Only through Sacred
Tradition will there be an
authentic renewal

by David Martin


"There must be change, My children, but a change back to reality and Tradition."
Our Lady, Dec. 6, 1975





"The necessity to retain Tradition. . . It was like a valve, a safeguard from the eruption of My Son's Church."
Our Lady, Sept. 7, 1978





            Each year on  Palm Sunday we commemorate Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem when He cleansed the temple of the money-changers and those who had sought to profane the temple with their worldly ways.
          This pivotal Lent of 2019 is the appropriate time to bring it home and to reflect on how we can assist Christ in cleansing His temple, especially, on how we might encourage the conservative bishops to take the whip to those deluded clergy in the Eternal City that have sought to profane the temple with their perfidious errors and changes.
          Unfortunately, the cult of Freemasonry exerts great control over the Church at this time, which accounts for the widely held error that the Church is an ongoing, evolutionary process that goes through phases of change over time. As these modernists see it, anything the Church holds to at any given point of its history is the result of a general consensus or “collective conscience,“ as if the Church were a democracy to decide doctrine, when in fact the matter of doctrine has already been decided for us from the beginning.
          That is to say, the Church is a Divine Monarchy ruled by the King of kings, “with whom there is no change, nor shadow of alteration.” (James: 1:17) As such, the doctrines of the Faith are not something that can change but are eternally set in stone for our instruction. (Matthew 24: 35)
          Lent is a time to cleanse ourselves and to return to the tradition of the Faith, but this applies especially to today’s Vatican hierarchy. It is high time that the Church’s ruling body clean house and take the whip to those money-changers, homosexuals, and heretics that are polluting the temple with their antics and doctrinal germs. It is time they go upon their knees and declare that we as Church have sinned in God’s eyes for allowing humanism, modernism, and change to defile Christ’s legacy.
          Without this done, where is their Lenten penance? Their Holy Week solemnity is then reduced to an empty formality, and it is anticipated that this year’s ceremonies in Rome will be another political tool to advance their heterodoxy. What next, will the pope wash the feet of gays and transgender people? And will the bishops stand by and watch the show or will they finally speak up to correct a situation that is offensive to God and destructive to His people?
          Each year at the Easter vigil the faithful are asked, “Do you renounce Satan and all his pomps and all his works,” as the people say, “I do.” Let Pope Francis and his bishops live up to that this year by renouncing all that Satan has given them, i.e. Vatican II ecumenism, modernism, change, lest this year’s observance again be filled with empty pomp void of the work of God.
David Martin is the Los Angeles, Calif. organizer.
He has been a devotee since 1979 and has authored
numerous articles on the Church and papacy for
various blogs and websites.
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