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More Miraculous Photos
from August '02 to August '03

What are miraculous photos?

One of the key characteristics of the Bayside apparitions has been the taking of miraculous photographs by the pilgrims attending the vigils of prayer at the sacred grounds. Instead of Our Lady's statue appearing in the photo, another image appears, many times with graphic clarity and deep symbolic meaning for the individual or the general edification of all. Below are a few of the thousands of miraculous photos taken over the years at the sacred grounds.

"You will be very busy studying the incoming photographic manifestations. Many are temporarily blinded to what story lies hidden in these photos. We have adopted this means to communicate with a blinded generation."
Our Lady, March 24, 1973

"I will continue to communicate with My children by using the photographs. Much will be given in secret to them. It is a grace that can only be given for those in the light. All others will look and find nothing."
Our Lady, March 29, 1975

August 21, 2002
The outline of the Virgin Mary appears.
Nov. 20, 2002

Polaroid photo (instant development) taken on the sacred grounds at the March 24, 2003 Rosary Vigil. The picture was taken of Our Lady’s statue and it resulted in a miracle-photo.
     A large red sickle clearly appears (compare with communist emblem above). The next morning The New York Times reported that Russia was “supplying Iraq with sophisticated military equipment for use against the United States” and that the support is “ongoing”!
     Our Lady has warned us for years that Russia is not converted–atheistic communism still rules in the Kremlin–but is perpetrating a diabolical ruse as a means to achieve their longtime stated objective of worldwide communist domination.

The following photos are from the May 27,2003 Vigil.
May 29, 2003
The Vatican Pavilion site (center).
The following photos are from the May 31, 2003 Vigil.
The following photos are from the June 7, 2003 Vigil.
The following photos are from the June 18, 2003 - 33rd Anniversary Vigil.
Rosary beads cascade over Michael Mangan. President of St Michael's World Apostolate, as he leads the Rosary.
The following photos are from the July 26, 2003 Vigil.
A priest devotee
Photo taken of Lorraine Zanzonico as she kneels
and takes a photo of Our Lady's statue

The following photos are from the August 6, 2003 Vigil.

The following 3 photos are from the August 22, 2003 Vigil.

Picture taken of the SMWA photo album.  It contains many miraculous photos and other Shrine pictures and is brought to every Vigil and Holy Hour.  The beads seem to represent the graces and blessings given to the pilgrims through the photos.


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