ever—what a blessing that the graces continue to flow! My prayers are ever with you all. 

Barbara Fuller
Plattsburgh, NY


Kidney Stones Vanish
Sept. 24, 1998
St Michael's Apostolate,
          I had a petition placed at the feet of the Blessed Virgin Mary during a vigil which I could not attend. I had a problem with stones in the kidney.
          Miraculously, the stones seemed to have vanished and the test came back negative and also the sonogram of the uterus was negative with no cancer. 
          I want to thank both Jesus and His Blessed Mother for their help and God Bless your St. Michael's Apostolate.

Mrs. Hylla
Brooklyn, NY


First-time Incredible
Dec. 10, 1998
Dear Michael,
          I’d like to thank you for helping me to feel so welcome at the December 7th Vigil that I was able to attend. The 7-hour drive each way had me feeling apprehensive, to say the least, but I feel so fortunate to have been able to make it and to have met you.
It was an incredible experience to be surrounded by such genuine and caring people who have such a love and devotion for Our Lady and Our Lord, and to be able to take part in the prayers. I hope to be able to find a way to take part in as many Vigils as possible in the near future.
          I wish for you and all those close to you a wonderful Christmas!

James Katzin
Emlenton, PA


Jan. 13, 1999
Dear Michael,
          It is a miracle. My two daughters have not talked to each other for 25 years. This Christmas, I had a strange feeling inside of me and prayed it would be wonderful if we could be family again. I said to the Virgin Mary—and never gave up—please, Mary, let it be this year 1999. My younger daughter invited her, called her on the phone and my older daughter was happier than she has been in 25 years. Thank all of you for your prayers. It was a miracle. I thought it would never happen. The Virgin Mary answered my prayer. Best Christmas I had in 25 years.

A. R.
Euclid, OH


Touched My Heart
Jan. 10, 1999
Dear St. Michael’s,
          Today I heard your program for the very first time. The radio station in Maine is WLOB Rumford.
          The program really touched my heart and kept me thinking about so many things. Thank you very much for caring enough to 
have such a program on radio.

Roseann Merrill
Skowhegan, ME


No Cancer
Dec. 16, 1998
Dear men of God,
          The rose petal you sent me has removed the tumor from my ovary and my large mass is shrinking and there is no cancer! Thank you, Jesus and Mary.

Evelyn R. Sciales
Orlando, FL


Pro-life March
Feb. 15, 1999
          I was given one of your rose petals at the Pro-Life March in Washington D.C. on January 22.
          I have bad heart and am short of breath. I placed the rose petal in my shirt pocket over my heart. As I started the March, something changed in my body. I was able to finish the March and walk to the train station with very little breathing problem. I attribute it to the blessed rose petal.
          I would like to know the price of one hundred of them, so I could pass them out to sick friends and people that are sick. Thanks again for the blessed rose petal.

Harry Herrle
Pittsburgh, PA

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