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Ruth Marie Mangan passes on

Michael with his mother Ruth

miraculous heart

Mom and I in 1994

Mom sends her love

June 4, 2001

Dear Pilgrim,

Subject: Month’s Mind Mass for Ruth Marie Mangan

As many of you know, my dear mother, Ruth Marie, peacefully passed away on Monday morning, May 14, at her home in Cape Cod, Mass. from complications of Alzheimer’s, a progressive brain disease. My Mom would have been 77 years old today.

I have arranged a Latin Tridentine Month’s Mind High Mass (through the generosity of a kind devotee) for Thursday, June 14, at 7:30 p.m. at St. Ann’s Church in Manhattan (see box below). Fr. Robert Fitzsimmons, a friend to so many of us, will be the celebrant. Many of you have been to St. Ann’s before, particularly last year when Father celebrated Veronica of the Cross’ 5th Anniversary Memorial Mass in Latin, accompanied by a beautiful choir.

Month's Mind Mass
   June 14   7:30 p.m.
St. Ann’s Church 110 E. 12th St. 
Manhattan (between 3rd & 4th Ave)
Subway: N, R, 4, 5 or 6 at 14 St-
             Union Square Station

June 14 is the traditional feast day of Corpus Christi and, ironically, the name of my mother’s parish church where she was a daily communicant.

Mom was a devoted wife, mother and grandmother and Bayside devotee since 1978. She was married to Francis Joseph Mangan for 49 years and had eight children and eighteen grandchildren.

There were many blessings and consolations associated with Mom’s passing with some that directly connect with the Mission. Time and space do not permit me now to share all but here is one example.

As Mom was fading, we were all saying: “Maybe the Good Lord will take Mom today on Mother’s Day and the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima?” Well, Jesus and Mary had other plans because Mom held on until the next morning.

Veronica with Michael and Ruth

That's me with my mother, who is overwhelmed after receiving the Immaculate Conception blessing from Veronica of the Cross in the late 1980's.

A few hours later, I was at the noon Mass when it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks. I thought: “Today is May 14, 5/14. That is the P.O. Box number to St Michael’s World Apostolate! Wow! That’s really providential.” It gave me unspeakable joy and confirmed to me that Mom’s faith and suffering played a special role in the founding and development of St Michael’s World Apostolate and the Order of St. Michael, the religious order prophesied by Our Lady on May 22, 1974.

My family and I extend our sincere gratitude for your prayers and support and Masses and spiritual bouquets. It means so much to us to have such an extended faith family. Indeed, as Bayside devotees, we have a special kinship rooted in a common cause.

I hope to see you at the Month’s Mind Mass.

                              God bless through Our Lady of the Roses
                              and Veronica of the Cross,


Polaroid miraculous heart photo




heart photo enlarged

P.S. This just in! Longtime devotee, Angela Urquia of Kearney, N.J., snapped this photo of me as I was leading the Rosary at the Saturday, June 2 Vigil of Pentecost. Before she took the photo, though, she asked the Blessed Mother if She would have my mother send me a message. As you can see, it couldn’t be more plain and simple: Mom sent her heart of love to me (and to all the Bayside family)! I was unaware of all this until Angela showed me this miraculous photo. What a priceless treasure that stunned even the pilgrims.

What is incredible, too, as Angela explained, is that she used a broken camera to take the photo. She had run out of film so she asked Alexandrina Soto of The Bronx, N.Y., if she could borrow her Polaroid. Alexandrina said that she was sorry, but her camera was broken. Angela said, “Let me try it anyways.” So she took the camera and snapped the picture of me and there was a prolonged pause before the miracle-photo finally emerged a few minutes later. Hey, I understand. It takes Heaven or Mom a little while to draw a heart!


The Virgin Mary appears in America

This beautiful story of grace, peace and redemption opened publicly on June 18, 1970 when the Mother of God visited Veronica Lueken on the grounds of the old St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Bayside, New York and later at the Vatican Pavilion site (blessed by Pope Paul VI) in Flushing Meadows Park, New York. Beginning in 1968, St. Theresa the Little Flower prepared Veronica for these Heavenly apparitions.

For 25 years, the Virgin Mary and Her Divine Son would appear to this mother of five children during Rosary Vigils on these sacred grounds until her passing in 1995. Our Lady asked that this Shrine be called “Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers” and that a Sunday Holy Hour offered for the Pope and priests be held.

Over 300 comprehensive messages packed with wisdom and guidance for these latter days were transmitted through this seer named by Heaven, Veronica of the Cross.

Our Lady of the Roses Shrine is under the stewardship of the lay Order of St. Michael (est. 1977), a vibrant community of dedicated, celibate men who have been appointed by Heaven to lead this global mission. Our Lady has prophesied that this lay Order will bring forth the full-fledged religious Order of St. Michael, an order founded on tradition, which will also include a cloistered convent.

Our Lady has also stated that curative waters will erupt and a magnificent basilica will be erected at the original site of St. Robert’s.

The Vigils and Holy Hours continue to this day at the Vatican Pavilion inspired by Our Lord’s promise: “We have made Our home upon these grounds.” Cures and conversions abound and for countless pilgrims, faith and hope have been restored. We invite you to join us.

For a free rose petal blessed by Jesus and Mary with the power of cure and conversion, a Rosary Vigil calendar, and for more information, contact:

St Michael’s World Apostolate
P.O. Box 514 • Bayside, NY 11361
toll free orderline 1-888-830-SMWA