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The 45th Anniversary honoring Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers on Saturday, June 27, and Sunday, June 28, was an exhilarating and history-making occasion. About 400 pilgrims attended the Anniversary Vigil and 175 attended the Anniversary Banquet at the LaGuardia Marriott, but for the first time a Roman Catholic bishop was in attendance.
        It was impressive and uplifting to see so many praying the Holy Rosary for world peace while braving, most probably, the wettest Anniversary Vigil since it all began on June 18, 1970.
        The torrential rains or holy water never abated for the nearly 4-hour prayer service. It is for good reason Our Lady identifies this holy Shrine as  "a center of atonement"
(Sept. 7, 1974).
       Michael Mangan, SMWA President, delivered a powerful and encouraging talk on yet another bishop who had expressed high praise for the SMWA Mission, even urging regular attendance at the Sunday Holy Hour for priests.
We were honored  to host Archbishop Thomas, who came privately as a pilgrim, and attended the 45th Anniversary Banquet, Latin Mass, Organizers' Conference and Precious Blood / Visitation Vigil (June 30). The good archbishop left very much impressed and loaded with graces to share with the millions of Catholic sons and daughters in his charge.     
        What a joy
and tremendous consolation it must have been for Our Blessed Mother to be among Her own who made such great sacrifices to come in pilgrimage in pouring rain to honor Her under the glorious title of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers.

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  Saturday, June 27
Open House
Rosary Procession

Rosary Vigil

Sunday, June 28

Holy Hour for priests

Mass of Thanksgiving
Organizers' Conference
  Thank you so much for all your help in making the 45th Anniversary an unforgettable one. We couldn't have done it without you.