End-Day Prophecy Unfolding

 by David Martin


"Your country must send from its shores the coalition—the United Nations"
Our Lady, September 13, 1975


     WITH THE LATTER DAYS UPON US, Christ and His Holy Mother have come forth to alert the world's peoples of the time of times that is approaching. Beginning in 1970, They would appear at the holy grounds of Bayside and deliver a number of earth-shaking prophecies that are soon to unfold.

     The Message is urgent, and warns that the United States and other nations are now on the brink of great destruction. We are reminded of the ongoing plan of Russia to subdue the United States and bring it down, a plan which is being executed through countries like Cuba and the Al Qaeda network. As we understand it, this is being orchestrated through the United Nations (U.N.), which according to Our Lady was deliberately set up as a coalition against God and country. Their agenda is to dissolve the United States and bring about a new international one-world government.


     The game plan right now is to send our troops abroad and crumble our moral and political structure so as to open the way for a communist invasion of the U.S. According to Our Lady, "These plans are being formulated from Nicaragua, to go into Mexico, and thereupon into the United States." (June 18, 1987)


     Little do Americans know that President Clinton passed a Presidential Directive Decision back in 1995, entitled PDD #25, whereby our nation's military was basically placed under the jurisdiction of the U.N. What this meant, at least from a technical standpoint, is that the United States would no longer possess its own military forces, but that our troops and forces would now serve to carry out the cause of the U.N. This indeed has come to pass.


     We have to ask ourselves: what are our troops doing in far away places like Iraq? This has been deliberately arranged by the U.N. so as to leave our country wide open for this attack from Central America. If Mr. Bush seems indifferent to this, it's because he's only a puppet in this plan. As Our Lady says, "There sits in your country masters of great magnitude. Recognize the Grand Masters in control!" (September 13, 1975)

     We can understand, too, why Jimmy Carter (an Illuminati and U.N. puppet) handed the Panama Canal over to the Chinese back in 1988. And, of course, China and Russia are working together on this. This was done on purpose to give the Communists their long awaited stronghold in Central America! Now they control the ship traffic coming into Central America; now they can bring in shiploads of nuclear weapons and chemical warfare, and who is going to inspect them? Not the U.S. That is now U.N. territory!

     The globalist plan right now is to destroy America, since America is the only nation left on earth that can act as a mighty dam to hold back the floodgates of this coming one-world onslaught. Therefore, great emphasis has been placed on breaking down the moral fabric of America, so that America will fall to the enemy plan like a ripe apple.

     On June 18, 1981, the Blessed Virgin said, "The eyes of the world are on North America, and the eyes of all creatures possessed by demons of Hell are on North America. And should North America join them, North America shall fall."


     And how interesting to note that back on March 23, 2005, President Bush met with Mexican President, Vincente Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin, in Waco, Texas, to sign a pact called the Security and Prosperity Partnership, which is designed to dissolve the United States as a separate and independent nation. Naturally the liberal press was presenting this as a wholesome measure to join forces against terrorism, since their objective was to sell it to the American people. But the exact opposite is true.

     The pact, prepared by the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) members at the U.N., sets forth step by step what must now be done to ensure that America will be fully enslaved under a North American Union by the year 2010. Thereby, we would yield up our sovereignty as a nation, and just be a province of this larger North American entity, run by these Illuminati one-worlders. That is to say, we don't have any more borders. The plan is to break down our borders and open the way for this insurgence from the South.

     Should this plan materialize fully by 2010 as they expect, America would be required to stand back and allow illegal aliens to come in and claim back lands as their own, and we would be required to foot the bill for free medical and insurance benefits which would be unconditionally theirs upon demand. This is just one of thirteen U.N. objectives being proposed by the CFR for the enslavement of America.


     It is for reason that Our Lady warned us many years ago, saying, "America, you will remove yourself as a country from the brood of vipers, the U.N. in your city. It will be set up to lead your people to destruction." (September 13, 1975) A year later the Blessed Mother predicted 911, saying that, "There will be a great destructive act committed in your city of New York." (September 14, 1976)


     If America has been vulnerable to the enemy attack, it is precisely because we as a nation have turned a deaf ear to Heaven's prophecies and have given ourselves to degenerate living. As it was in Biblical times when the people forsook God and fell to captivity, so it is now that God will allow America to fall into the hands of the enemy, and will allow the enemy to molest America unless America can come to its knees now and amend its course.

     Our Lady brings us fair warning that we rid our nation of abortion, homosexuality and other abominations, and that we return America to its rightful place under God. If the president says he is so staunch in his war against terrorism, then let him direct his war against the Bin Ladens at the abortion mills where thousands of helpless babies are being terrorized and murdered each week.


     Because as the message has said, the days are numbered for our country. Already we are beginning to see the fulfillment of Our Lady's prophecy of October 6, 1980, when She said, "Your country, the United States... shall have great trial—the winter and the wars. There shall be internal strife in your government and your streets will become running with blood."

     In the message of October 2, 1976, Jesus says, "Learn a simple lesson from the past, My children. When the morals of a country start to go down into darkness and the teachings turn from God to man, that country will soon be ended. First the spiritual life and then the material life of your country shall be destroyed." Our Lady echoes this same point on June 18, 1992, saying, "You understand it is a known fact that when the morals of a country fall, that country will be destroyed in one way or another.  Wars are always a punishment for man's sins."

David Martin is the moderator for St. Michael's worldwide radio program. He is the SMWA organizer for Los Angeles, Calif., where he resides. David, who is a former concert pianist, has been a devotee since 1979.


We urge all to send this email to any senators or government officials you may know, as well as to friends and neighbors. The news right now provides the perfect opportunity to wake people up and bring into focus Our Lady's Message about the U.N. and their globalist aspiration of a new world order.


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