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Vigil in honor of the Dedication of St. Michael the Archangel


Welcome to Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers Shrine, staffed and directed by St Michael's World Apostolate.


In this miraculous photo, the number 8 appears (eight stands for the Eucharist) over the statue of St. Michael, who is the defender of the Eucharist.

"You pastors who have rejected Michael as the guardian of the Faith and My Son's House, you must return him in prayer and visual sight, his monuments, his statues to My Son's House, Church."

Our Lady, June 18, 1976


On Saturday, September 26, St Michael's World Apostolate held a procession in honor of St. Michael, our glorious patron and guardian. (The feast day of this powerful archangel is on September 29.)


Joseph Valle of Kew Gardens, N.Y. leading the procession. Michael Mangan, President of SMWA, is on the left.


"The Order of Michael will be established in the United States."

Our Lady, May 22, 1974

The Order of St. Michael will be headed by Michael Mangan, as stated by Veronica on February 7, 1994, and will be approved by the Church even before the great Chastisement.

Lay Order of St. Michael: (l. to r.) Peter Frank, John Benevides, Michael Mangan (head of lay Order and SMWA president), James Donohue (SMWA v.p. and Vigil Coordinator), William Dykes, and Darryl Bolisay; not present, Luis Camacho, who is ill.


In this photo taken of the excedra, Our Lady's statue miraculously appears three times. Below are a few other miraculous photos taken this evening. What do you see?


Send us your petition and it will be in our petition box for the next Rosary Vigil. Many cures and conversions have been reported as the result of doing this. To read some of these testimonials, click here


Each Vigil at 9 p.m., during a solemn interval, the pilgrims kneel and raise their Rosary to Heaven invoking the powerful intercession of Jesus and Mary.


Fr. Jorge from Nicaragua at the service area, which is operated by Peter Frank, LOSM. Father bestowed his priestly blessing at the end of the Vigil.


"Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth! How many warnings shall go out to mankind before he acknowledges his sin and does penance for His God, a God most merciful and just, Whose heart is torn asunder by an ungrateful generation which has given itself to all manner of depravity and defilement of his soul!"

St. Michael, Dec. 27, 1975

For the St. Michael Exorcism and other prayers to the great Archangel, click here


Pilgrims bring roses to adorn the Shrine.  Our Lady's Shrine helpers distribute them to everyone later in the evening. These roses are blessed by Jesus and Our Lady during the Rosary Vigil and have the power of cure and conversion. The blue chair where these roses lay represents where Veronica would sit here during her ecstasies and receive the Message of Jesus and Mary. This chair is brought to every Holy Hour and Rosary Vigil.

About 200 people attended this Vigil

SMWA photos by Darryl Bolisay, LOSM

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