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Empire State Building:
attack imminent?

A Polaroid photo taken of Our Lady's statue by Mrs. Dora Zanzonico of Brooklyn, N.Y., at the Sept. 28, 2001 Rosary Vigil in honor of St. Michael the Archangel. (For more information on miraculous photos click here).

          When you turn the photo 90 degrees clockwise, you can clearly see, top center, an outline of the upper reaches of the Empire State Building, including its needle, formed by the letters e, S and B for Empire State Building (see below).

empire  State  Building 

          On October 1, 1988, Heaven revealed to Veronica of the Cross the following prophecy about the Empire State Building:

Veronica--I see two men. I don't know if they're Moslems. They have a different-colored skin, but they're not exactly black. Now they are walking through a building, and they're carrying with them now, bags; but the bags are extra large, which makes it most suspicious. In those bags they are carrying all of the implements of destruction. Oh, I can see now; they're pointing across the street, and I recognize the Empire State Building. Oh, no!

Jesus--"My child, they will choose the Empire State Building to bring more notoriety to the world."



          Turning the photo back to its original position (90 degrees counter-clockwise), the letter R appears in the upper left corner with a figure bowed down in prayer (see diagram above).

          The figure could represent an Islamic terrorist and the R could mean Ramadan, the Muslim holy month. Ramadan begins this year on Monday, October 27 and lasts for 30 days. Perhaps Heaven is warning us that terrorists could attack the Empire State Building during this period.

          We pray not!

          Let us offer our prayers to God through the powerful intercession of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers, that this will not come to pass and we avoid what would amount to a monstrous blow to the American morale as Our Lady warned: "They will enter the United States for one purpose--to destroy the morale" (Sept. 27, 1986).

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