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Heaven Speaks Today, No. 7

“For the time has come when the most astonishing wonders will take place on the earth and in the air. . . .  [Satan] will have great power over nature.”
Our Lady to the seers at LaSalette, France in 1846


False miracles
“Already satan is working his way into your consciousness, seeking to take over your minds. He is now promoting false miracles. Those you call flying saucers are images from hell. My children, if you reject the knowledge of the supernatural, you are now playing right into his hands.”
Our Lady, June 18, 1978

Vehicles from hell
“Satan and his legion of demons are loosed upon the earth. If you go up to your stratosphere now, there is hardly an inch that is not covered by the demons.

“Do not look for land, do not look on another planet for life, for there is none. Only those who delude you tell you this. What you saw, My child, in the past, called a flying saucer by mankind, We have allowed many to see this. They are transports from hell. . . . 

“No, My child, We did not allow you to see any formation of any nature on this celestial object that you saw many years ago by the doors of St. Robert Bellarmine church. Therefore, do not be deluded that there are beings coming from other planets. This is not true. . . .

“Because of the sins of mankind, all hell is loosed upon earth.”
Jesus, June 18, 1992


St. Paul, too, states that the demons are present in our stratosphere: “You walked . . . according to the prince of the power of this air, of the spirit that now worketh on the children of unbelief.” Eph. 2.2

St. Thomas Aquinas, the Church’s preeminent theologian, concurs: “The darksome atmosphere is as a prison to the demons until the judgement day.” He goes on to state: “A twofold place of punishment is due to the demons: one by reason of their sin, and this is hell; and another, in order that they may tempt men, and thus the darksome atmosphere is their due place of punishment.” Summa Theologica, Pt. 1, Q. 64, Art. 4

Hence, this is not harmless or innocent life from other planets that is visiting us but our archenemy shuttling to and fro. Beware.


As Heaven has thankfully exposed, an ignorance or embrace of UFOs can lead to grave consequences, both body and soul, because “our wrestling is not against flesh and blood: but against . . . the spirits of wickedness in the high places.” Eph. 6.12

This modern phenomena is an obvious danger to our faith because it seriously undermines, if not contradicts, the basic tenets of Christianity (e.g. the story of creation, Adam and Eve, original sin, and redemption) and can only result in a questioning and doubting that do not build up the faith but tear it down.

Defenseless unless . . .
“You will guard your children. You will protect them from the unholy ray. You will see that they have about their neck the armor* We have given you. Without them, they cannot withstand the unholy ray.”
Our Lady, August 5, 1971
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God hides nothing
“The creation of the Father has been given to you in the Book of love and life. Do not fantasize of life on other planets, My children. It is a falsehood. Were it not so you would have been told, for the Father hides nothing from His children. He created man, known as Adam and Eve, and as such, they were the first of your—of the Father’s creation.”
Our Lady, September 28, 1974

Prayer and fasting
Veronica: Now I see it’s growing very dark. And there are . . . oh, legions of figures. I say legions, because they look [like] hundreds of figures, but they’re dressed in very dark garments. They’re crossing across the sky. I have never seen any dressed like this in black. Oh, and as they turn now, they’re facing me.

‘Go away!’ Oh! Oh, they’re terrible! They’re—oh, they’re horrible! . . . Oh, Blessed Mother, no, I don’t want to see them. Oh! . . .

Our Lady: “Do not be affrighted, My child. This the Father asks of you, that you will recognize what is upon earth now. However, know that they will not appear to man as you see them now. . . .

“But know well that they will enter into the body of any man, woman, or child that has given his or her soul to satan. Satan cannot work upon his own and in his own image. He must enter into the body of another.

“Prayer—pray much, My child and My children, for you can only send them from you by prayer, acts of fast, and atonement.”
Our Lady, April 6, 1974

No aliens
“Man of science was ever seeking, but never coming to the truth. Man of science seeks to find other beings beyond the earth, but he will find nothing, for there exists no life beyond the earth.

“These theories of extra-terrestrial life, these theories have been developed by Lucifer, even unto the false miracles of the end days* which you know as UFOs. They are from hell—transports of hell, supernatural transports. They are to deceive and confound the
populace. I repeat, they are of supernatural origin.”
Jesus, June 18, 1979
*“The working of Satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders.” 2 Thes. 2.9

Just plain demons
As I was speaking of flying saucers, holy cow! One came out in the [miraculous] picture. Look at him. . . . See—half human, half man, just like in the newspaper. . . . If you all read the Press and the Newsday, they were flying over Shea Stadium two nights ago. . . .

In photographs in the Press there’s a picture of this little man. They refer to him as having elfin-like ears and pointed eyes and an oversized head and little body. And he’s got claw-like hands. . . .

When they’re in the transports they take on a little different shape. I don’t know why; only God the Father would know why.

But Perry took a picture. . . . You can see him [demon] there on the left hand side. Just as I spoke about—like these scientists, they call them humanoids. Well, that’s a good name, but I, but they’re just plain demons. And they’re the false miracles, and that’s why the world is in such a state. The abyss is open and we are approaching the Second Coming of Jesus.
Veronica’s commentary, October 21, 1973

Mystery of the living dead
“Now you may ask, why must they be transported if they are spirits? Ah, My child, this you may not understand. These are not ordinary spirits; these are the demons from hell: satan’s cohorts, and satan himself. He is also on one of the transports.

“There is a reason they must use the transports. I will not go into it at this time, for I am sure it would befog the mind of any scientist should I give this knowledge to them before they are ready for it.”
Our Lady, November 1, 1985