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Deep Impact--No Joke--Jesus and Mary Warn that this will happen soon
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Deep Impact
June 1998

This blockbuster movie graphically brings to life on the silver screen the chilling horror of the great Chastisement prophecies given by Our Lady and Our Lord for many years to their saintly seer, Veronica of the Cross. It’s as if Steven Spielberg swiped the script from Heaven. The resemblance is eerie.

Deep Impact tells the story of a hunk of a comet that dives into the Atlantic Ocean and produces a mountainous tidal wave that engulfs the eastern part of the United States. Millions perish.

The truth is, unlike the movie which spares global devastation, this fiery ball will also strike land and claim up to 2 billion lives. With God’s patience and mercy exhausted, Our Lady explains this Ball of Redemption is a punishment for sin that will cleanse the world of the evil and darkness that dominate it.

Notwithstanding, the length, timing, severity, or even occurrence of this Chastisement is totally conditional to the response of the human race; precisely the reason for these messages from Heaven. Thus, on a more hopeful and encouraging note, a full restoration to godliness and traditional values in all spheres of life, especially the observance of the Ten Commandments, would stay God’s holy wrath.

The following are excerpts that correspond with the movie.

Comet pix: The Virgin Mary warns that a fiery comet will destroy 3/4 of mankind because of their sins
Earth pix: The earth will be planet struck by a fiery comet soon What can I do?

Spiritually Strive to observe the Ten Commandments. Make frequent use of the sacraments. Pray the Rosary. Read the Bible. Love your neighbor. Perform regularly the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Place a crucifix on all entrances to your home. Wear the blessed sacramentals: the brown Scapular, a crucifix and the 
St. Benedict medal.

Bodily Store boiled or distilled water in tightly sealed containers, canned food (and can opener), blessed candles (and matches), blankets and any other provisions needed to endure harsh conditions.

These represent the basic requirements and are not meant to be an exhaustive listing.

The comet sighted
Our Lady—“Near the throne of the Eternal Father, He views a ball so immense, so beyond all man’s speculation....It is in your atmosphere. It has been noticed by few, but the few seek not to bring fear to the hearts of mankind....”

Veronica—I see a—it’s a huge ball. It’s covering the whole sky; it’s going into the trees, too. It’s huge, it’s smothering! And there’s fire, too, there’s fire all around it. It is huge! As far as I can see, it’s a whole mountain, like, falling on us—a rock, with fire.
June 18, 1991

Half the continent 
Jesus—“See, My child, what mankind shall suffer.”

Veronica—I see the United States, I see Canada, but I see part of the coastlines being worn away. There are waves, high waves, washing over the land. People are running, but they waited too late; they didn’t listen, and they’re being carried out to sea....

I see a ball of fire; it’s coming fast through the sky, and it has a long red tail. It’s red, it’s fire! And now it’s coming down to... the earth. And oh, oh, it has hit through the water; it’s brushed through the water. And there are waves rising higher, higher than anything possible I could have seen. The waves are terrible. They’re washing half of the continent out to sea.
July 25, 1985

Cities fall
Veronica—I see large, huge waves. Oh, they’re very high!... The water starts to rise very fast, and people are running....Oh, it’s impossible to believe! It’s like a huge dam broke, and the water’s just rushing now over the city....

And the water is pouring down from the mountains onto the houses. And they’re terrible! Houses are just washed away like they’re a piece of paper....

It’s impossible, but it’s happening. Oh, people are in subway stations and the water is coming in.
October 2, 1973

Tremendous waves
“There will be tremendously high waves roaring and taking with them cities. Buildings shall disappear from their moorings.”
Our Lady, June 12, 1976

Two suns
Jesus—“How soon, you ask? Does it matter when a time? Are you prepared now? It will fast come upon you unexpectedly. There shall appear two suns on your horizon. Fear shall grip the hearts of many, and this fear shall come from the knowledge that you rejected the warnings from Heaven.”
December 7, 1976

Like a bomb
Veronica—Now I see a large, large rock that’s being—it’s falling from it now, and it’s going down into the water. When it hits the water, the water is rising very high. The rock hit it as though it was like a bomb. It caused the waves to rise very, very high; and I see some ships that are carried down.
July 1, 1973

East coast
Our Lady—“There are areas, My children, that will fall into major catastrophe....”

Veronica—I see...New York and Long Island. It extends out into the water. Oh! And I see a great flash, a burst of fire. And the water is rising very high. And that coastline, too, is just like dissolving and falling into the water. Oh!
June 18, 1974

Oceans rise
Veronica—I see water rising very high over the sides of the land and the houses. Oh, it’s like, like the sea just pounding in over and washing down the buildings....

