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The Second Coming
Heaven Speaks Today, No. 19

The second coming of Christ
the second return of Christ The second coming of Jesus Christ
The second return of Jesus Christ The parousia: the return of Jesus Christ to earth
Jesus returns
Christ returns

The second return of Christne of the fascinating aspects of Our Lady’s message is the tremendous insight given on the Apocalypse or Revelation. With so little written and even less understood on this difficult-to-decipher book, Our Lady’s simple explanations are just what we need. Even Fr. Huchede, in his book, History of Antichrist, writes “of those mysteries in which the greatest theologians and even some of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church have failed.” Interestingly, as you see above and explained elsewhere, the Second Coming of Jesus is not the end of the world as is commonly understood. Our Lady has informed us that much knowledge has been lost or forgotten through history, which may explain this misconception. And so, Our Lady has restored for our times lost or forgotten information on end-day prophecy, because “the pages of the Apocalyptic times must turn” (Sept. 13, 1974).

Are you ready?
“The Day of days is at hand. The Day of the Lord, and the Coming of My Son, is not far off. Do you not recognize the signs of your time? Have you not read the words of the prophets of old?”
Our Lady, July 25, 1973

Viva the Shrine
“I will be here with you, with you all, until the coming of My Son in the final battle. Graces in abundance shall be given through visits to these sacred grounds, grounds chosen by the Father–graces for cure and conversion, graces for reclaiming the souls destined for the abyss.”
Our Lady, June 8, 1974

Sooner than later
“And you, My children of light, will all see Us again. You will see Us with your human eyes, many with their human eyes, and many shall rise to join My Son when He returns, which, My children, will be soon, much sooner than any who hear My voice can expect.”
Our Lady, October 2, 1976

Fools for Christ
“You will be called fanatics! You will be called insane! You will be laughed at with derision! Accept it, My children, for as My Son was rejected, you, too, will be rejected. But My own will know me; My own will know My Son, and you will band together and wait for the return of My Son.”
Our Lady, September 7, 1977

In your lifetime
If you’re in your teens now, in your twenties, your thirties, I can assure you at the present time what’s planned by the Father, the Second Coming is within your lifetime.
Veronica’s commentary, June 3, 1973

Total commitment
“You must keep in your heart the fact that one day My Son will return. He will set right the evil that is loosed upon your earth; but many must suffer and become martyrs, as was My Son, before that great day.”
Our Lady, December 25, 1971

Beware of phonies
“You must make it known, My child, that man will not on his own merits bring about the one shepherd and the one religion. No, My children, you must not be misguided. This unity of mankind will only come when My Son returns to your world.

“I must caution you not to be led astray by the false messiahs upon your world. Do not be blinded by their miracles. You will understand now and keep it in your hearts that My Son shall return the manner in which He ascended. He will descend to you from the sky.

“So, if one says to you: ‘Come, he is here. I will take you to him.’ Do not go! If they say to you: ‘He is out in the field. Come, I will take you to him.’ You will not go. For you will know when My Son arrives. He will come down with the angels with a loud shout of triumph to set your world in order.

“Prior to this time, My child, your world will be in great chaos. War upon war, destruction from the Ball of Redemption!

“If My Son did not return, My child, there would be no flesh saved, so great will be the trial upon earth and mankind.”
Our Lady, March 18, 1975

Jesus rules
“There will be a great War, and at the time of this crisis will return the Lord of lords and the King of kings.”
St. Michael, November 20, 1972

Heaven on earth
“After the great tribulation, the number saved will be counted in the few. . . .

“Satan will be chained, My child, for a number of earth-years. He will no longer roam to tempt mankind. My Son shall be the Ruler upon earth; and then after this time, satan will be loosed once again to tempt mankind, as man will then evolve back into his human nature and find himself offending the Father and sinning once more.
“Then will come the general, final judgment upon mankind, the end of time. It will be at this time that there will come unto you a new Heaven and a new earth–the new Jerusalem promised from the beginning of time by the Father.
“Your spirit will return to your bodies. United will be the body and the soul. And as such, you will be set in judgment.”
Our Lady, September 13, 1974

Lucifer routed
“My Mother will crush the prince of darkness, and he will lie before Her, chained by Michael and cast into the pit.”
Jesus, March 24, 1973

The Rapture
“Man shall be working out in the field. One shall be taken. Man shall say, ‘Where has he gone? He has disappeared without warning.’ A woman shall work at the spindle–two at the spindle. One shall be taken, and where has she gone? The mystery unfolds. . . .

“I promise in those days that those who remain shall meet with Me to establish My Kingdom of peace and joy upon your earth.”
Jesus, January 31, 1976

Rendezvous in sky
Veronica: Oh, my goodness! People are just floating right up, oh, as though they absolutely had no weight! They’re floating up, up, up, until now there must be twenty or thirty people standing next to Our Lady. Oh! And now Our Lady is placing Her hand down and they are coming down, floating down.

“You are watching, My child, one of the maneuvers My Son will use when He arrives.”
Our Lady, December 6, 1974

Clergy, wake up!
“You will, as pastors, awaken from your slumber. The fathers have fallen asleep. You who mock, you who say, ‘Where is His coming?’–I shall come to you. Without your knowing, I shall slip in upon you like a thief in the night.”
Jesus, January 31, 1976

Bishops in darkness
“Can We say that there are one hundred true priests left in My Son’s House? Shall He return and find even a flicker of faith left among His sheep? The shepherds don’t carry the light.”
Our Lady, May 23, 1979

A lifesaver
The Shrine, after the cleansing, too, the Shrine will always stand. It will be the point, a great source of solace to many during the time of the cleansing.
Veronica’s commentary, February 10, 1973


The second return of Jesus Christ to earth, the prophecies of Our Lady of the Roses to Veronica Lueken (Veronica of the Cross)

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