Our Lady—“My child, it is truly a sad scene that I must show you.”

Veronica—Now I see a lot of people lying on the ground, and I know they’re dead. And now there are people trying to dig trenches, but there are so many they can’t bury them.
November 23, 1974

Waters burning
Veronica—This ball is huge. It’s starting to cover the whole sky. It’s orange and it’s white....But there are streams of molten lava coming out of this ball and sending what appears to be meteors down into the waters and the seas. And I see the seas and the waters burning.... 

“Water burning, this is almost impossible, Our Lady!”

Our Lady—“No, My child, you do not know the force of these meteors. They shall burn until they hit the land.”
September 14, 1985

Scientific folly
“Will your men of science find a way to stop the Ball of Redemption? I say unto you: No! For the Eternal Father shall guide that ball!”
Jesus, May 30, 1978

Spaceship obliterated
Veronica—There’s something over to the left of the ball. It looks like...a spaceship or something. It’s like a long, modular-looking type of metal casement. And I see that it’s behind it, but all of a sudden I see the top of it being blown off. The top of this metal casing now—it’s just like it’s disintegrating from the intense heat of this large ball. Oh, my goodness! The smoke! Oh, my goodness!

Oh, I see now there are—there are people inside of this metal casing-like, this casing. But they’re, they’re not living; they’re all dead. Oh!

And I see now the metal casing; now it’s starting to explode. And it just—it just blew into a million pieces.
December 24, 1973

Veronica—Beyond the roads I see bodies, dead bodies strewn all over—in the streets, through the houses, in the lots. And I see the waters aflame. And I see waters churning and churning, and rising higher and higher, as they wash onto the shores that border the seas.

Jesus—“Yes, My child, in the great Chastisement a ball of fire shall fall into the waters killing all that is living in the seas. And also, unfortunately, because they could not listen and change their ways, many will die also from the flames and also from the waters. Those living along the coastlines, We caution them to keep a sacramental and a crucifix* upon their doors, for the angel of death shall not enter your homes.”
July 1, 1985

*Our Lord has promised supernatural protection to all homes with a crucifix on the front and back door. The angel of death will pass them by (Exodus 12). In addition, for those along the coastlines, we recommend the St. Benedict medal. This sacramental, the crucifix and many other religious articles are available from St Michael’s World Apostolate.

Empire State building being overrun by big tidal wave

According to Deep Impact, a piece of comet, 1.5 miles in diameter, crashes into the ocean. The impact causes a 100 foot tidal wave to rush towards land at 1100 m.p.h. (faster than the speed of sound). The monster wave hits land and is propelled to a height of 1000 to 3500 feet. This cataclysm reaches 600 to 700 miles inland.

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The Virgin Mary appears in America

This beautiful story of grace, peace and redemption opened publicly on June 18, 1970 when the Mother of God visited Veronica Lueken on the grounds of the old St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Bayside, New York and later at the Vatican Pavilion site (blessed by Pope Paul VI) in Flushing Meadows Park, New York. Beginning in 1968, St. Theresa the Little Flower prepared Veronica for these Heavenly apparitions.

For 25 years, the Virgin Mary and Her Divine Son would appear to this mother of five children during Rosary Vigils on these sacred grounds until her passing in 1995. Our Lady asked that this Shrine be called “Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers” and that a Sunday Holy Hour offered for the Pope and priests be held.

Over 300 comprehensive messages packed with wisdom and guidance for these latter days were transmitted through this seer named by Heaven, Veronica of the Cross.

Our Lady of the Roses Shrine is under the stewardship of the lay Order of St. Michael (est. 1977), a vibrant community of dedicated, celibate men who have been appointed by Heaven to lead this global mission. Our Lady has prophesied that this lay Order will bring forth the full-fledged religious Order of St. Michael, an order founded on tradition, which will also include a cloistered convent.

Our Lady has also stated that curative waters will erupt and a magnificent basilica will be erected at the original site of St. Robert’s.

The Vigils and Holy Hours continue to this day at the Vatican Pavilion inspired by Our Lord’s promise: “We have made Our home upon these grounds.” Cures and conversions abound and for countless pilgrims, faith and hope have been restored. We invite you to join us.

For a free rose petal blessed by Jesus and Mary with the power of cure and conversion, a Rosary Vigil calendar, and for more information, contact:

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